♥ ɲɪʛɦt ɱʌɾкєt







♕ Soojungie [A] 2 years ago
@Irene /smiles as we done with the ingredients/ ah... finally we are done!
Yeah let's go to your dorm. And i might need to asked you to let the boys rest on your room too. They look so tired...
/told you as i carry Taesoo and let him rest on my shoulder/
Can you carry him? /asked and point to Taejung while you carry him/
Irene 2 years ago
@♕ Soojungie Okay then~ *we continue to walk around we get all the ingredients* That was a pretty successful run to the market, if I do say so myself. Plus, I also bought ingredients to make cookies too~ *carries one of the tired boys and smiles* wanna head to the dorm now?
♕ Soojungie [A] 2 years ago
@Irene Erm.. the noddle first i think. Then we have to buy some carrot, tomato, garlic and onion... /taps my chins as i think again/ perhaps some meat? /look at you and grins/
Irene 2 years ago
@♕ Soojungie *finishes the ice cream* alright lets go~ *arrives at the outdoor market* so what shall we buy first?
[SH] Junior 2 years ago
@Hwasa *looks at fallen fishcake and frowns* I don't think so. I accidentally cause you to drop your fishcake. Let me buy you another one. *is about to go go buy when I realise something* Err... where did you buy it? I want to make sure it's of the correct brand. *rubs the back of my neck and smiles sheepishly*
Hwasa 2 years ago
@Junior *getting ready to eat a fish cake when you bump into me and I drop it to the ground, pouting and staring afterward* oh... umm.. it's okay *tries to smile*
[SH] Junior 2 years ago
@Hwasa *hums softly as I walk when I suddenly bumped into you* Oops! Sorry! *bows*
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook /nods/
Suree ~ let's go kookie /sings a song/

()let's get back to the walls. We should really ask krystal for a room xd
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook /chuckles/
We've got our couple shirt and bracelets. Anything else Kookie ?
/hums softly
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook /looks at you when you me wear the bracelet/
It's beautiful ~ /pecks your cheeks lightly/
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook /looks at the braclet/
This beautifull /gins widely
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook /shakes my head lightly/
Cheessy Kookie ~ /poke your side softly/
/look the direction that you pointing/
Uuhh-lets go over there then
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook /giggles softly/
You know how to make me melt to you /chuckles/
/take your hand in mine/
So,we have our shirts. /hums softly/
Let's buy bracelets /grins sheepishly/
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook No. I'm not /shouts back/
/comes out after i'm done changing/
How do i look ? /smiles at you/
Yay or nah ?
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook Ayyyeee ~ /laughs softly/
Later not now /runs to the bathroom and lock it/ you naughty boyyy /shouts not too loud from inside the bathroom/
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook /looks at you/
Really ? I'm glad that you like it /nods my head/
You look so cute when you wearing this shirt /cups your cheeks playfully/
Wait for me here. I want to change or you want to follow me ? /winks playfully at you to see your response/
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook /jumps excitedly/
Great !!
/found a bathroom as we keep walking/
Kookie,there is the bathroom. Do you want me change first or you ?
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook I don't know /shrugs a bit/ but i still want to know you. /smiles widely/ maybe we should just hangout in my house maybe ?
/grins widely
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook /smiles widely as i nod my head/
Okie ~ let's find a bathroomm /pull you out from the shop and start walkig side by side/
After we do some shopping,do you want to go somewhere else ? /tilts my head bit/
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook Ayyyeee ~ cheesy /laughs softly/
Let's go to the counter and pay for the shirts /pull you with me as i intertwined our hand/
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook /smiles brightly at you/
This shirt was made for you cause you look so cutieee /winks playfully/
We need to buy this plus they write king and queen on it. It's so adorable /poke your cheeks playfully/
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook /blush slightly/
Ayyyeee ~ my Kookie being cheesy right now /chuckles softly as i help you tries the shirt/
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook /nods/
Yes ! Let's buy that shirt /grins widely/
Try fitting too Kookie. Let's see if its suits you /smiles/
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook /nods my head/
We can buy a couple shirt. But yours red and i'm pink.
/as we keep walking,i found one couple shirt that look kind of cute/
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook /take your hand and swings our intertwined hand slowly/
Kkajaaa ~!
What is your favourite colour Kookie ?
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook We buy both of it /taps my chin/
Let's go andd find it ~
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook /blushes a bit when you call me baby/
Aiggooyaaaa ~
/hums softly/
Kookie,what type of couple stuff that you would like yo have ?
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook Well Kookie it is /nods a few times/
I will find any pet names later if i find something cute and unique for you /smiles wide as i feed you some ddeobokki/
Here you go Kookie /grins widely/ sounds like cookie tho /chuckles/
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook Great ~ /feed myself as well/
Ooohh-urmm what should i call you ? Any nickname ?
/tilts my head abit/
Sana 3 years ago
@Jeon Jungkook /feed you some/
How was it ? Tasty or not ?


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Marksonforever123 1 year ago
This isnt closes right
SJV1144 1 year ago
mingyu is leaving
minatozaki 1 year ago
I miss you all.
Obsessedchick 1 year ago
Can you add and reserve Kim Ahyoung from Girls Day?
xTymee 1 year ago
I applied for Park Jiyeon
RabInA 2 years ago
Aye~ Kim Taehyung will take a hiatus starting today until Oct 30.
CPWCeo 2 years ago
can you add and reserve seohyun from snsd for me? tq
itrustnobody 2 years ago
do you need more guys or females?
tookitooki 2 years ago
Are you in need of more guys or girls?
Narana 2 years ago
Can you please add and reserve Miss A's Fei?
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