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baekhyun 4 years ago
@jongin It was incredibly hard to register the words escaping jongin's plush lips over the sound of his drumming heartbeat, the shorter boy almost felt like as if he was running short on breath, the worry building up with each passing second that seemed to last an eternity while having to wait for the fire benders response. While time ticked away at a mercilessly slow pace baekhyun took the moment to absorb jongin's sharp features from his fiery locks, glistening orbs to welcoming lips and sharp jawline - the man before him was honestly the closest thing close to perfection, truly a masterpiece and there was no one who could tell baekhyun otherwise.

He didn't regret having let jongin in, having his defensive walls crumble into nothing, barriers brought down and resolves forgotten by the male who had taken away something much more than empty vows and promises, jongin had oh so effortlessly stolen baekhyun's heart. It didn't matter if he would be broken anymore because even if he did get hurt, his emotions shredded and feelings pushed aside baekhyun could tolerate it only if it was jongin, why? because no matter what sin the fire bender committed baekhyun would be able to overlook it, he would forget, pretend it never happened repeatedly if he must, anything to be by the tanned boys side. There was nothing not worth the risk and even if it meant being rejected, baekhyun would forgive jongin - he was just that in love, that smitten and swept off his feet.

The platinum haired boy closed his eyes and waited for the one answer from the other that would either be the nightmare that haunts him for the rest of his life or be most joyous, whichever came first.

"Byun Baekhyun, why the would you make me wait so long before telling me this? I'm in love with you, I probably have always been ever since I first felt your cold fingers press against my burning skin." 

In the midst of calming his internal turmoil did baekhyun catch those words that immediately made his eyes snap open, orbs slowly staring up at the taller boy, meeting his gaze in utter disbelief laced with relief. The confessions clicked, the feelings were mutual and the fears of unrequited love flew out the window, most importantly baekhyun for the first time in god knows how long, felt loved, no, he was loved. Jongin loved him -- the reality finally sank in.. Jongin loved him!

Baekhyun was momentarily stunned, dragging his consciousness back into reality upon seeing the other swoop down for the kiss. He inhaled sharply the tears unintentionally pooling in his eyes as the shorter boy attempted to display a strong front only to fail miserably. His delicate arms s around jongin's neck as baekhyun rose on his toes to kiss the man he loved so dearly, a tear or two squeezing past his silver orbs despite being closed. Their lips moved slowly, wanting to appreciate the moment, the kiss was deep, it was passionate and hinted with a surge emotions foreign to the two exchanging them, to two individuals who deemed love as unfamiliar - maybe, just maybe they were experiencing their first moment of this affection not called love, but called true love. Byun baekhyun with the glimmering stars and ever present moon as his witness that night had fallen in love and how heavenly did it feel, to be in the arms of the man he had dreamed and fantasized of both day and night. If he could stop the earth turning on its axis and freeze time - it would be this moment, so that he could savor eternal bliss.

He felt like no force in the world could bring him over the edge or corner him anymore because there was something much stronger brimming in the pits of his stomach, an emotion he was lacking, the main cause of weakness and the darkness in his soul had been replaced by a force much stronger.

Not just love

Kim Jongin's love
jongin [A] 4 years ago
@baekhyun It was getting late, the sky was completely dark, a few stars shining up above, here and there. The moonlight was the only thing that made Jongin be able to look at the other's features as much as he really wanted to just keep staring at the beauty before his eyes for the rest of the night. There was nothing else he wanted at the moment, but once again, he wouldn't be able to say it out loud. Why? The fire bender felt weak in Baekhyun's presence, he didn't feel like his usual self, somehow. He simply couldn't find the words to say anything about how he felt towards the petite cherub. Everything he felt, all the words he wanted to spit out, it was all stuck, either in his head or in his heart, for only him to know the existence of. At times, he kept hoping maybe the latter would be able to read it in his eyes- how much Jongin actually cared about him. But then again, his emotions and expressions were never visible enough to say much about himself. Some people are compared to open books and you get to know their past only by looking at them once. The tanned male wasn't like that at all. His book was closed and nobody ever managed to open it to try and read the pages that were inside. That's why he was the only one aware of his feelings.

He came back to earth and out of his thoughts once Baekhyun's melodious voice was heard as he answered his questions. The fire elemental's eyes narrowed as he listened carefully to each and every word that slipped past the other's pale, rosy tiers. He could feel his insides burning, just like earlier, when he saw /his/ vampire talk to the stranger that is now known as Baek's brother. His hands that were pressed against the wall behind the fragile frame of the boy standing in front of him, soon turned into fists as he then lowered his gaze to notice the small wound upon the platinum haired male's milky white neck. Even though it wasn't anything too big, it still was enough for Jongin to burst into flames for a few seconds, as he then tried to control himself, not wanting to burn the petite vampire with his fire. Seeing the body he loved, oh so much, being marked by somebody else, was something that obviously made him want to run after whoever did that to Baekhyun because he simply couldn't stand the thought of someone hurting such a precious angel. The only thing Jongin would want to see upon that smooth skin would have to be the hickeys he left all along his collarbones the night before. A work of art to his eyes, and nothing less.

"I don't want him touching you- ever again. He might be your brother, Baek, I don't give a flying . I will lose my calm if he ever comes back to try and hurt you." everything that escaped plush lips were sincere words and it showed, just by the way Jongin was acting. He /really/ didn't want to set eyes upon bruised skin again, knowing that it should stay as pale and as white as snow, like it usually is. Unless he'd be the one pressing soft and heated kisses against the other's small frame.

Suddenly, the heart inside of his chest started pounding as if it wanted to jump out and the tallest of the two had no idea how to calm it since he was too lost in Baekhyun's sparkling and mesmerizing eyes. Did he really just hear those words leave the vampire's mouth? He wasn't sure if it was all just a dream, or if he really was that person the cherub truly had feelings for. He almost regretted having kept his own feelings to himself for such a long time only because he didn't want to have anything to do with love. He didn't believe in it, but love at first sight did exist and the proof was right there, before his eyes; Baekhyun. He was the reason for so many things, not only for his heart beating as fast as lightning crashes, but also for the way his knees seemed to grow weak whenever the vampire's eyes were upon him, the way his hands turned sweaty even though he was used to the heat he had to live with twenty-four seven. Everything made sense now and it was all because of one simple thing.

