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pide 5 years ago
"Move it, geek!" yelled a big, muscular guy as he shoved poor, scrawny, 17 year old Pide out of the way. "Oof!" exclaimed Pide as his shoulder collided roughly with a metal locker. Crap, it hurt so much. It caused an automatic reaction in Pide that caused him to drop his books to the floor. "Ow," he groaned, rubbing his shoulder. That's when his heaviest textbook he had dropped landed just perfect and fell on his toe, cause him to squeak and wince. "Pfft, crybaby," said a guy walking by, watching Pide's pain. A few kids chuckled. Pide crimisoned and told himself mentally to stop being a wuss. He bent over to pick up his books when a mean bully came and literally kicked his , on purpose, causing him to fall to the floor, painfully landing on his chin. Everyone laughed and laughed. Pide felt so embarassed and secretly wanted to just run away and cry somewhere.
[sh] bambam 5 years ago
*runs around *
taehyung 5 years ago
taehyung 5 years ago
@hongbin [aldfjaldfjadfsajalsja. haven't done 3rd in 5ever ;; im sorry]

His footsteps carved a resounding path, a litany of unsteadiness against the silence of the linoleum floors. Taehyung's lower lip tucked itself neatly against a row of teeth, throbbing as he bit against it to suppress another bout of pain. His head had been _____ing killing him all day, a surefire result of HER doings, no doubt... She'd been so still lately, ever-present in the chasms of his head but... watching, rather than intervening. And it'd brought Taehyung a week's worth of solace up until this morning when the initial throbbings appeared. She was getting restless, itching to make a move neither of them even anticipated. And all he could do was amble his _____ down the desolate hall, long-since given up on writhing at his desk in his Biteology lecture as he chose to visit the nurse. His fingertips dragged along the chilled, metal lockers- the gentle tingle serving as a comfort to him as it reminded him that he was, indeed, still there... still alive and able to feel something other than her. And it occupied just so much of his attention that he rounded a corner a step or so faster than was needed, colliding immediately into the solid chest of another student and sending him stumbling back. Eyes widened, he beheld the other- tall and statuesque and something far more akin to a fine piece of Renaissance generosity. Lee Hongbin. "I- _____, sorry about that..." he offered, straightening himself a bit before flashing a halfhearted grin. "My uh- Body isn't really agreeing with me today."
kyungsoo 5 years ago
@jongin / blinks and stares at you for a few moments, hand still clutching your shirt without any thought of letting go of it ; hums and notices that your gaze shifts onto his hand.
o-oh... but i don't think you'll hurt me again. after all, it wasn't on purpose, right? and you seem like a nice person, so i don't think you're going to deliberately hurt me.
/ walks faster so he can be closer to your back, your hairline level with his eyes ; peers up curiously and moves his tail so it's near your body, almost daring to touch you once more, but decides against it so he doesn't make you uncomfortable.
i-i'm not nervous! what are you talking about....
/ flushes and turns his head away, biting down on his plump lips as he looks down at his feet, then your hand ; wonders why you emitted such a flame from your body.
is the reason why you burn up because of your parents? i think it's cool, i-i mean if you think it's cool, that is. it must be nice to always be warm. nekos always love being warm, especially when it's winter! ooh and during naps, too!
jongin [A] 5 years ago
@kyungsoo -
/he ignores the fact that you're tugging onto
his uniform, not bothering to turn around and look
at you as you thank him, but simply nodding instead./
it's fine, really. you don't have to keep thanking
me. i haven't done much other than hurting you with
my flames. /one of his hands in stuffed in the pocket
of his pants while his other one moves upwards so he
can thread lithe digits through strands of dyed hair;
he glances at you for a few seconds as you introduce
yourself, noticing your ears and tail moving around,
only showing that you seem to be quite nervous when in
his presence, which causes a half-smile to appear upon
tanned features as he takes in a deep breath, looking
back in front of him as he keeps walking./ i'm jongin.
it's nice to meet you, kyungsoo. i do hope you'll keep
in mind that touching my can be pretty dangerous at
times. so. . . /he looks down at you once again, then
shifts his gaze from your face to your hand that's still
griping onto his shirt, as if wanting to tell you to
let go of him for now since he doesn't know what might
happen if you keep touching him, whether it be his clothes
or his skin./ you seem nervous, you don't have to be.
kyungsoo 5 years ago
@jongin / watches as you move over and and glare at his friend, the man to his right letting out what seems like a feral growl in response to your statement.
/ pulls on his blazer carefully so as to not scrape the rough cloth against his burns excessively ; sighs and reaches out, gripping the hem of your uniform with a shaking hand.
th-thank you...
/ murmurs quietly as he walks back with you, eyes fixed on the ground because he's unable to look at you for any longer than a second, afraid that he's going to end up staring at you.
u-um, my name is kyungsoo by the way.
/ swishes his tail back and forth almost nervously, the fur standing straight up instead of flattened against his skin as it usually is ; feels his ears twitch in anxiety, nearly moving around like little satellites.
