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mad science class。
   science class


junmyeon 5 years ago
@hongbin /rummages through the laboratory, adjacent to the science class room and Junmyeon grips the granite counter of the lab table harder - his knuckles are a ghostly white/
/takes deep breaths - an inhale, a pause, then an exhale - as he tries to gather his bearings but junmyeon feels his control slipping; lights flicker dangerously as he lets out a whine, a haunting sound that slices through the air and his head rolls back - the monster wishes so dearly to rear his head, and junmyeon's veins are visible along the pale column of his neck as he strains against the action/
/gasps as his once brown eyes flood with a deep aquamarine color and the water burst from all the surrounding faucets in torrents - about 4 or 5 faucets in total, but in his mad frenzy, Junmyeon can't tell/

[ this is only brief- assume something or the other shattered, if you need something to get hongbin's attention ]


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