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Are you sure that the world you live in is exactly the way you see it? Are you sure you walk among people that are equal to you, humans? And if I tell you that the world you live in is not exactly the way you see it. If I tell you that among us exist, Demons that are lurking out there, that can hurt us as anytime. If I tell you that among us exist Shadowhunters too, although a lot of equal to us but different somehow, that have their duty to protect us from the evil and wicked creatures. If I tell you that exists, Werewolves, Faeiries , Vampires and Warlocks among us. Will you believe in me? If you pay attention, if you look into things, not with bare eyes, you will see that what I've said was the truth, and the world is not how you think it is, not aware of the unexpected danger that hunt us, humans, down. But now that you can see the real world,  when you realized you are gifted, you are not longer only a human, my dearest. You are more than just a weak human.

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Established on: 14/09/2013
Revamp on: 20/08/2016
Head Admin: Yuukina
Status: We’re Open!
Writing Style: Detailed Script and Para
Universe: AU
Rating: Mature, +17
Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Supernatural

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Mar 28

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Mar 27

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Who are we? The Shadow World exist almost at the same time as the Humanity had been created, some people affirm that had been created at the same time, but not a single person know if that is true or what had been created first. And for sure Humans don't have any knowledge of the Shadow Word, on the other hand everyone, Shadowhunters, Downworlders and Demons, have totally knowledge of both worlds, the Shadow World and the Mudane World.

Some Humans, a few of them born with the Sight, with a gift or an ability to see past the glamour shielding the world has, as most of them still ignorant to what really happened around them. Most of them, people born with the sight, are born inside the Shadow World [Son or Daughter of a couple of Shadowhunters]  with totally knowledge of what they are and what is their responsibility as they grow up

The Shadow World exist for a reason. Shadowhunters are born for a reason, they have a duty and a responsibility, that is to protect the Mundanes World, from the Demon kind. Demons, exist to lurk and hurt every soul alive. Downworlders, either Werewolves, Vampires, Warlocks and Faeries, are victims either from a disease or were already condemned since the moment they are born.

But as every World, they need rules to live in peace with each other, in this case Shadowhunter and Downworlders, and for that exist The Clave, that controls and make sure that the rules are follow by everyone and each one. But each group of Downworlders [Vampires, Werewolves, Warlocks and Faeries] have their own rules and each leader of each group of Downwolrders have to be stric on their own rules at the same time follow the rules of The Clave. Remember The Clave are the ones that rules the Shadow World.

This is the moment of the Decision. Would you be the groups of Downworldes, that are not complely human or complely demon, being half of it, but without intention to hurt? Would you be a Shadowhunter, to keep the peace in this world and to protect the Mundanes from the danger of Demons? Or would you, be a mere weak Mundane and just waiting for your fate in this cruel world? Your choise my dear. Just remember, be careful with what you wish for, then chose one. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Either way welcome to the Shadowhunter Institute, Umbra Latro Instituo!!

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ruotianz 3 years ago
I'm sorry but Jongdae will be leaving this rp
Panda_PrinceJae 3 years ago
hey are you accepting american idols too? If so can I reserve Dylan O'Brien ? If not Then Go Sang Gil?
yevhets 3 years ago
add and reserve jinah
DNABleached 3 years ago
Sorry. I know I said I would stay but Eunhyuk is taking is leave.
dusty-rose 3 years ago
Applied as Jungkook!

thought ya should know ahah ; )
ForgottenMemories013 [A] 3 years ago
Gonna apply as Sunggyu
KieinWonderland 3 years ago
Can you please add Ayumi from Morning Musume?
ruotianz 3 years ago
Can you please add Chen from EXO?
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