"Byun Baekhyun, why the would you make me wait so long before telling me this? I'm in love with you, I probably have always been ever since I first felt your cold fingers press against my burning skin." Jongin was also head over heels in love with the puppy-like boy. That'd be the reason why everything made sense now. And without knowing how else to tell Baekhyun, the fire bender leaned in closer, his full lips capturing the other's thin ones before they started moving against the vampire's mouth, molding perfectly with the other pair as both of his hands moved from the wall to gently cup slightly reddened cheeks.
baekhyun 4 years ago
@jongin they were a fair distance apart, baekhyun and his brother, but the vampire didn't fail to catch what his older sibling had uttered and that farewell or more like threat, caused him to catch his lower lip in between his teeth, maybe a tad too roughly considering he bit on it almost to bleeding point. In terms of strength the two brothers were on par with each other and baekhyun couldn't help but heave a small sigh of relief upon sensing that daehyun's presence was no longer in the vicinity. Those mocks hinted with some unknown confidence, "we'll see about that" and "I'm not going to be the only one without a choice soon" disturbed the younger. Baekhyun would be lying if he said he wasn't a wee bit demoralised after hearing those words, daehyun would go to any lengths to get what he wanted and to him there was no risk worth not taking. The platinum haired boy was too absorbed in these bothersome thoughts to notice that jongin was there and had been all this time as he took slow strides back into the school building. Baekhyun jolted upon feeling a pair of hands latch onto his shoulder and the boy was just about to instinctively get on the defensive until he felt a certain warmth carres his pale skin and only then, did he take a second or maybe two to relax, the familiar aura from the fire bender easing his tensed up self almost instantly. The vampire didn't struggle when jongin led him towards a wall, knowing all too well that the tanned boy must have witnessed most of what just occurred if not everything and baekhyun would be an idiot if he thought jongin wouldn't want an explanation. "That's just my brother, he said it was to check on me but it seemed like he wanted a go at it to try and kill me again, fifteen and counting" he started like as if it was the most normal thing in the world to be killed and in the midst of his explanation baekhyun felt a stinging sensation on his neck, where a claw mark horizontally decorated his skin. "it seems he got a scratch on me this time" the boy offered a dry and emotionless chuckle.

His rather calm and composed self crumbled immediately after hearing jongin's next few words, baekhyun's heart running a marathon as his cheeks dusted a bright crimson red. For a moment the shorter boy avoided jongin's gaze as he tried to register a billion thoughts that entered into his subconsciousnes, in short he was panicking. It would be now or never to convey his feelings to the man he had fallen head over heels for, but what were the likely chances of baekhyun being rejected? What if jongin thought of all the nights spent making love to each other was simply a fling? What if he didn't want to reciprocate the blooming feelings baekhyun had for him? All these what if's were intimidating the vampire a bit more than he had initially thought, the confidence he had only moments ago slowly beginning to disintegrate into nothing, but if he didn't confess now -- then when? it was never like byun baekhyun to waver so pathetically over something he knew he had to do, there was no backing away now.

Baekhyun inhaled deeply in attempts to calm the turmoil bubbling in both his body and mind before mustering the courage to meet jongin's gaze once more. "Yes it's true, every word of it but you're wrong about one thing--" as the words gradually escaped his lips the vampire felt his confidence boost by just a little bit, urging him to continue what he had started "-- im not just in love" baekhyun hadn't even heard the fire benders response and yet he felt his eyed begin to water, vision blurring the image of the one he loved so dearly as baekhyun bit back the tears, swallowing the stone in his throat before finishing.

Thats right, baekhyun too, some time ago had sworn some time ago to never let anyone in, to refrain himself from growing too attached, to always keep a safe distance away, draw the boundaries, but that was until kim jongin came into the picture, sweeping the vampire off his feet like it was no body's business with every single thing he did, whether it be carefully calculated or completely unintentional.

His life was painted with colors he never knew existed, only because a man like jongin had willingly entered baekhyun's colorless life. That's right, baekhyun had sworn, made a lot of promises and vows in the past. To keep himself from getting hurt and broken than he already was.

That was until, the son of a fire elemental kim jongin decided to change it all.

"Im in love with you, kim jongin"
jongin [A] 4 years ago
@baekhyun Seeing the stranger move closer to the one he wanted to make his, soon enough, made his eyes narrow as he could feel their color turn darker, showing that he wasn't fond of the idea of having to share Baekhyun with anyone. He wanted to keep the boy for himself, even though nobody really knew how he truly felt towards the vampire. He was possessive and didn't like it whenever others touched or even talked to the person he was infatued with. To say that he was in love with the cherub's appearance and personality was probably too much, yet it did make sense in his head because he could see himself being there for Baekhyun always. Through thick and thin, Jongin didn't want to think of anyone else taking his place, protecting the precious being that's Baekhyun. It was his job to do so and he clearly knew that it probably would never change. The fire elemental was attached and addicted to someone for the first time in his life- which is what made things harder at the moment. His hands turned into fists as his own nails dug into the palms of his hands, leaving traces of half-moons behind, caused by how much pressure he put into his actions. He couldn't quite hear the words the two were sharing, yet he didn't think he wanted to either. The flames burning inside of him were soon going to burst into a fire if the taller male kept on acting this way towards his Baekhyun. Yes, in his head, the other was already his and no one else was allowed to try and steal him away.

Jongin blinked a few times, eyebrows furrowed in the middle of his forehead as he noticed the two figures disappearing for a few seconds, only to see them reappearing somewhere else afterwards. He was about to take a step forward, unable to contain his anger at the moment, seeing how the person he didn't know the identity of looked as if he wanted to hurt the fragile male Jongin had his eyes set upon ever since the first day he actually met him and noticed how flawless he was from his head to his toes. Not wanting to be a bother to Baekhyun by showing up out of nowhere, he tried staying calm as much as he could and took in a deep breath, letting the seconds and minutes pass by until something made his eyes widen. It was as if the world stopped turning for a second or so as the fiery male heard a few words. The words had fallen past the angel's lips and were loud enough for Jongin to hear. The pale haired vampire had said his name, followed by a few more words that kept playing on repeat in the latter's head.

"-the man I'm in love with-"

He couldn't really stay in place after hearing such a thing escape Baekhyun's rosy tiers. Careful not to surprise the other by suddenly jumping out of his hiding spot, Jongin made his way towards the blood- creature he appreciated, oh so much, and without saying a thing, he pressed both of his hands upon the male's shoulders from behind, pushing him against the nearest wall he could find after turning him around so they could both be face to face. The vampire's petite frame was imprisoned in between his strong and long limbs, as if forbidding him to leave before he could speak what he had in mind.

