☢☢ Locked Up House ☢☢ READ THE ANNOUNCEMENT for further pairing information new people will have to wait for new announcement each week to be paired ( check the masterlist before you ask for a character)

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Locked up in a house for two weeks or more with a complete stranger, how does that sound? you are not allowed to go out and everything will be provided for you, you just have to live with a complete stranger for two weeks.
do you think you can handle it?

He might become your next lover, your best friend or your worst enemy, what happens in the house depends on you and the person there. But please, don't kill each other my friends.

Partners will be changed every two weeks (more or less at times)

If your partner becomes your lover, the house is yours, may you have a happy life with each other, if not then you can just wait for annoucements and ask to be paired again. from house to house, when are you gonna find the one?
1. No OCC drama You will be kicked out immediately (IC Drama is welcomed if its planned)
2. Pregnancy is allowed
3. any Pov is allowed
4. the password is the title of the roleplay
5. Mpreg is allowed (only boys for kids are allowed )
6. This is a roleplay!
7. I will make Houses so i expect you to roleplay in the rooms NOT on walls Or Pm The activity checks is also different i will check your activity by the number of your points so you better roleplay in the rooms.

8. Matching and locking people will be done every Two weeks (the time is not exact If i dont see enough roleplayers roleplaying it will be longer) . The timing will be different for new people who join though
9. No bashing and god modding, respect each other.
10. If you are Leaving or going on hiatus Please comment in the comment box it only takes a few seconds.
11. Comment the character you want and I will add it
12. This is an au roleplay You are NOT idols
Follow the application form
POV: (1st/3rd/both) 
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where are you love? when will you come to  my house? will you be the one im locked of with? if yes then all i hope for is to be locked up with you forever.....


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simplyme95 1 year ago
Are you guys revamping?
KpopTrash 2 years ago
Jimin is leaving, thank you for all the good times :)
_WMstan 3 years ago
B1A4 Jinyoung left. Thanks for the good time.
koreanshrimps 3 years ago
taehyung has left. [ not v ] so, there is only one taehyung left. i had a lot of fun, thank you. c:
XernieHika 3 years ago
Hakyeon would be leaving with a lot of memories behind. I'm sorry
jaseojong 3 years ago
I'm sorry, Minhyun took his leave. ;;
But thank you for the stay and it was fun :D
wjskkk 3 years ago
Yoongi left
_WMstan 3 years ago
Hyungseok is leaving.
Thank you. I'd stay if someone was still around here to rp with but there isn't anyone. orz
chankyu10 3 years ago
Youngjae is leaving, thank you
m4gbews 3 years ago
Baekhyun leaving, thank you for the stay
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