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It´s been 12 months since the korean government dropped the t-virus into seoul city. why they did this? us, the civilians, we don´t know. all we know is, we need to survive. But, do you want to know the bright side? You´re not alone. Somewhere in this big, zombie infested city, there is another human being with a beating heart, trying to stay alive, just like you. Maybe you´ll find them before the dead finds you.
rules / guidelines

● no god mod allowed

● , and violance are allowed with permission of your rp partner

● if you are deactivating please tell the admins

● no one liners
Q: --------------------------------

Q: --------------------------------

Q: --------------------------------

Q: --------------------------------
fight against the zombies
we need survivors
application form
01. Name:
02. group:
03. uality:
04. immunity: (if yes then please ask tao if a place is free)
05. your surviving technique:
06. password: I'm alive
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newtscamander 10 months ago
soo uhh, would you want jaeho back?
zero4life [A] 10 months ago
Kibum left but Tao's still here.
flanteisse 10 months ago
Hey can you add Boys republic's suwoong for me? Thank you!
newtscamander 1 year ago
jaeho is taking his leave
i never log on so im just gonna delete or abandon this account
sorry to daehyun even though our rp barely started ;-;
thanks for having me!
newtscamander 1 year ago
a&r kim jaeho?
kobralam 2 years ago
I want to join. Is anyone active left?
--thecorrupted 2 years ago
Can I still join?
If so please reserve....
Baekhyun thank you
I'll apply when I'm on my lappy
Thank you
FieryBird 3 years ago
Sehun left
shineesarahh 3 years ago
sorry Xiumin left. too many characters
leshinset 3 years ago
Uhm is Sunggyu still reserved? I want to come back as him if possible--
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