dorm №3

dorm three。
   kyungsoo and suga


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kyungsoo 4 years ago
@yoongi because i'm just all knowing!
/ lays down on his bed and purrs.
these beds are so nice and big.
i could nap all day long.

[] l0l okay
yoongi 4 years ago
@kyungsoo *raises eyebrows as I plop onto my bed*
*shakes head, softly muttering*
*blinks and looks at you in amusement*
How'd ya know my nickname?

kyungsoo 4 years ago
come to me suga

see what i did there



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Yunho4ever 4 years ago
Yunho has left. cleaning rps.
jamless 4 years ago
Can you add and reserve BTS' Jungkook for me?
Bamsauraus-X 4 years ago
Please add and reserve BamBam~ ^^
IrkenInvaderMilk 4 years ago
Please don't let this rp die. :( ----Pide.
-Clap- 4 years ago
Kibum has left due to business, sorry love!
stoner 4 years ago
namjoon left, sorry. : c
SHINeewifey 4 years ago
Can you please add and reserve Taemin? Thank you~
azerty 4 years ago
minseok left, sorry i wasn't active ;;
spacedaddy 4 years ago
jackson left, sorry..
meanie-af 4 years ago
maru left sorry
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