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februray 24 — Welcome to the grand opening of Role Play Helper! Our goal is to provide you with a copious amount of resources, assistance, reviews, and many more in the future! We hope that you will welcome us with open arms into the Roleplay Community so we can be able to help you.

Rules and Disclaimers

General — Everything you see posted in RPH — every guide, every list, every image — belongs to their rightful owners unless stated otherwise. Anything we posts that is not ours will be credited accordingly. Lastly, all the staff in RPH are all human beings with feelings, obligations and opinions that you might not agree with, we hope that you will respect this.

▸ Be polite, like previously stated; we are human beings rendered with what we call 'emotions'.
▸ Be patient, We're not robots who are only programmed to dedicate our time to RPH, so often times we will need all the time we can get. Especially because most of us will most likely be students who just so happen to share the same interest as you and wants to provide to the community what they know of.
▸ Before you request please make sure you have read over all the rules and disclaimers as well as 'our services' section below.
▸ Finally, we reserve the right to refuse any requests we receive if we deem the request unfit for our capabilities. A notification will be sent to you personally if in any chance we do decline your request.

Theme makeovers — Unless stated otherwise, all the themes that will be used for the theme makeover are made by nefelibata themes. 

▸ You are not allowed to use the theme given to you, unless you have provided a theme yourself from other shops, to your other directories. 
▸ All the themes provided, unless paid for with karma for a premium theme, will be available for free in Nefelibata's RPR branch!
▸ Tweaking minimally is allowed such as; changing colours, adding more sections, etc. are allowed. Heavily tweaking it to the point that it is barely recognizable is not.

Reviews — We are in no way certified reviewers, all our opinions are based on our past and present experiences with roleplays therefore not all our words should be taken personally. Everything we will write for the review is constructive criticism. We are not intentionally trying to hurt or upset you, only help you.

▸ We will not review directories that are not active and are only kept 'active' with OOC posts. OOC content will not qualify as 'activity' rather it will be considered as spam.
▸ Matchmaking based directories will not be reviewed unless yours clearly stand out with a different style of roleplaying that differs from all the Matchmaking roleplayes on RPR.
▸ Reviews take a few days depending on the time the reviewer has, the service is free therefore we will not prioritize it over our other businesses.
▸ There are three styles of reviews; Brief, Full and participation. The form will explain what each does.

Promotion Videos — Clips used in the video do not belong to us and is provided by either that person who had requested it or through rigorous searches online. 

▸ We do not provide promotion videos to Directories that are inactive; however new roleplays that have only been established for two weeks and are slightly inactive due to the lack of roleplayers will be accepted.
▸ You must provide detailed information of what you want to be in your promotion video; that includes the clips, images, music, duration of video, etc.
▸ The creation of video will vary depending on how difficult the request is; an estimation of how long the process will take will be sent to you once we accept the request.

Our Services

Theme makeovers — You'll tell us what you want and we'll do our best to fix up your page to draw in more roleplayers.
Reviews — With our utmost honest unbiased opinions we will review your roleplay to help you correct a few mistakes here and there. Based on the score you are given after the review, we will put it into our recommendation list to allow roleplayers to easily access your roleplay.
Promotion Videos — This will help generate more views, not only will it be displayed in your roleplays it will also be posted in NT's thread as well as RPH's thread as well.

notice board

[★] This is a trial run, things will not go smooth and issues will occur. Not all the pages will be available for viewing, the more successful the thread gets the more it will improve and the more features will be added to it. 

We're hiring; We need you to help us to provide tips, guides, assitance, and many more to help enhance one's roleplaying experience! Apply here.




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