Calling All K-Pop Roleplayers (officially closed; goodbye people)

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Calling All K-Pop Roleplayers
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Welcome to Calling All K-Pop Roleplayers! One of the first 100 roleplays in Roleplay Republic which still stands strong after so many years. An everlasting and well known place under veteran roleplayers in the community - established in the 15th of December in 2012 by pinktokkimin. Immigrate yourself and get to know a lot of nice people in and out of character.
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July 24, 2016
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Wanted List
#GUN (Song Gunhee) because Mino & Yookyung have the perfect role for him
— looking for all kinds of artists
people who are active in rooms and help Chanyeol out with the strawberries
— basically everyone who wants to join


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Jayism 2 weeks ago
hi. just passing by to check up on the very first place I've ever rped in my life. it's sad to see it's closed, but then again, im glad it lasted for like five years. i feel so nostalgic out of sudden.
i found out about role-playing back in early 2013, i don't remember how but i somehow ended up in roleplayrepublic. i had no idea what role-playing was, but my curiosity told me to try it out. so i did. in this place. my first ever character was Sungjong. the one that dated Xia (i miss you Xia). then i joined as got7 Jinyoung too because i loved this place so much.

this place taught me so much about role-playing. and helped me to improve my english too. especially with all that literate para plotting. i stopped rping on rpr in around the end of 2014 due to some issues. but since then i started to rp on twitter and facebook too. it was all thank to rpr, that i learnt to roleplay and managed to meet alot of people through roleplaying. CAKR will always hold a special place in my heart. thank you so much for all the memories.
comewithme 3 months ago
throwback tuesday just causeee
Sooyoung 4 months ago
oh man the memories though
uhhhmm 4 months ago
im back here again and visiting my cl
profile brings so much memories ;;
Zerylle 4 months ago
Zerylle 4 months ago
saintpepsi 8 months ago
man, i remember being hyuna and her dating yonghwa. aaaa innocence
Sooyoung 1 year ago
dunno if anyone remembers me
IU from CAKR
man remembered about this place and wanted to come back
NoEmotion 1 year ago
Ahh the first rp i ever joined tbh

I have had alot of memories from here once again sad to see it close
I had hopes this rp would of lasted forever
uhhhmm 1 year ago
[is sorry for the useless notification of my useless comment]
i just randomly decided to login my rpr account, bc why not,
and see if there was anything new here. shocked to see
that it's closed now. i actually planned to comment on the
announcement instead, but it'd be weird, so i'll just comment
here. i first discovered rpr when i was 13 and a regular at aff.
i saw this blog post from a friend about rpr and decided to try
it out because i really liked making stories at that time. i saw
thousands of roleplays, but i decided to join cakr mainly bc
that aff friend was also here at the time tho she probably
doesn't know and will never know. [a disappointing story bc
i didn't discover this on my own, oops.] i grew up in here and
learned a lot [mainly ed stuff, but, yeah] and i had lots
of fun playing and talking with adults [hardly found anyone that
was my age back then]. i never did try to act as cl [yes, dis is
cl's former rper] and only acted how i wanted to act bc i didn't
know how roleplaying worked back then. which is why i stuck
to this rp for so long lol. i saw people come and go. i wasn't
really attached to a lot of people bc i feel nervous and awkward
talking to internet strangers. i certainly had fun just rolling the dice
instead of socializing. it made me kinda sad that there were a lot
of people online but so few talk in rooms, which kinda contributed
to my loss of interest in roleplaying. i admit i also am guilty of talking
in walls, i just feel like serious isn't a way to describe my character at
that time @[email protected] anyway, i just wanted to share my useless story lol.
ok, i'll stop now. tl;dr - i wish the best for this roleplay <3. kthxbai---
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