‖►Twinkle Academy◄‖ OPEN ✚ Accepting! (◕‿◕✿) Come and Join us! We've been waiting for you~! Where have you been?? A lot of Characters Available! KAJAAAAAAAA!!! Let everybodeh Love yaaa! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づヾ

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"A Whole new world"

About Us

Ayooo fellaaaa!
Welcome to Twinkle Academy! An Academy for all! most especially
An academy for Crazy peeps! Are you Crazy enough to enter our Academy? well..
lets see! Come and Join us! We are waiting for you!
prove what you can do and be yourself! No one will judge you~! walk along the campus with full confidence~ 
In this academy.. We are Family!~  
If you'll Join .. The admins would love you to the moon and back! Would you love them too?
/winks by lee jinki and jung soojung/shot

Don't be shy~! Click the masterlist down there..
/points the masterlist at the left part of the layout XD
and apply for your character! oh! oh! don't forget to read our rules too! O u O
If your character is not yet oin the masterlist.. Kindly comment below the name of your desired character
O u O
Thats all! See you at the Campus!

Heart flutters
Academy Events
No events for now ~

Counting more!



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marshmxllow 2 years ago
jin left ;;;
ilovepusheen101 3 years ago
the new student walks across the halls her face inside a book and a scar runs across her face.her white cloak sways back and forth as walks threw the halls.
KPOPLOVER7018 3 years ago
Applied as Hyoyeon ^^
BooJae- 3 years ago
May I please apply as Amber, since she's inactive?
Can you also please add Hyunwoo
illuminate99 3 years ago
shinhye left sorry
Fayeol 3 years ago
Chanyeol left . Sorry ;;
Heaven486 3 years ago
Lime left, sorry ;;
KwonJK 3 years ago
Minho left. :( I'm too busy to afford keeping this up daily.
Captivatelucia 3 years ago
Siyeon is leaving~
OnlyYou- 3 years ago
come and play this rp guys !
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