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oneiric (oh-NI-rik) — of, relating to, or suggestive of dreams.



                              Choi Shinwoo  ▬▬▬▬  Oh Namsoo

 about us

Have you ever imagined yourself being an idol or an actor/actress? Being on stage and performing is your passion? You love acting to the extend that dramas have become a part of your life? Want to have all these as the attainable hopes of yours?

 about us

The Oneiric Art High School RP is a roleplay where you can have your dreams come true. Here, you shall study hard and reap what you sow; passing Evaluation Examinations for singing and dancing [ES] and Evaluation Examinations for acting [EA] held every fortnights, and then becoming trainees that soon will be auditioned to debut and be a part of the DoubleA Entertainment family.




New World Entertainment



What we did in this RP is what we thought as OUR own ideas. We do make the New World Entertainment andChance Entertainment (the ones I was in berfore) as our role models. We do make some changes and since they both know about this, we're okay with any similarities between these two town RPs. We're affiliates now and everything seems fine. Still, any similarities to any other RPs out there that maybe even I know nothing about it must be PURE coincidence and I'm sorry if this offends any other RP owners out there. We just wanna have fun and rp together here so I hope nothing gets in the way. Thank you.




the headset with musical notes. this headset image may be used for many purposes but firstly it reminds the musical activities mainly because of the notes.
DoubleA Entertainment


This Art High School is a join venture with the label DoubleA Entertainment and any collaborated events are official. All students are welcomed to enroll to this Art School as another way to be a part of DoubleA Entertainment's trainees and family. --- Jung Kiwook, President of DoubleA Entertainment



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polarlight 4 years ago
bae eunmi (faceclaim: krystal) is leaving.
caffeine_junkie 4 years ago
Kim Hyosung is leaving. Too many rps and i'm not very active on here. Sorry. :/
Were_All_Mad_Here 4 years ago
Can you add ulzzang YiYi? Please and thank you~♥
---LOVE 4 years ago
jieun and minah are leaving sorry..
ephemerallyethereal 4 years ago
Jiro's leaving, sorry
saebom 4 years ago
Suzy is leaving...sorry!
affinity 4 years ago
Hyunmi and Mirae going on hiatus til late September.
intuition 4 years ago
Jungkook and nana are leaving, very sorry~~ too busy with schoo nowadays OTL
ephemerallyethereal 4 years ago
Applied as Kang Jiro (Fc: Won Jongjin)
soo_byung 4 years ago
Cancel my application. gomene
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