"What was this all about? Who was he and what did he want from you?" he spoke as if he was in a rush, wanting to know the answers to his questions as soon as possible, being too curious to even think about waiting before getting an explanation from the boy who was still trapped between his arms. "Also.. is it true- what you said.. about being in love?" his features almost instantly softened as his eyes gazed straight into Baekhyun's, making his insides melt and his flames, slowly disappear. Having him near seemed to be enough to calm him and nobody else was able to do such a thing. Baekhyun was special, unlike any other human or creature.
baekhyun 4 years ago
@jongin "What the do you think you're doing here?" baekhyun growled menacingly at the other who responded with a careless shrug and a twisted grin "Is it wrong for me to come and check on my lovable little brother?" Daehyun was renowned among the vampires for his enhanced sense of smell which could catch a whiff of even the faintest fragrance in the atmosphere or on a person from unbelievable distances, just as baekhyun was well known for his overwhelming speed that exceeded that of every vampire that belonged to his family. "I didn't know my dear brother had a thing for fire elementals, the scent is fresh on you baek" Daehyun spoke in a mocking tone of voice upon catching the scent of a fire bender oozing from the younger, the remark obviously testing baekhyun's patience considering how his glare only intensified. "Why? Do you envy the fact that I actually have a choice to be with whoever I want -- unlike you?" the platinum haired boy retaliated emhpasizing the last two words with a devilish smirk gracing his features in the stillness of the night, the two brothers shattering the silence with their conversation. The older brother was evidently displeased with the response as he took one step forward, disappearing in the blink of an eye only clouds of dust remaining where he once stood. Baekhyun merely rolled his eyes and in a split second did he reach out to grab what appeared to be his brothers wrist that seemed to appear out of nowhere, the sudden halt causing dust to rise around them and blow a strong gust of wind to the surrounding area, the sheer force shattering some windows close to impact range in the process.

Daehyun's claws were extended and millimetres away from the younger boys neck, who stood absolutely unfazed at the obvious intent to kill from the other man. "That makes the fifteenth time I've failed to kill you" Daehyun mumbled wickedly to which baekhyun released the others wrist as Daehyun straightened himself, the two now standing a few inches apart. "Don't get cocky little brother because --" the older male reached out to caress baekhyun's cheek and tug at his shirt to expose his shoulder that displayed a decent number of hickeys as he stared down at them "-- im not going to be the only one who doesn't have a choice soon" baekhyun had a nonchalant expression plastered across his face, not even flinching as he smacked daehyun's hand away, pulling the shirt back up to cover his shoulder. "Get lost " baekhyun was in no mood to fight and he was sure daehyun wasn't stupid enough to start a full blown battle in school grounds seeing as one little lift of the vampires fingers had already caused enough damage. Treating daehyun's presence as non existent baekhyun his heels with pocketed hands and walked back towards school. "I'll see you aga-" Daehyun called out but his sentence was cut short by baekhyun who interfered looking over his shoulder as he added "He isn't a 'fire elemental' his name is kim jongin --" now completely turned to face daehyun " -- the man I'm in love with and believe me you or honestly, anything else won't be able to change that" Daehyun stood frozen for a fraction, eyes widened at the certain determination he saw in baekhyun's crimson hued eyes, staring at the boys fading back before muttering a sinister "we'll see about that" before vanishing himself.
jongin [A] 4 years ago
@baekhyun Empty. The dorm was empty and the vampire was no where to be found, which resulted in Jongin sighing as he threw his bag on his bed, letting himself fall onto it as well afterwards, staring up at the ceiling as he didn't quite know what else to do. His chest was slowly heaving up and down as he took the time to calm himself, wondering what he would be doing for the night now that he was alone in his room. He wasn't a fan of spending time all by himself when he knew that being with Baekhyun was much better. Even if they didn't always make out like it happened the night before, they often just talked about random things, but it always was interesting to the elemental since it all came from the one and only person who was able to make him smile so easily. Even his thoughts were getting cheesy whenever he thought of him- which made no sense to Jongin since he never truly felt anything like that before. He was sure his heart was made of ice and that no one would ever be able to warm it up.

How funny is it, though- that the one warming his heart is the vampire who's skin is as cold as snow while his own is as hot as fire?

Minutes kept passing by and he was still there, on his bed, his position being the same as he let his eyelids flutter shut for only a short moment before he decided to sit up, a long sigh escaping plush lips. "What the hell am I supposed to do now." he mumbled to himself, lifting a hand up to run lithe digits through his fiery locks as he then stood onto his feet, walking towards the entrance door and opening it to go out, closing it behind himself as soon as he stepped out of his dorm. He had nothing else to do, which is why the fire elemental thought that taking a walk outside would probably be the best thing to do. The cold air brushed against his sun-kissed skin, making him hum in content as he wasn't too used to it, his body being warm 27/7. He walked for a while, without really knowing where he was heading at, but a familiar voice was heard, which caught his attention and made him stop in his tracks. Baekhyun? Could it be. He turned his head to gaze in the direction where it came from and noticed two figures instead of only one. Who was the pale haired male talking to and what was the reason for their meeting outside of school? All sorts of questions ran through Jongin's mind at that moment, the anger soon boiling up inside of him without even knowing what was happening in between the vampire and the stranger standing by his side. Was he jealous, perhaps?
baekhyun 4 years ago
@jongin It didn't take too long for baekhyun to notice the lack of jongin's presence in the dorm and he was quick to conclude that the other must have left for his morning classes. With a lot of time to spare on his hands baekhyun opted to clean up his room and ultimately himself from the previous nights passionate love making. The vampire took his sweet time changing the sheets in his bedroom and taking a well deserved shower a while later, just like that the hours ticked on by without him realizing just how fast time passes. The afternoons searing heat being replaced by the evenings more soothing warmth soon shifted to the nights cold air. the platinum haired boy was sitting on the dorms kitchen counter helping himself to a flask of A+ blood, not that it tasted any good as long as jongin's blood existed there was no better alternative than his addictive blood. He was able to finish have the flask before shoving the unfinished drink into the refrigerator, stealing a glance at the clock to make a mental note that it was almost midnight, night classes would start soon and he'd still not finished the assignment.

