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L I T T L E  P I E C E  O F  H E L L

 Bored of the same cut-and-dry roleplays floating
 around RPR that you've heard about thousands of
 times? Looking for a new M-Rated Roleplay
 where you can be yourself, and let your freak   
 flag fly high, without anyone to stop you? Well,
 welcome to "Little Piece of Hell" Roleplay, an
 AU, 3rd & 1st POV Para/Detailed Roleplay set in a
 city so racked with , drugs, crime, and
 destruction that even the cops are dirty, and
 only the addicted inhabit the streets.

Here, you can be yourself. Your cheating, lying, stealing, alcoholic, drug-addicted self. Let yourself go, and join us today. Zero bull, and a whole lot of ing fun.







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amadeus 11 months ago
Yoongi is going to have to leave
bellhouse 1 year ago
holy fuq how is this place still alive I respect you so damn much
this is Bou by the way (pls remember me a tiny bit ;;)
bluelights 1 year ago
Bou has left.
luckystar-- 2 years ago
Sehun left sorry. Thanks for everything ;-;
zero4life 2 years ago
Zhou Mi left. thanks for having me here. i had fun the long time i spend here.
Cirxus97 3 years ago
Lee Jaehwan left sorry!!!
Kyoko220 3 years ago
Could you add Kim Gun to the Ulzzang list?
horizon 3 years ago
Suzuki left. I'm so inactive, but thanks for having me here
bubbling 3 years ago
can you add apink's hayoung?
[comment deleted by owner]
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