The School of Rich Girls~ PLEASE APPLY!!! [Searching for co-admins~!]

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The School of Rich Girls~

Is love real?

Do you take the risk to fall in love with him or her~?







This is the school of rich girls~
Of course are boys also allowed, BUT only as a butler~ (Sorry boys~)

Good news is that you have to find your master~ [Please as soon as possible]

How to apply?



Le admins;

Lady Jessica

Lady Yuri


Lady Yoona



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MissMysterious6 1 year ago
Mir is leaving. I just never come here anymore. sorry.
I did have fun here.
HyunEunGyuKris 2 years ago
is this place still active?
missdauxian 4 years ago
sorry, Eunji is leaving.
It was nice to be part here :)
LadyofGalifrey 4 years ago
Applied. Could you please let me know if the pw is right. I couldn't get it to select
missdauxian 4 years ago
can you put eunji in indefinite semi hiatus? academically busy.. thanks!
LaysChips 4 years ago
Add and reserve Oh My Girl's Arin
ShyShy 4 years ago
Can you add Godfrey?
BionicImagination 4 years ago
applied for sunny
imyourmother 4 years ago
Hi! I'm new here and i don't get how things work here
can someone explain
TokidokiHelloKitty 4 years ago
Thai idols allowed?
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