Park Ridge 101

Park Ridge 101
Park Ridge 101
park ridge is smack dab in the middle of the city. these ultra contemporary apartments are sleek, suave and highly valued. fortunately, because plenty of people aren't interested in living in such a busy area, the rent is affordable. unwind after a long day in the pinnacle of modern comfort.
current residents: jeon jungkook, kim doyoung

Insured through july: jeon Jungkook
Jimin ★ [A] 1 month ago
------ Rent charge complete for the month of July ------
Jungkook ★ 1 month ago
@Jessica Jung After a couple of minutes he heard his phone buzzing again make him look at the screen and read the message. "I through it was close on the first day of college but i guess you and me dont get that lucky. What did i do to get my y smacke huh?? Don't mess up with my y " he write laughing at the same time. That is the Jungkook when he is confortable around people funny and flirty. He ignore the angry emoji knowing that is older sister was just messing around. "Why should I? I should just enter into the appartment and look at you reacting or maybe scare you a little bit." He say playfully as he sent the message before getting relax into the sit he was sitting.
Jessica Jung 1 month ago
@Jungkook "But I thought you were close! That's why I'm being whiney about it. Just hurry it up, will ya? And of course I do! What kind of older sister would I be if I didn't miss my baby brother? Tsk- I should smack your when you get here." She added an angry emoji to her text, even though she was just messing around. "Text me when you arrive, Deal?" And with that, Jessica went off to adjust her makeup just a tiny bit.
Jungkook ★ 1 month ago
@Jessica Jung It didn't take much longer for him to receive a new replie from Jessica what kind of make him almost chuckled but he kind of avoided that. How weird will he be if he start ot laugh alone in the middle of the bus? "I guess from now one we will see each other pretty offten. Yah noona calm down will ya? I still have to make a bus travel before getting there, but it will not take long. Miss me that much?" he replies back, with his teasing tone but still not completly sane about the idea of sharing a appartment with his noona. If Sooyoung almost sound like a mom, what will Jesssica noona sound like after a couple of weeks?? Jungkook chuckle at his own through as he enjoy the bus travel a bit more than usually although he wish it pass faster than the usual.
Jungkook ★ 1 month ago
@Park Sooyoung [] Sorry If Kookie sound a big awkward and so, he is just like that when he meet knew people, except theo nes he have already a background []

I still looking at the you, that still in front of me, half serious and half confused, although you kind of react to my words in a playful way as you slightly shake yoour head but somehow it doens't make me feel too much relieved by that — Well it was really a teasing? I mean you kind of look petty much high? Or it is just the excitment? Not so much sure ... at least not yet — I said blurting out the words, but regret it right after. Yeah sometimes I don't have a flirter, sometimes I just blurt ou whatever I am thinking and due to that sometimes I sound nonesense others—probably to others eyes—I sound offensive and rude. But how to take that words out? I can't really turn back in time and erase whatever I had said. In that moment I just hope that the you don't take my words to offensive. I wrikles my nose slightly due to you touch at the same time I widened my eyes, probably because I am not used to be around touchy and clinging people, it not that I think its annoying it's just I am not used to that. Turns to look back at you as I shake my head — No I don't mind you call me that, everyone do that naturally so, I am kind of used to that nickname. — Said as I put my bag on the ground, wondering if you already did choose a room and which ones still available, but before I have time to say anything more I heard your voice followed by you grabbing my hand. Behind the shy ball I am I just let you take my hand and guide me around the appartment as a though pass through my mind. I guess my time in this city will be pretty much challenge and fun at the same time.

