❝ Dolly House ❞ 〈 REVAMPING 〉

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rules and guidelines

001. Favorite and upvote 002. No OOC drama child(it's child) but IC drama is more than welcome  003. One character per person once you reach 150pts you get to have a second character of the opposite gender 004. All types of relationships are allowed 005. Please be active and creative ( one like a dead rp filled with one-liners) 006. Reservations for characters last 24 hours( you will be notified when your reservation time is up) 007. Only those of asian descent are allowed 008. If you are leaving or going on hiatus make sure to comment with your character name. 009. Please clean out your character before leaving

application form

ideal type
password(your bias)


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s1cheng [A] 1 year ago
I will re-open this when I get my free time
mxxnchild 2 years ago
Wondering who i was
nevermore 3 years ago
It's been the most upvoted for weeks now. I'm asking out of genuine curiosity...is this a glitch or not?
PurpleAnon 3 years ago
I hope this re-opens T_T
skainsmate 3 years ago
I remember being in this roleplay years ago. The first time you opened it up, heckie. Good times.
aestheticsoul 3 years ago
should we re-re-open? ;;
this rp gave me great memories
DreamHighSH 3 years ago
I applied as IU ^-^
s1cheng [A] 3 years ago
oh my gosh this rp has been ghost town and its the most upvoted? wow I feel so much loved
-crushburningsilence 3 years ago
What sort of rp is this?
mynameismulan 3 years ago
add and reserve Park Choa of AoA please. Thank you
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