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jongin [A] 5 years ago
@junmyeon -
/still as he tries to calm himself down as much
as he can, jongin is found following you out of the
cafeteria, his body still slightly heating up as
he he stuffs his hands in his pockets to prevent
himself from doing anything that would cause some
more problems; he sighs at your question and lifts
his head up to meet your gaze as you both stop
walking, staying in place somewhere in the hallway./
jongin. and why's that important? the only _____
in this story is that jerk that you sent to your
office. /he scroffs quietly, shifting his gaze from
you to the window near where he's standing./ as if
he really was going to listen to your word and go
there. /a half-smirk is still visible upon full lips
for a few seconds before it completely disappears
once he puts his attention back on you, sighing once
more./ can't be changed, but everyone in here still
tries to change the way i'm acting even though they
all know i just can't control anything- i burn. yes,
and? it isn't my fault. /with a movement of his head,
he points towards the cafeteria entrance as if wanting
to talk about the guy with who he was in a fight./
he shouldn't have pushed my limits. that's all.
junmyeon 5 years ago
@jongin /had been keeping quiet for the past few months about his new position as headmaster and very rarely is even found in his office - for now, he'll leave it up to the other administration there to take care of the other two fellows/
/takes the fiery student, hand slipping from his shoulder, and junmyeon leads him off to a much quieter place - the hallway outside the cafeteria was empty enough and open enough that no one would really question it/
/junmyeon crosses his arms, lunch in one hand and asks clipped, short questions/
Name, and what was the issue?
/faces the young monster with, and examines him; he doesn't seem docile but neither the type to easily be bothered; junmyeon adds a moment later/
I'm not out to change you. Monsters can't be changed.
/comments offhandedly and knows that from experience - as much as junmyeon suppresses his dark desires, the leviathan will soon, one day, take over/
jongin [A] 5 years ago
@junmyeon -
/nothing can really affect jongin since he's
quite cold and emotionless most of the time, but
whenever someone starts joking around about how
he has been abandoned when he was a kid, the fire
elemental just doesn't know how to calm down and
always ends up turning into a ball of flames, which
is what is happening at the moment, his own nails
digging into the palms of his hands as he tries to
hold himself back from doing anything that would
probably cost the other, his life for bothering him./
what the _____ did you just say- /he growls in a low
voice before taking a step forward, ready to just
throw the first punch in the other student's way but
as soon as he feels something cold fall upon his
burning skin, jongin's brows furrow together for a
moment as his attention is then turned towards you;
he doesn't want to listen to what you're saying,
still wanting to push the monster against the nearest
wall to show him who's actually the strongest of the
two, but once you tell him to just follow you, he
sighs quietly and turns around, trying as best as he
can to calm down before glancing at you from the
corner of his deep, burning hues./ don't waste your
time on me- it won't change the way i am. /he speaks
in a barely audible voice, the anger still visible
upon sun-kissed features./
junmyeon 5 years ago
@jongin /enters the cafeteria a few minutes after classes break to avoid the long line for lunch; junmyeon survey's the area and grabs something small and quick - a bloody mass of some fish left overs but it will make do/
/just as he's leaving to return back to his room, a banshee screeches but its that distinct call of pure horror - enough that it sends a shiver down junmyeon's spine; he is perturbed and turns on heel/
/his gaze falls on this ruckus - two yelling teens, one smirking and one literally on fire; junmyeon watches as the fiery one clenches his fist and junmyeon can tell this won't end well/
/immediately draws water from the surrounding sources of water - whatever is in the open, seating portion of the cafeteria (primarily goblets and open bottles of water) - and dowses the fiery student; the flames go out with a hiss... approaching slowly, junmyeon places his free hand on the student's shoulder and sternly utters/
You, come with me. And you--
/turns to the other trouble makers/
Off to the headmaster's office.


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