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   dorm's and roommates
please keep in mind that once you are assigned to a dorm you can only switch once
: dorm 01
chanyeol & sehun
: dorm 02
jongin & baekhyun
: dorm 03
kyungsoo & yoongi
: dorm 04
myungsoo & wonho
: dorm 05
luhan & taemin
: dorm 06
mark & hakyeon
: dorm 07
jackson & daehyun
: dorm 08
jaehyun and yifan
: dorm 09
jinyoung & hongbin
: dorm 10
junya & taehyung
: dorm 11
bambam & niel
: dorm 12
jongjin & taekwoon
: dorm 13
jungkook & pide

: DORM 14
jin & namjoon



pide 5 years ago
@chanyeol lol, yeah it is. My bad.
chanyeol [A] 5 years ago
updated o/ and sure, you can give me a picture if you want but as long as it's square haha c:
pide 5 years ago
@chanyeol Oh. *looks at pic* I dunno, maybe. I never see that pic before and it's so tiny I cant tell lolololol. Link?
chanyeol [A] 5 years ago
@pide is it not pide that I put in room thirteen? lmao
pide 5 years ago
@chanyeol do you need a pic of pide to put there? I'll find you some if you want.
chanyeol [A] 5 years ago
room thirteen updated, if anyone needs a room or some change just let me know here o/
pide 5 years ago
Ooo, I would like to be assigned a dorm please!
leo 5 years ago
SH*T **
leo 5 years ago


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Yunho4ever 4 years ago
Yunho has left. cleaning rps.
jamless 4 years ago
Can you add and reserve BTS' Jungkook for me?
Bamsauraus-X 5 years ago
Please add and reserve BamBam~ ^^
IrkenInvaderMilk 5 years ago
Please don't let this rp die. :( ----Pide.
-Clap- 5 years ago
Kibum has left due to business, sorry love!
stoner 5 years ago
namjoon left, sorry. : c
SHINeewifey 5 years ago
Can you please add and reserve Taemin? Thank you~
azerty 5 years ago
minseok left, sorry i wasn't active ;;
spacedaddy 5 years ago
jackson left, sorry..
meanie-af 5 years ago
maru left sorry
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