Changing into a long sleeved white shirt that proved to be a little large for him considering how the said attire slid past his shoulder and covered part his wrists. After slipping into some black skinny jeans he was ready to head out. Baekhyun kept the monstory text book in hand just for the heck of it as he walked down the rather dark and lifeless hellway. It was a given since most classes didn't really stretch onto the late night hours. In the next split second baekhyun found himself halting in his tracks, what seemed like a strong gush of air grazing past and blowing against him. He grit his teeth at the familiarity of such a gust, eyes turning a dangerous shade of crimson red as he abandoned the monstory text book, dropping it onto the floor. At blinding speeds did he follow this gust of wind to the campus courtyard. "Show yourself daehyun" the vampire called out to what seemed like empty air in a monotone voice, a response being drawn from the addressed man only moments afterwards. "Its been a while brother or should I say -- little brother?" A figure stood a few feet away from him, almost the exact same copy of baekhyun in terms of appearance save for the other boy's jet black strands. "Tch.." baekhyun glared at his elder sibling with a certain malice in his eyes which only caused the other to snicker, offering the younger a twisted cheshire cat like grin.
jongin [A] 4 years ago
@baekhyun Jongin managed to get out of the room without waking the other one up, glancing at him one last time with a sigh of content escaping plush lips before going to his side of the dorm, wanting to find some new clothes in his closet to change because unlike Baekhyun, he had classes in the morning today and couldn't stay locked up in here to be lazy like he loved doing, oh so much. He ended up putting a simple black t-shirt on and changed his pants for some black skinny ones, loving the dark color which seemed to make him look even more intimidating somehow- or at least, that's how the fire elemental saw it. He then made his way towards the small bathroom to brush his teeth and run his fingers through his messed up locks, trying to place them correctly not to look like a homeless guy when going out of the dorm. Once he was all ready, he took one more minute to go in Baekhyun's room, looking down at him for a few seconds before slowly shaking his head, a half-smile slightly visible upon sun-kissed features. "Lazy ." he mumbled quietly and then turned around to grab his leather jacket, throwing it over his shoulder as he made his way out of the dorm and into the hallways that brought him to school after a few minutes of walking.

Hours later, he was found sitting at his desk in class, eyes almost closing all by themselves because of how tired he actually was at the moment, only able to think back to what happened the night before since nothing else interested him right now. The teacher's voice was lulling him to sleep because of how boring the subject of this class was, only making it harder for Jongin to concentrate on what he had to learn- even though he knew as much as everyone else in this class that he didn't have to study for anything since he was naturally intelligent and didn't need to read boring stuff to learn about random things. That's when the bell finally rang, letting him know that everything was over for now and that he could go back to his dorm, where the vampire probably was still waiting for him. At that thought, he almost instantly got on his feet and ignored the other students and teachers, pushing them out of his way to make it to his room faster, in hopes of not missing Baekhyun in case he had a class later today. The moment he reached his dorm, he opened it and his eyes wandered all over the place as he parted his lips to speak up. "Baek- you there?" he asked, closing the door behind himself and taking a few steps further inside, turning his head as if trying to see if the other was in his side of the room.
baekhyun 4 years ago
@jongin Rays of sunlight crept past the cream tinted curtains and tickled his face much to the vampires discontent as baekhyun stirred slightly in his sleep, the platinum haired boy unwillingly cracked one eye open, his surroundings still a bit fuzzy from being unable to focus, he was never a morning person anyway and he really wouldn't be one anytime soon. Extending a lazy hand with shut eyes to pat the spot he assumed where jongin would be while stretching slickly baekhyun instantly jolted upwards upon feeling nothing but a cold mattress. "O-Ow" he groaned a little underneath his breath as he sat up straight rubbing at his sleepy eyes with both hands. The memories of the previous night suddenly flooded back into his mind, causing the vampire to flush a rosy pink as he scrambled to wrap the white sheets around his tiny frame. Biting his lower lip he tolerated the pain that was shooting down his lower back as he took slow strides out of the room, the said bed sheet trailing behind him. "Jongin? are you awake?" baekhyun called out in a small whisper still rubbing at his eyes with one hand, shoulders exposed from the rather loose hold he had on the makeshift coverage, platinum strands sticking out in more than one place and a feline like yawn escaping his lips as he scanned the living area. Considering how the room was lit very dimly from the rays of sunlight that invaded the dorm, baekhyun assumed that the two hadn't sleeped in and that it was still fairly early. Vampires had a considerably fast pace when it came to healing compared to other monsters, most of his severe burns had already healed leaving no trace but skin that appeared to be untouched -- save for a decent number of hickeys that still decorated his body in various places. Honestly, baekhyun was a lucky one, he had no morning or evening classes that day but he did have monstory at night. Only then did he recall having some pending assignments left to finish, jongsuk was going to stake the shorter male if he didn't finish it this time, after all it had been two weeks since he'd been getting warnings. Baekhyun was renowned for skipping almost every class just as he was famous for aceing every given test despite his lack of attendance, but then again the lad decided that he would make an effort to go this time, with a completed assignment or not, he didn't really care the grades were all that mattered anyway.
jongin [A] 4 years ago
@baekhyun Seeing how the much smaller male curled up against his own body, the fire elemental leaned in closer to, once again, press a light kiss to the pale skin of his forehead, where his bangs were still slightly sticking, only to let his lips linger there for a moment as he didn't really feel like pulling away. His arm secured itself around the fragile boy's waist, his hold being protective, as if he wanted Baekhyun to know that he was there and that he wasn't going anywhere, at least, not right now. They were both tired and it showed, only by the way their eyelids fluttered shut almost at the same time, and also because of how the only thing that could be heard in the room was the silence surrounding the both of them. That's how they fell asleep, peacefully and pressed up against one another- a feeling Jongin simply couldn't get enough of as he could feel the other's heart, beating almost at the same pace as his own.

