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trip· tych
noun: triptych; plural noun: triptychs

a picture or relief carving on three panels, typically hinged together side by side and used as an altarpiece.
a set of three associated artistic, literary, or musical works intended to be appreciated together...

The name "Triptych Layout Gallery and Shop is inspired by Bangtan's song known as Cypher Part 2: Triptych. Triptych Layouts was created on March 31, 2014 for the mere purpose of giving away my old layouts used in various roleplays to people who are looking for layouts for their profiles. It became a shop after some time, since the admin has A LOT of free time back then.

The layouts done are not really a triptych, so this gallery and shop is the irony of its name. lol.

The layouts are best viewed in google chrome in pc. Pictures used in the layouts are not ours.

Don't forget to favorite and comment when you're going to use one of the layouts, and upvotes are loved. Thank you!


#001 - do not remove the credits
#002 - do not claim it as yours or else I'll hunt you down
#003 - yes you can tweak it
#004 - the layout you have requested will be given 1-2 days after the request has been made
#005 - comment below what layout you are going to take (really appreciate it if you leave a comment
#006 - if you're going to request, put your app. form in the comment section ._.

application form:

name of idol:
theme of layout:
pictures you want to be featured(w/ or w/o link): (optional)
prefered colors: (look at
specific request: (optional)
admin you would like to do the job: (no need to answer this right now bcos there's no other admin but me. orz)


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ryder_ 5 months ago
using 029.1 room!
MonstaExoZen 8 months ago
Using ---026.2 - rooms layout and Labs version 2
ur_mai_ginger 9 months ago
Using B103 ft Dara, thank you!
BASELINE 10 months ago
using grid rooms!! <3
MaleWifey 11 months ago
will use wasabi
geisha 1 year ago
Using Grids
googlechrome 1 year ago
i ll be using lab ver 1!
brosoverhoes 1 year ago
using 29 32,1
_mxchiie 1 year ago
using lab ver 2 + rooms!
MelodyStar1 1 year ago
Using grid. Thanks!
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