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An untraceable amount of government resources and funding have been dumped into The Dome from its initial proposal. The intention? Build a massive structure- no, an entire country, dedicated to detaining and rehabilitating the most heinous felons in the world. But as crime, drugs, violence and mental instability have risen and ripped apart society the goals have changed.

Through the influence of politics and greed, driven heavily by public fear, The Dome's construction was prioritized. No expenses were spared, including within the science and engineering departments; successfully spearheading the discovery, creation and perfection of innovative technology.

Equally funded was the team tasked with creating a durable foundation which would be impossible to crack, dent, dig up or otherwise break out of. Each individual hexagon making up the entirety of the Dome contains more defense properties than any single or combined military force in the world. It's location is highly classified, despite the incredible size. Some rumors suggest it was built underwater, likening the scientific advancements to tales of the lost city, Atlantis. To date, no proof of location has been found.
Criminals, psychopaths, the severly mentally disturbed and convicts of the most despicable nature are sent directly to the Dome upon capture. All inmates, or Domers as you're now called, are branded with a permanent mark easily identifying you as atrocious filth undeserving of life outside. A bit ironic all things considered.

The Dome is by no means paradise, but it is an entirely new world. There are no bars, no cages, no prison cells to hole you in. Instead, you're free to roam as you see fit and do as you please. Keep in mind everyone here is as vile as you are. It goes without mention that the Dome is tightly monitored both inside and out.

however it's difficult to care when the "sun" is shining bright or a gentle "breeze" is blowing in your hair. The Dome manages to perfectly replicate a life-like environment so realistic even experts can't tell the difference.

One thing everyone knows; once you go in you don't come back out. Welcome home.


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kogane 13 hours ago
i’m crying
i have such a good bio thought out for junhong but i also want yugyeom so bad, hnngg—
-babybwi 1 day ago
hi can you add and reserve taehyung for me please?? :))
Marksonforever123 5 days ago
can i have mark tuan since i dont see got7? BTW GREAT THEME AHH
PinkMilk707 1 week ago
Reserving for Kim Lip if possible
KpopVamp 1 week ago
Could you reserve Sicheng for me please? ^^
Jeon_YoongiShook 1 week ago
Can you keep Chaeyoung from black pink reserved for me? I won’t be home until late tonight >>
xicewolf 1 week ago
I applied!
I'll post my writing sample in the replies here btw
MonBabyX 1 week ago
Can I request Jeon Jiwoo please ^^?
Stewie 2 weeks ago
How many of each type do U have so far?
TheKingSlayer 2 weeks ago
Yuta or Taeyong?
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