/ looks at your back and takes the time to appreciate the fact that you've saved him an awkward rubbing session with the nurse, even though it would have relieved him of his pain.
what's your name? i-if you don't mind me asking, i mean you don't have to tell me because that's your call but i think you're really nice even though our first meeting wasn't ideal and-- oh no, i'm rambling again..
jongin [A] 5 years ago
@kyungsoo -
/he ignores the fact that you seem flustered because
he just saw your bare chest, completely burned, looking
elsewhere as if wanting to give you a bit of privacy
before frowning to himself as he hears you whimpering
in pain, once again, only to notice that your friend is
tugging onto your bruised arm, which makes his hands
turn into fists on each side of his body; jongin takes
in a deep breath to try and calm down as he's not really
good with dealing with people who he thinks are naturally
stupid, like the one next to you at the moment./ would
you be careful, can't you see he's hurt? /he steps closer
to you and the other male, glaring at him for a few
seconds before slowly shaking his head in disbelief, his
gaze lowering to meet with yours as he then lifts one of
his hands up in hopes of being able to wipe away the single
tear that's rolling down your pale, rosy cheek but he
remembers he can just burst out into flames at any moment
and he doesn't want to cause you any more pain, so he stops
his movement and sighs, a quiet groan almost leaving full
lips./ i'll take him to class- /he mutters under his breath
before looking back at the stranger that's watching over
you, still judging him mentally as he glances back at you,
motioning for you to follow him as he turns around and
starts walking towards the door./
kyungsoo 5 years ago
@jongin / doesn't expect to hear your voice but turns at the sound of it, arms moving down to relax once he realizes what it seems like he's doing ; flushes in embarrassment and stares at you curiously, wide eyes peering at you.
well i didn't run into you on purpose...but i'm still sorry. i'll try not to run into you from now o--ow!
/ whimpers when his friend holds his arm protectively, tears starting to form in his eyes because of the tight grip.
s-stop it, it hurts..!
/ attempts to pull his arm away but only makes his burns sting even more, the tears now falling down his cheeks, and his friend finally lets go of his arm once he sees the tears.
/ sniffles and holds his arm to his chest, wiping away the tears with the back of his pale hand, eyeing you then flushing in embarrassment at the way he acted in front of you, as if he's weak and can't handle anything.
/ stares down at his lap and squirms in his position on the bed, biting down on his lip while mumbling under his breath.
i'm fine, i can go to class.
/ pulls on his clothes and buttons up the shirt with shaking hands, pain still wrecking his body.

jongin [A] 5 years ago
@kyungsoo -
/minutes pass by and jongin really doesn't want
to go to history class since it's his least favorite
subject, knowing he's not really good at it either
makes him want to just skip classes all the time,
but now that he's already in front of the door with
a few of his friends, it's too late for him to turn
around and just leave, so instead, he takes a step
forward and enters the room before hearing his name
being called by the teacher, making him arche one of
his brows as he gazes at the oldest for a moment; it
was about him not having his things, obviously,
something that happens pretty often since he doesn't
like to waste his time studying when it was history./
i'll go back and get my books, i'll be late to class
though- i hope you're fine with that. /he mumbles,
turning around and rolling his eyes as he makes his
way out of the classroom and back to his locker, which
makes him pass in front of the infirmary and as he
turns his head to look at what's happening in there,
he notices you sitting on a small bed, your arms up
in the air with your stomach being tinted red because
of the contact that happened earlier./ he really did
get hurt- /he whispers to himself, taking in a deep
breath as he tries to ignore it, straightening up to
start walking again, but somehow, he feels guilty-
for once in his life, jongin feels guilty for burning
someone he doesn't even know, and he turns around
once more to enter the small room, his eyes meeting
yours./ i hope you get it now. . . don't run into me
anymore. i'm not like anyone else in this school as
you can see. /he warns, his features still not
showing any expressions as he sighs./
kyungsoo 5 years ago
@jongin / feels his ears twitch in alertness when the nurse comes closer with a blue glove now on her hand and the cream spread liberally between her palms ; reaches out with his tail and wraps it tightly around the metal end of the bed, tightening his grip on it so he won't cry out in pain once she touches the burns.
o-oh please make sure it doesn't hurt, i'm not got with dealing with pain... please, ms. kim?
/ starts to shake in terror as she pushes her hand closer and eventually presses the cream against the pinkish expanse of his arms ; visibly relaxes, the cream giving a soothing, refreshing feeling to his ski ; sighs softly and closes his eyes, ears now twitching back and forth out of pleasure as he starts to purr quietly under his breath.
that feels a lot better than i thought it would... can you do my tummy, miss? it's starting to itch..
/ raises up his arms as his friend helps him strip down to his torso, the usually pale skin now a bright red because of the harsh heat that his flesh came into contact with.