= timeskip =

The rays of the sun were peeking through the curtains in Baekhyun's side of the room, making the tanned male furrow his brows as if he was trying to ignore the daylight that was already starting to appear. He ended up opening one of his eyes and the first thing he noticed was the vampire's sleeping figure, laying by his side. He almost instantly let his other eyelids flutter open so he could stare at him for a while, finding his face adorable even though he knew Baekhyun probably would've argued with him if he knew Jongin thought of him as someone who looked 'cute'. He didn't really care though, to his eyes, the platinum haired male was precious and his opinion would probably never change. That's when he brought one of his hands to the side of Baekhyun's cheek, fingers gently tracing every single detail he could see, starting with the bridge of his nose and ending with the curve of his bottom lip, wanting to just lean in closer to kiss the pair of rosy tiers he found himself kissing over and over again the night before, but instead of doing so, he simply smiled to himself and took in a deep breath. "I'll let you sleep, sunshine." his words came out as a husky whisper, his morning voice being way lower than usual as he then turned to his side, gently letting go of the other's frame to throw his legs off the bed and stand up afterwards, arms soon found stretching as a barely audible groan left plush lips. Finding his pants that had been thrown on the floor the night before, he put them on and stayed shirtless, pretty used to being this way whenever he was in his dorm since he was always alone with his roommate. He was ready for another day at school, only because now that he had to spend some time with you, he felt better than if he had spent his night all by himself. That's something no one else could make him feel- happiness. He was usually cold on the inside and didn't care about anyone nor anything, but the blood human was different. He was able to make Jongin smile without even having to try.
baekhyun 4 years ago
@jongin baekhyun let a contented sigh escape his now swollen lips at how jongin's thumb brushed his cheek leaving a trail of warmth across the lads ghostly pale skin. His crimson red eyes that gradually started to lose their bright hue and shifting to its usual shade of metallic silver, stared up at jongin with half lidded eyes. His smile was absolutely divine, brought life to his already distinct features, baekhyun felt his breath hitch and heartbeat race, all to blame on the handsome other. The vampire blinked twice upon hearing jongin's next few words, unable to properly register what he had just said until a few seconds passed, only because such whispers of sweet nothings weren't up his alley, in short, he wasn't the type to do so. He kept silent, refraining himself from making a response, letting the silence linger in the air as he let jongin's words repeat in his mind, listening to his voiced repeatedly. baekhyun felt indescribably special, like as if he
occupied a small part in the others heart which was always barricaded by a defensive wall, baekhyun might have been taking his thoughts a bit over over the edge, but they satisfied him and it didn't matter. baekhyun too, had sworn some time ago to never let anyone in, to refrain himself from growing too attached, to always keep a safe distance away, draw the boundaries, but that was until kim jongin came into the picture, sweeping the vampire off his feet like it was no body's business with every single thing he did, whether it be carefully calculated or completely unintentional. He would sleep, he would stay asleep for the rest of his accursed eternity if it was by jongin's side, the platinum haired boy honestly wouldn't have it any other way. The smaller boy closed the distance between himself and jongin as much as it would allow, his colder body pressing flush against the others tanned skin as he curled up comfortably against jongin. "I love you, I love you so much" was what the boy uttered mentally as he drifted off to the land of dreams soon after letting his eyes come to a close, softly inhaling and exhaling in the embrace of the man who he loved so dear, the one whom he had let in, let in far too deep. Baekhyun was cold, but with jongin's existence he came to forget what that was, jongin gave him something better than warmth -- jongin gave baekhyun love that could thaw any ice that froze him.

