♦ Confessions






♕ Soojungie [A] 1 year ago
@Jackson Let's he friends rhen /extend my hand for handshake/
Jackson 1 year ago
@♕ Soojungie *waves* I need friends so hi
♕ Soojungie [A] 1 year ago
@Jackson  /pouts/ how about friends? /point to myself/ or lemme introduce you to my friend @baek sumin
[post deleted by owner]
Jackson 1 year ago
I’m lonely and want a wifey or maney
[H] Kim Taehyung 2 years ago
/looks down/
I am the last one confessing heol :D
[post deleted by owner]
[H] Kim Taehyung 2 years ago
I hate myeg receptionist!!!!!
/kicks tactless being to hell
[H] Kim Taehyung 2 years ago
Inconsiderate ppl is often annoying
But tactless ppl is even more-
Glad that amidst all of them there is still the cool one who exist
And I am feeling damn guilty now :/
Dani [A] 2 years ago
I'm tired with all of this..
Dani [A] 2 years ago
Missed the birthday, the Christmas day and now the New Year's.
Dani [A] 2 years ago
Happy birthday to me!
/screams before running away/
Nayeon 2 years ago
Hi everyone, Im back from death. HMU
[H] Kim Taehyung 2 years ago
/waddles in/
♕ Soojungie [A] 2 years ago
@[H] Suho /laughs hard/ kidding okay~~ i know you are so so busy~
/chuckles/ ey... since when i never understanding you? You know i understand you so so much. /grins cheekily/
[H] Suho 2 years ago
@♕ Soojungie aye- it's not like that.. i want to visit them but
i have no time, busy with works. i hope you
understand soojung-ah./rubs the back of
my neck
♕ Soojungie [A] 2 years ago
@[H] Suho /laughs/ i never change okay~
my kids are doing great~ and you never come to visit them~ what kind of uncle are you? /frowns as i pretend to be mad/
[H] Suho 2 years ago
@♕ Soojungie Still the same soojung that i know.
/laughs softly,patting your head.
how about your kids? Good?
♕ Soojungie [A] 2 years ago
@[H] Suho /roll my eyes as you pats my head/ i know it's not me...
Erm.. i'm great and still alive as you can see.. /twirl around and smiles childishly/
[H] Suho 2 years ago
@♕ Soojungie Yes it is you soojung-ah /laughs while
patting your head. Its been a long time.
how are you hmm?/smiles softly
♕ Soojungie [A] 2 years ago
@[H] Suho Nugu? Who you talking about? Me? Thanks for it then.. xD /slapped for bugging in and being so confident/
[H] Suho 2 years ago
She's a strong girl, she's perfect
Dani [A] 2 years ago
I miss the old us..
I want the old us back..
Hwasa 3 years ago
I am confused
Dani [A] 3 years ago
I'm tired..
Yeri 3 years ago
I bored
Yeri 3 years ago
Dani [A] 3 years ago
I really hate being left alone.
Dani [A] 3 years ago
Nayeon 3 years ago
@Lay Alright :^)


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Marksonforever123 1 year ago
This isnt closes right
SJV1144 1 year ago
mingyu is leaving
minatozaki 1 year ago
I miss you all.
Obsessedchick 1 year ago
Can you add and reserve Kim Ahyoung from Girls Day?
xTymee 1 year ago
I applied for Park Jiyeon
RabInA 2 years ago
Aye~ Kim Taehyung will take a hiatus starting today until Oct 30.
CPWCeo 2 years ago
can you add and reserve seohyun from snsd for me? tq
itrustnobody 2 years ago
do you need more guys or females?
tookitooki 2 years ago
Are you in need of more guys or girls?
Narana 2 years ago
Can you please add and reserve Miss A's Fei?
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