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Badman Acad.
school gang au
Founded on: 08.03.2013
Founded by: Eclair-
Population: 00
about us

Badman Highschool is a school located somewhere at the edge of the busy city of Seoul, South Korea. It's not filled with skirts and bubbly personalities - it is an institute exclusively for boys wherein any sort of crack, delinquent, bastard, creep, freak, misfit, your own kind of abnormal is welcome. It is an institution where you will find your place, meet people with the same situation and interests, people with different pasts... or perhaps the love of your life?

Now, come to class and do whatever you want. Oh , why are we even called a school.


> 00/00 - update
> 00/00 - update
> 00/00 - update
> 00/00 - update

> NEWEST COUPLE: name [00/00]




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ShesTheSecret 2 years ago
Applied as Zelo
exhaustipated- 2 years ago
Sorry, Kim Seokjin has left. After three years of being here. ;u; lot of time has gone by. ....I will cherish this. Bye.
Queen_Riri 3 years ago
ahhhhhh omg this rp <3
Congrats on the feature guys!
missdauxian 3 years ago
It's not in the Masterlist, I would like to apply as Gayoon (4minute).
uwukids 4 years ago
Ilhoon left, I had fun but I think it's time I start over. Maybe one day I'll come back but for now I just need a clean slate
ImTheSecret 4 years ago
Applied as Zelo! :)
comewithme 4 years ago
Key is leaving
Queen_Riri 4 years ago
Jaehyung is leaving. Sorry! I barely roleplayed in this rp and I actually did enjoy it. I made a few friends but they are long gone by now and I feel that I have been dead for too long here. I'm still quite a busy person and I apologize for having been on hiatus for forever. I'll be taking my leave because I don't want to hog up a person.

Thank you for having me here!
kray-cray 4 years ago
-silHOEette 4 years ago
what the hail is the password?
i read through those rules
at least 8 times
and i can not find it
at all
-n- i'm about to apply without the password
just because i'm so pissed off and frustrated today
/flips a table/
today is not my day
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