+ timeskip bb? u v u ♥
jongin [A] 4 years ago
@baekhyun -
/upon hearing your soft and quiet giggles,
jongin's eyes widen the slightest for a few
seconds as he tries to recall the last time
he's heard you laugh like this, realizing
it never really happened before, which makes
him smile some more without being able to
control his expression, being way too fond
of you and all of your actions; he feels like
he's going crazy, his head is spinning and his
heart is still thumping against his chest as
if it plans on never stopping but the elemental
doesn't say a thing about it, being far too
concentrated in noticing the smallest of things
as you speak- like the way your eyes glow in
the moonlight, the way your lips curve upwards
when you smile and laugh, the small crinkles
near your eyes and many more things that just
explain why you leave him speechless most of
the time./ pretty? /he arches a brow at the
cute compliment that left past your rosy lips,
slowly shaking his head as his thumb runs across
your cheekbone, sharing of bit of his heat with
you as he does so./ i think you're the pretty
one here, baekhyun. /he's never really been
that cheesy with anyone before, but the words
are escaping his mouth without him being able
to do anything to hold them back and he doesn't
even regret saying everything he's thinking out
loud since he really has that weak spot for you
inside of him, growing bigger and bigger the more
he gets to spend time by your side./ you should
rest, precious. /his voice comes out soothing
as he notices your eyelids fluttering shut,
knowing you're probably tired since he is as
well, letting his body fall next to yours in bed,
an arm circling around your waist to pull you in
closer to his chest, as if it wasn't hot enough
already in the room./
baekhyun 4 years ago
@jongin -
/I love you, that's what he wanted oh so
desperately to say but the words always
get caught up at the back of his throat
and this time was no different. the vampire
could feel the warmth of jongin's breath
graze against his face and baekhyun just
momentarily closed his eyes to appreciate
the tingling sensation that it gave to his
skin. jongin was blushing or so baekhyun
thought, the male was always so heated up
during moments like these but the crimson
colored hue dusting the others cheek said
otherwise. the vampires eyes widened briefly
as the other expressed what passed for a
small smile causing baekhyun to giggle happily.
He might have smiled, he might laugh like any
normal monster would but the boy would rarely
giggle. He offered an eye smile as he whispered
back in response in between small fits of giggles
and astonishingly teary orbs that appeared glassy.
you never smile - your smile is pretty... jongin
/baekhyun couldn't convey the happiness he felt,
how he was the only person able to stir such
emotions in jongin which no one else knew he had.
how baekhyun was the only one capable to make
such emotions surface and how he desired to
selfishly keep every part of jongin to himself.
baekhyun leaned into jongin's touch as he closed
his eyes a little exhausted, regulating his
breathing in the process. It was like magic the
moments he spent with jongin and he wished such
times would never come to pass, all he wanted to
be was in the safety of the others arms and
gentleness of his hold. All he wanted was kim jongin/
jongin [A] 4 years ago
@baekhyun -
/as soon as you end up releasing, jongin's movements
slow down until he's barely moving anymore, letting
himself fall on top of you, his heated and sweaty body
pressed flush against yours as he's still breathing
erratically from what just happened, his eyelids shut
and his lips parted to let out a few shaky breaths;
the way you keep saying his name simply makes him
realize all of this is real and that he wasn't just
imagining this breath taking scene; he lets your hands
caress his crimson colored cheeks, the heat radiating
from them being much more intense than usual as plush
lips slowly end up curving into a faint yet sincere
smile./ what is it. . . baek? /his voice is too raspy
for him to be able to speak loud, which results in
the fire elemental almost whispering, his gaze locking
with yours as he lifts one of his hands up to push a
few strands of platinum hair out of your eyes, his
large hand then resting against the side of your face./
baekhyun 4 years ago
@jongin ahh- /the boy moaned as he felt jongin's
release inside him and he'd never felt so
full in his life. The pleasure was dizzying
and it didn't take too long before he
as well, seeds spilling
everywhere as he repeated jongin's name like
a prayer in a low tone of voice. The vampire
refused to move and waited for the two to be
able to ride out their , he was sure he'd
feel a certain pain shoot down his back from
tonight's love making, he hadn't recalled jongin
being so rough with him in a good while and the
platinum haired boy would be lying if he said he
didn't love every moment of it/ jongin.. /He
called out in a soft whisper reaching out to caress
the tanned boys cheek with much affection/
jongin [A] 4 years ago
@baekhyun -
/his name keeps falling out of your mouth, making
him shiver over and over again as he thinks it never
sounded that good coming from anyone else before and
he can feel his insides burning as he s into
you even harder than a few seconds ago, knowing he's
about to come as well and if you keep like
that, he knows he probably won't be able to hold back
much longer; his lips part from yours so he can press
them against the side of a pale and now heated nape,
onto your skin to leave small hickeys all over
the column of your neck, obviously wanting for everyone
to see that you were his for the night and even though
he wants to keep you to himself for as long as it's
possible, he decides not to think about it too much,
the groans leaving his mouth being louder now that he
has this familiar feeling growing in his stomach, your
name being the next thing that rolls off his tongue
since he isn't able to think of anything else but you
at the moment./ b-baek- ! /he clenches his jaw,
hands turning into fists as he keeps moving as fast and
as deep as he can inside of you, soon letting everything
come out, all at once as he's unable to hold it back
anymore, the pleasure being unbearable; groans and low
moans keep slipping past swollen lips as he tries to
control his breathing, yet not really being able to do
so since he keeps ing forward, wanting for you
to come as well, wanting to bring you as close as he
can to heaven and all it's stars./
baekhyun 4 years ago
@jongin /baekhyun could feel himself coming close and
the boy held onto jongin tight, muttering a
rather wheezy/ i - im close /into the fire benders
ear as his eyes fog away his sight, his my mind
once again washing away the idea of "common sense"
and slipping into the "feeling good aspect" The
vampire loved how low and husky jongin's voice
was as he savored the moment, panting breathlessly
baekhyun felt his ears, reddened to the tip perk
upon hearing jongin's voice. The platinum haired
boy claimed the others lips as his in a heated
kiss which he returned hungrily, never getting
enough of how sweet the other tasted. baekhyun was
melting his pride away against jongin's dominant
power and he continued to moan the others name
even when their lips remained interlocked. He could
feel jongin's member pulsing inside him and baekhyun
deliberately tightened the grip around jongin's
while he continued to . baekhyun felt
jongin's palms heat up to an unbearable level making
his smaller frame twitch only slightly as he mewled
into the others mouth -- nothing was going to get in
the way of ruining this moment. That's right, to the
vampire jongin had always been gentle. the tanned male
was never the one to express himself and even if jongin
did get off track while trying to do so at times, baekhyun
never failed to understand what he was trying to convey.
The shorter male swore he could feel waves of fire sweeping
through the lower half of his body as he came close to
his . jongin, jongin -- jongin. Nothing else came to
mind, not even his own name because the nothing else
mattered other than the man before him at that moment/
j-jongin i- ahn... /his words were being swallowed up by
moans and it was increasingly hard to speak but that didn't
stop baekhyun from trying/ ahh.. c - close, can't h - hold...
jongin [A] 4 years ago
@baekhyun -
/jongin's hand wanders over your bare back,
fingers caressing every single spot without wanting
to miss any, feeling your curves and adoring every
single one of them as he then notices how your moans
are coming out louder, also seeing how you're pressed
up against him even more, which only shows him that
he's doing well and that he shouldn't be stopping
until you reach your ; repeating his actions
just so he can keep on making you cry out in pleasure,
the elemental's hips keep bucking forward at an even
faster pace, his own voice cracking a few times as he
tries to tell you how good it feels to be buried deep
inside of you, yet he fails because he's too busy
groaning and melting on the inside because of how you're
making him feel right now; as soon as he opens his eyes
to meet yours, once again, a single corner of plush lips
is found twitching upwards into what seems to be a smile
but it disappears as soon as he can now feel your lips
pressed against his own, the need to kiss you growing
bigger inside of him as he growls quietly once you pull
back./ g-gentle? /a breathless and short laugh escapes
him as he crashes his lips over yours for the nth time
tonight, being a bit too addicted to your taste, to
the softness of your rosy tiers and to everything that