I didn't replie to your next words, I didn't know what to say. Like I said before I was too shy and to awkward around people that I don't know, probably will take a bit of time before I get used to be around you. I keeo following you seeing you rant, sometimes chuckling softly but not in a away for you to hear or noticed. — Its indiferent for me too. I don't care which room I stay, so I guess you can choose first — I said with a soft smiles. I guess I was pretty much easy to read so when you mention that I might be a bit shy I didn't hide that fact at all.
Jessica Jung 1 month ago
@Jungkook "Well, so am I! I haven't seen you in so long, and now we're going to be roommates. Well, kind of roommates. Nonetheless, I'm still super pumped about this whole thing." She sent back with a huge smile on her face. Yes, I'm in the same apartment, Kook. You'll see it for your own eyes when you get here. Which, by the way, is when? I thought you were almost here!" With this text, she responded with a frowny face, wanting to hurry up and see him already. Jessica had a large bear hug waiting for the male when he arrived.
Jungkook ★ 1 month ago
@Jessica Jung As Jungkook still in shock trying to compreende how that did had happend. How in a big city like that he will end up sharing the same space as his adoptive sister—as honestly he can't figured out a resons for that to happened—quicker that he was expecting it, the bus that will take him to his appartment stop right in front of him, and not still on his right mind he up on the bus and sit on the very back sit. The only thing that really wake him up of his through and shock was the fact that his phone start to vibrate again on his pocket. "I think I'm still in shock with all of this ... I think is the second room at the left if not mistaken" He replied back still not feeling sane at all. He still doesn't believe that is happened at all. "Are you really in the same appartment as me??" he send another message, showing how clueless and shocked and probably talking nonesese.
Jessica Jung 1 month ago
@Jungkook "Oh my god! That's so funky...I literally had no idea, Kookie. I'm in room number five! How about you?" The fact that she was going to be this close made her super happy. They'd be able to catch up on everything, especially from Jessica's end, since she'd have an opportunity to tell him about her grandma and how she was doing. The old woman was still kicking and was wondering when her adopted grandson would come and see her again. Of course, though, she understood that he had probably been busy.
Jungkook ★ 2 months ago
@Jessica Jung Jungkook still shocked with the probablity of leaving on the same appartment as the girl that see him grow up from a couple of years. It will be an amazing thing if it end up happening. But it is really possible? He heard his phone buzz again seeing the message and end up chuckling at that. "That is my street adress too. Which appartment you are??" He send back trying to be sure if it was really the same appartment or the same building. Either way it will not be easy for is noona to know already to know he was there??
Jessica Jung 2 months ago
@Jungkook The next text she received from the younger boy left her puzzled. Jessica didn't quite know as to what he was referring to. The same apartment? How on earth could that even be possible? She didn't remember seeing his name on the list of the tenants in the building. "What do you mean?" She sent back, wanting a deeper explanation. Would that mean that they were living together? No- it couldn't be! There's no way a coincidence like that could happen.
Jungkook ★ 2 months ago
@Jessica Jung He didn't take to much time to reach the bus stop, he get lucky that the transportation he needed to use to go to college or going home were not far away from his college or work place. Jungkook really appreciates that fact, sometimes he wanted to get home so quickly that he doesn't really have much patience to even walk a long distance just to take a bus, what gladly it his not is case. He reach for his phone again when he heard it buzzing again. — Oh ... it can be ... — He said talking to himself at the same time he stop on his tract to re-read Jessica messaged wondering if he was reading it wrong. How much the world can be that small? "What the hell are you doing in my appartment??" He replied to the message completly forgotten the rest of the conversation they were having, not wanting to believe that his noona beside of being on the same city as him, will be sharing—with him and a more couple of people—the same apartment.
Jessica Jung 2 months ago
@Jungkook Jessica laughed when she saw his next text, happy that she was able to freely joke around with him again, especially because they were going to be meeting soon after at least two years. The woman missed her adopted brother and wanted to hug him and kiss his cheeks. "Alright, alright. Fine! Go ahead and get clean at your own place. I'll just be usual." She pouted before sending another text as well that contained her address. "Shush. You like the way I do makeup! Now- hurry up so you can come see me, Kookie!"
Jungkook ★ 2 months ago
@Jessica Jung After replied to the message, Jungkook take plug his earphone and walk out toward the exist of the bulding. He honestly thought that it will slightly easy for him to make a couple of friends, but it had been more harder than he thought, maybe because he was still feeling awkward around to much people and didn't know how to take the first step and creat some occasinal conversations, thats why is rotine was like school, work and home, not being any different each day. But now with his noona in the city, it will be probably more easy, at least he have someone that can and will be able to make him get out of his routine. He felt his phone buzzed at his pokes, taking it out to see the message as inconsciously he slightly pout at what h was reading "That will not do, I dont have a change of clothes with me, so I need to go to my appartment first. Why not give me your addres and I will come right after, and then we will talk about me being your guinea pig for your makeup experiences huh?" send the message with a smile, wondering how the model will replie to his teasing.
Jessica Jung 2 months ago
@Jungkook When her phone buzzed in her hand, Jessica glanced at it with a bright grin stretched across her features. "Just come and shower here, sweets! I can even do your makeup when you're done. How does that sound?" The model sent. She had a obsession with dressing people and doing their makeup, especially her friends who shew knew would give her honest feedback about how she did. Usually, though, her skills were exquisite. She'd been practicing for many years, and was proud of how far she'd come along.
Jessica Jung 2 months ago
@Jungkook Jessica was practically vibrating with happiness. After moving here, she'd discovered that a long time friend actually lived in the same area. She was super excited to see him after all of this time and couldn't wait to hang out with the male who had pretty much became her younger brother. The model put the finishing touches on her makeup and then fluffed her hair a bit before grabbing her phone that was laying on her bed. Jessica opened the messaging app and pulled up the previous chat with her friend, starting to type a text. "Hey, are you on your way? I'm ready! :)" She hit the 'send' button and waited for a response.
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Jisoo ★ [SH] [A] 3 months ago


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