/ watches carefully as the nurse spreads the clear gel onto his stomach, a shudder going up his spine at the coldness of the gel.
thank you, miss. i will definitely always come back if i ever get hurt again! a-and if possible could you please check the student who bumped into me? i'm scared he might be hurt, too.
jongin [A] 5 years ago
@kyungsoo -
/his eyes never leave your fragile frame, noticing
the small ears on top of your head and the long, puffy
tail appearing from behind you, something he finds
adorable, yet he doesn't say anything about it since
he's used to being quiet anyways; as soon as you turn
away with a few of your friends, he does the same,
thinking it's all over and that now he'll be able to
go to his next class without having to worry about burning
someone else who might get in his way out of nowhere but
that's when he hears a familiar voice, making him turn his
head in your direction so he can look down at you as you
speak; the fact that you're worried about him being hurt
makes a single corner of his lips twitch upwards into a
barely visible smile as he scroffs quietly, the faint
smile on his lips soon disappearing as a frown takes place
upon sun-kissed features instead, wondering if you're
just silly or if it's in your nature of being so kind to
others even though you're the one who's obviously in pain./
don't apologize, just don't run into me anymore. /he breathes
out as he watches you walk away, once again, his other few
words being stuck in his throat as he sighs quietly, bringing
a hand up to the back of his head to scratch it as he makes
his way to his next class./ i wouldn't want to hurt you a
second time- /he thinks to himself, sighing once more./
kyungsoo 5 years ago
@jongin a-ah.... / wipes his tears away once you brutally tell him to get our of the hallway, attempting to stand up by using the lockers as leverage ; winces when the coldness of the metal touches his burns.
/ hiccups quietly and allows his senior to aid him in getting to the infirmary, even though he finds difficulty in doing so because touching anything sends him into a whimpering mess ; looks back at you and bites his lip, feeling as if he should apologize to you rather than letting you go without saying a word.
u-um, excuse me...! / runs after you to the best of his ability, ignoring his friend's protests.
i just wanted to apologize for running into you. h-hopefully you didn't get hurt, either. sorry...
/ hurries back to his friend's side and walks into the infirmary with red, puffy eyes ; whines when the nurse gasps and touches his arms, pulling them back to stop the stinging from happening any longer.
that hurts... do you have anything to help me, ms. kim? / sits down on the bed, ignoring the dull ache on the backs of his thighs as she pulls out a bottle of burn cream.
jongin [A] 5 years ago
@kyungsoo -
/seeing how you do not seem to respond to what he's
said, jongin clenches his jaw, not enjoying the fact that
he's not getting a reply from you since you're the one
who ended up bumping into him and since he isn't able to
help the fact that he's burning hot, he feels like it isn't
really his fault if you're hurt, although seeing the tears
falling down your pale, white cheeks, something inside of
him starts pinching, as if it bothers him seeing you this
way; it's his first time laying eyes on you and as he sees
someone else rushing towards you, he feels the need to just
push him away, not wanting for him to touch you for now
since you seem to be in pain and having someone's hands all
over you must not be comfortable, at all./ leave the boy
some space- /he spits out, reaching to grab the other by his
shoulder, making him move so he can crouch down next to you
afterwards, eyes like a sunset staring straight into your
brown orbs./ get up, crying in front of people won't do you
any good. /he says, no hint of playfulness in his voice,
just pure coldness./ go to the infirmary or something, don't
stay seated in the middle of the hallway. people might trip
over you and hurt themselves. /he keeps looking at you for
a few more seconds before gulping quietly, straightening
up afterwards and taking in a deep breath, kind of worried
to see you this way even though he doesn't know you at all./
kyungsoo 5 years ago
@jongin / whines when his cheeks are pulled by one of his seniors who coo and pet his hair ; attempts to push them away because it's too hot and there are too many people in the hallway.
h-hyung not here, i know i like to be cuddled and all but it's too hot with all these people--ah!
/ feels his body being flung in a certain direction after one of the students zoom by, running down the hallway in a hurry ; lands on someone else's body and is about to stand up when he feels his entire body burning up, and his pale skin starts to turn red at the jump in temperature.
/ feels tears prickling in his eyes as he falls to the ground in pain, hands going to cover his arms in hopes of relieving the pain, only to have his touch irritate his skin even more.
/ looks up at his hyung who now rushes to him, a space being cleared by the students so that his wounds can be inspected ; cries out when someone's clothing roughly pushes against his skin, the tears now falling because he was never good with pain. wh-what happened? am i... am i burned everywhere?
jongin [A] 5 years ago
@kyungsoo -
/walking around school with his friends by his side,
jongin stands in the middle, as always, his hands pushed
inside of his pockets as he gazes around once in a while,
only to notice more students eyeing him as if they're
afraid he might end up bursting into flames, which often
happens out of the blue since he isn't quite capable of
controlling his powers yet- something he despise even though
he does like being able to play with fire; as soon as he
turns his head to look back in front of him, that's when
a smaller figure comes crashing against his chest, his skin
becoming burning hot as flames start coming of his palms as
he reaches to gently push the stranger off, not wanting for
him to be hurt because of a silly accident./ would you mind
watching where you walk? /his brows slightly furrow together,
making his features look more serious than usual as he lets
out a quiet sigh, gazing down at his burning hands for a
moment before taking in a deep breath and waiting for the
fire to disappear completely, which happens a few seconds


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