you are; there's a feeling in the bottom of his stomach
which tells him he's already near the end, yet he tries
to push it aside so he can keep ing into you, not
wanting to come out yet since he feels like the two of
you being so close right now, is what it feels like to
be one, and the thought of being one with you suddenly
hits him hard, making flames appear in both of his palms
as he keeps holding you, too lost in making love to you
to realize how he might be burning you./
baekhyun 4 years ago
@jongin -
/the moans exiting his mouth failed to cease
but only rose in number as it started to
becoming more intense between them, jongin
was pleasuring him so much that baekhyun
occasionally felt his vision fade to black,
losing himself at how jongin was toying with
his body in such a way that he felt like
losing what's left of his sanity. the vampire
didn't know how loudly or shamelessly he was
calling out to the other over the sound of his
heartbeat that seemed to be running a marathon
without his conscious permission. Then in a split
second was when the earth stopped spinning on its
axis, jongin had found the sweet spot and baekhyun
reacted by arching his back slightly at the
unbelievable sensation. He failed to register most
of what jongin had said, as he dissolved into the
pleasure and how fire was pooling in his lower half.
t-ther... /even without the lad having to explain
jongin was doing a fine job at hitting the spot
rrepeatedly causing baekhyun to call out the usual
commands that went from 'harder' to 'faster' laced
with calling out jongin's name countless times
inbetween. baekhyun sensed the taller male tighten
his grip around his frame and it took no less than
a second for the vampire to decipher the hidden
meaning behind his gesture. With half lidded eyes
did baekhyun stare up at jongin, the most tender
smile gracing his features as he captured jongin's
lips with his own, oh how baekhyun loved the
feeling of their lips meshing so well together. It
was a short kiss and the smaller boy swiped his tongue
along jongin's lower lip before whispering softly,
temporarily pushing aside how intoxicated he was by
jongin to make sure he properly heard this once sentence
before baekhyun was whisked off to his dazed state again/
you've ah- always been so gentle... jongin
jongin [A] 4 years ago
@baekhyun -
/the grip in his hair is something jongin always
finds himself enjoying, seeing how you can't help
yourself from tugging at the dyed strands of hair
and also since he's able to feel how much pleasure
he's giving you by how hard you'e tugging at his
orange locks, it only pushes him into doing much
more to you, never tired of hearing the moans that
leave your mouth, one after another, making his
heart beat even faster against his ribcage, almost
as if it wants to jump out so it can be able to
be with yours without anything seperating them
anymore; everything you ask him, the fire elemental
does, not wanting to disappoint you in any way since
you're pretty much all he wants and needs right now
and a few seconds after hearing your demand, jongin's
skin slaps even harder against yours as the tip of
his hits that one sensible spot inside
of you for the first time tonight./ no one else- you
want to be mine. . . /he says, breathlessly as he lets
his eyelids flutter open so he can watch you and all
the beauty that you are beneath him./ then you can't
ing do that with anybody. . . else. /he has
trouble speaking normally because of how uneven his
breathing has become, his grip around your fragile
frame tightening the slightest as if he wants to keep
you there but also because he wants you to know how
much he actually cares even though he rarely shows it
because of his usual cold expression and heart of ice,
which seems almost impossible seeing he's made of fire;
your voice is literally the most beautiful thing he's
heard in his life, wanting to just record it in his
mind and play it on repeat whenever he misses the
contact of your body against his own heated one./
baekhyun 4 years ago
@jongin -
/baekhyun bit his lower lip, he could feel
the heat from jongin's body marking his flesh
and the shorter boy didn't resist letting out a
moan against the tallers ear. it was a beautiful
sight no matter how brief, baekhyun was content
knowing that it was him who was capable of making
jongin smile like this, that it was him who drove
the other mad with ecstasy. That was when jongin
changed positions and baekhyun wasn't stupid not
to know what was coming next, the heat emitting
from jongin was at its strongest and baekhyun
felt like he was drowning in this inexplicably
pleasant feeling that made his insides melt. How
jongin was becoming possessive and rough was honestly
a side to the other male that baekhyun adored. Ah-
jon-- ahn... /baekhyun felt his eyes roll to the
back of his head when jongin had fully entered as the
shorter boy gripped a handful of fiery orange locks
with one hand and dug his finger nails into the males
shoulder with the other. j-jongin ahh- /he moans
breathlessly barely being able to adjust to jongin's
size before the other hand already started to move
every causing a tidal wave of pleasure to wash
over him. h-harder.. /baekhyun writhed and pleaded
under the other as he claimed jongin's lips, the room
filled with sounds of skin slapping against skin and
moans filled with ecstasy and though two pairs of eyes
appear in different hues -- the emotion they felt was
the same and it was lust. onl- ah... only you can touch
me l- like this jongin /baekhyun breathed in between the
kiss, being driven mad by how you were ravaging and
drowning him in pleasure as the vampire struggled to
properly frame his sentences that kept being interrupted
by the urge to moan and scream the others name.
jongin [A] 4 years ago
@baekhyun -
/feeling cold limbs wrap themselves around his
nape, jongin lets go of your skin, his breathing
ghosting over it instead as he clenches his jaw
the moment your fangs are sinking into his own
neck, an uncomfortable feeling being felt at first,
making his flames visible for a moment as his hands
press a bit more against your hips, leaving traces
of his fingers behind, loving the fact that he's
almost marking you as his right now, a shiver running
up and down his spine once he feels your tongue flick
over the wounded skin of his nape; the words that
fall past your lips make him smile for only a few
seconds as he somehow feels accomnplished for making
you so addicted to the blood that's boiling inside
of him every single second of every day; he's about
to say something in return, but you beat him to it,
the next thing you say being the reason why his position
changes- one of his arms now circling around your waist
from behind as he presses his body closer to yours, not
really bothering to think about how hot he might be
right now since he seriously just wants to do as you
asked- make you his for tonight./ you're all mine, byun
baekhyun. all, ing mine. /he pushes himself even
deeper inside of you as his hips start moving a bit
faster, the need to pleasure you becoming unbearable
as a few low groans escape plush lips here and there,
the heat surrounding his turning him on even
more if that's even possible./ no one else can touch
you like this. . . /his possessive side starts coming
out as he closes his eyes, forehead now pressed against
yours while he keeps ing into you./
baekhyun 4 years ago
@jongin -
/baekhyun knew very well that it would be
a tight fit, they hadn't even prepared
properly for the intrusion in his lower
region but honestly at this point it didn't
really matter. He shut his eyes tightly for
a brief moment, as he felt jongin's length
move in deeper to which he responded with a
breathless moan/ j-jongin /when the taller
bent down baekhyun almost immediately wrapped
his arms around the others neck, weaving his
fingers and gripping jongin's fiery locks. The
vampire could hear the sound of jongin's blood
flowing so clearly that it made goosebumps rise
against his skin, it was like music to his ears,
a hypnotizing melody that made his self control
crumble into pieces. Bearing his fangs the
shorter boy bit into jongin's neck without much as
a warning, drinking his share of blood before
the wound to stop further blood flow and pulling
away, the remains trickling down the side of his mouth
as baekhyun off what was left. I can - never
get enough of you kim jongin /he whispered in a hazy
voice, completely taken over by how addicting your
blood was - a sweetness he could never get enough of
and one that he could never find in anyone else but him.
Lifting his head just a little bit so that baekhyun
could reach in and whisper into jongin's ear, the
shorter muttered hotly against the others ear. Just
for tonight - make me forget my name /there was some
saying about how opposites attracted and to baekhyun
that couldn't get anymore true, jongin was literally
a fireball and to someone like the vampire who felt
nothing but a deathly cold, the other mans warmth
was so welcoming, a foreign sensation he could and
never will get tired of. It was like as if jongin
was filling up the other half of him which felt empty,
jongin was the one who taught baekhyun the meaning
of what it felt like to be in a warm embrace, to
forget what being cold felt like/ Just for tonight
- jongin make me yours
jongin [A] 4 years ago
@baekhyun -
/he can feel himself getting lost in how red
your eyes are becoming, the color being something
he isn't able to look away from since it reminds
him of warmth, somehow, and that's all he wants to
be feeling right now- your body pressed against
his and even though you're colder than he is, his
heated up skin is enough to keep the both of you
warm, a feeling he just can't seem to get enough of;
feeling your hand pressed against his stomach again
only makes him shake his head from side to side,
the action barely noticeable as he then parts his
lips to say something in return to your cute growl./
bite me then- it's not like i have anything against
you doing that. /seeing your expression change as
soon as he starts moving inside of you, jongin can't
help but clench his jaw, unable to keep his hands
away from you anymore as he almost instantly grips
your hips with them, moving a little deeper inside
of your still, pretty tight entrance, all while
being careful not to hurt you too much even though
he just wants to hear you scream his name, something
he finds beautiful, almost like a melody that's often
stuck in his head and plays on repeat in the back of
his mind whenever he thinks back to these nights he
spends with you./ - baekhyun. /he groans under
his breath before leaning in closer to bury his face
in the crook of your nape, pearly whites nibbling at
the soft skin there for a moment./
baekhyun 4 years ago
@jongin -
/baekhyun could feel his heart thudding
at a dangerously fast pace against his
chest, this wasn't the first time the
vampire had made out with jongin but he just
couldn't comprehend why it felt so different
this time, the passion, heat and desire that
the two had for each other was definitely on
a whole new level, like discovering an unexplored island,
they had delved into maybe something a little
bit deeper than passionate love making or was
it just baekhyun being delusional again? the
shorter boy didn't fail to notice how jongin's
orbs seemed to get even brighter as the seconds
passed by and he was sure that his own orbs
would have the reddest hue swirling in them so
dark to the point it could have been called as
back at a first glance. baekhyun caught the others
tease and he simply couldn't resist the urge to
make a comeback, pressing his palm against the
tallers abs completely just for the heck of it
as he growled. jongin I swear I'll bite yo- hnn /but
his sentence was cut short upon realizing that
jongin had already beaten him to the biting bit.
c - cheater /baekhyun switched to the more shy
and vulnerable side again just as quickly as he'd
become slightly aggressive, jongin was just that
good. ah -- /the boy moaned clearly, loudly when
the tip had entered him, as he brought his hand to
his mouth, clearly embarrassed at the shameless noises he
was making, the crimson red blush refusing to
wear off his face.
jongin [A] 4 years ago
@baekhyun -
/the small sounds that keep escaping your mouth
are enough to drive jongin crazy, yet he tries his
best not to let it show too much as he wants to
take his time enjoying the moment, loving how you
seem so willing to be his for tonight, still pretty
unaware of your feelings for now since you've already
made out together a few times before; jongin doesn't
quite realize he's feeling something too only because
he thinks it's only the hormones and the ecstasy
that's running through his veins in moments like these,
but he sure as hell doesn't know how to stop these
sparkles from making his eyes shine when he looks down
at you and you're begging for more underneath him;
the moment your legs end up spreading, he moves one
of his hands closer to your milky white thigh, almost
pressing it against the smooth skin before groaning
and retracting it, soon noticing the way you're acting
and taking in a deep breath, the flames becoming a bit
more visible in his eyes as it only shows how much he
wants you right now./ don't touch too much, you'll
get hurt. /he breathes out, obviously just playing
around with as he then circles lithe fingers around
your delicate wrist to pull your hand away from his
torso, leaving a small mark behind before he can let
go of you to position himself in between your legs,
the tip of his length carefully sliding inside of you
as he then stays still, waiting to see your reaction./
baekhyun 4 years ago
@jongin -
/jongin was smiling, that one very brief
curl of his lips upwards made his already
handsome features even more distinct and
radiant, to baekhyun even being with jongin
doing these things with the man he so craved
still felt so surreal and yet he had the
pleasure of knowing that this was indeed
reality, one that he would have loved to stay
in for the rest of his eternal life. baekhyun
instinctively turned his head to allow jongin
more access, a dainty hand extending to card
nimble fingers through his sunset hued strands.
ahn-- /the smaller boy moaned breathlessly at
how jongin pressed kisses against his collarbone
that proved to be a sensitive spot as he turned
into a blushing mess, he could feel the heat
bouncing off jongin's body and dear god it felt
good. jongin really had his way with being able
to make baekhyun blush with words alone, he really
did. Baekhyun took a moment to admire jongin's toned
abs, staring at each distinctive square before
doing as he was told/ mm-- /obediently baekhyun
spread his legs propping himself up with one hand
using the other free hand to trail his fingers along
his lower lip just to entice the other. it --
hnn, j-jongin.. feels so good /the platinum haired
boy whimpered upon feeling parts of his skin
heat up, tainting his pale white skin as the boy
reached out to run his hand along the others abs/
jongin [A] 4 years ago
@baekhyun -
/without having to ask for anything, you almost
instantly pull your boxers off as he's staring down
at you, taking in how beautiful you actually are at
the moment and smiling to himself for a second or
so because he's the one who has the chance to be with
you right now, and no one else; to see you covering
your now figure, jongin finds himself leaning
in closer to try and reassure you by pressing his
plush lips against your jawline, lowering his butterfly
kisses to the white skin of your nape, only to end up
brushing rosy tiers over your collarbones, whispering
a few words here and there as he closes his eyes,
breathing in your sweet and addictive scent./ you're
beautiful baek. stop hiding- /his last few words come
out as a quiet groan as he then pulls away once you
beg for him to take you, right here and right now and
he simply nods, returning the intense gaze before he
can start working on taking his own pants and boxers
off, the both of you being now completely before
each other's eyes./ spread your legs for me. /his voice
is still low and barely loud enough for you to hear it,
but he doesn't want to touch your thighs, not right now
because he knows he'll hurt you since his hands are
already starting to burn; he keeps on leaving marks all
over your bare chest with his lips, red spots forming
here and there because of the heat that's radiating from
him and his breathing./
baekhyun 4 years ago
@jongin -
/the heat from one kiss was dizzying and
baekhyun swore he could see nothing but hues
of light pastel at how heavenly it felt To
have jongin kissing him and the vampire did
not suppress a whine at the sudden emptiness
he felt when the other pulled away abruptly.
baekhyun couldn't recall having been this
needy and desperate for jongin, to go as far
as to try and arouse him on his own. the
smaller boy gasped when he was pushed back down
against the bed for some reason loving how
jongin was being rough. He raised his arms so
that the male could easily slip off the shirt
which took no less than a second and it was
baekhyun's first seeing jongin in such a rush to
get things progressing, seeing as the taller boy
was literally fumbling to get the pants off. When
he did manage to get the pants off baekhyun took
the liberty to slip out of his boxers on his own,
throwing aside the said pice of attire somewhere
onto the floor. Suddenly he felt rather exposed,
never really revealing his skin even during the
normal times they spent together in the dorm it
gave the most foreign sensation, causing baekhyun
to cover his skin with his limbs, muttering a shy/
j - jongin don't s - stare... /his cheeks flushing
a bright crimson red as he stuttered in a rather
flustered manner. He wants wasnt being alluring on
purpose, usually baekhyun would let the two take
their sweet time to getting more familiar with each
others body but today, he just felt a surge of lust
and an urge to take jongin for himself. The mere
thought making baekhyuns eyes fill with ecstasy even
more than it already was/ jongin take me... please
/baekhyun whimpered softly as he stared at the other
with half lidded and dazed eyes/
jongin [A] 4 years ago
@baekhyun -
/to see you follow his lead without arguing
makes it easier for him to just keep you in his
arms so he can feel you, your touch sending
shivers up and down his spine as he still isn't
used to it by now, the warmth of his skin being
too much for him to even bear with at the moment,
which makes him growl under his breath, his lips
still pressed against yours as he then feels you
grinding against him; all becomes blurry around
the both of you as the only thing he's trying to
concentrate on right now is you and how you seem
so needy already, the friction against his lower
half being the reason why he pulls away from your
mouth, only to push you back down against the
bed to rip your shirt off and throws the pieces
of clothing on the ground, his hands now moving
to undo your pants, wanting to pull them off as
soon as possible since his hunger for you is growing
more and more intense as the seconds keep passing by./
, baekhyun- why do you have to be so alluring.
/his breathing becomes uneven as a few thoughts run
around his head about making you his, unable to deny
that it really is all he wants right now./


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