┊confessional room

confessional room。
   darkest secrets
every monster has a secret, words that they couldn't say because even monsters at times, are afraid. anon
01 : /steals the v card and auctions it off on eekbay for the most unaffordable price/ did I get it? e u e #thisisnotbaekhyunokay?
02 : baekhyun's hot as -
03 : i confess that i love................................everybody E U E
04 : *casually hopes I got the v-card of the room* + i mean ask.fm* - no you didn't
05 : i feel speshur durhurhur e u e ♡
06 : sehun is making me all hot

07 : I'll make you my banshee- screaming my name all through the night.
09 : Is it bad i ship kai and baekhyun? ._.
10 : IF a start fell everytime i thought of you, the sky would be empty
11 : you color my whitewashed world in colors that I didn't even know existed. I treasure you dearly and you might have just taken my heart without intending to, so please don't drop it. I know I'm fighting a losing battle but even so watch over me like you always have, even if it's rarely.
12 : who makes me feel like this? it is but you, jonginnie.
13 : i want to be the son of a thief... so i can steal your heart.
14 : I want to someone's right now. Anyone?
15 : i scraped my knee falling for you
16 : I want pinch and someone's then it till it goes hard and red so I could even give it a gentle, playful bite. yeah.
17 :  in the air, I don't care I love the smell of it. /smirks.
18 : i feel like my flames could burn down an entire forest because of how i'm unable to control myself around you.
19 : i hope it's me you're talking about 
20 : oh my god dorm two >//////< 
22 : wait... you like... him?... ;//////;
23 : I'll win your heart ;//////;
24 : what am I to you? ;///////;
25 : y'all don't understand the pain I felt when I stalked dorm 2 when I like jongin k ;/////////; you guys already know who this is sooooo... - bambam
26 : I left because I didn't wanna get hurt even more, okay? I've never had good experiences after getting rejected in rps... I might be overreacting, I know, but I'm a sensitive person. Bye-Bye ; u ;
27 : bam is back owo
28 : it's been a long day without you my friend and I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
29 : I confuse myself. But you confuse me more...
30 : It's almost... unforgivable
31 : I would rather believe in a beautiful lie, than a painful truth
32 : you hurt me so much...
33 : I only want you to be mine...
34 : you didn't even give me a chance...
35 : for you, I'd engulf the whole world in a black hole
36 : hug me tight until all my broken pieces stick back together
37 : you said I could have him though...
38 : if loving you is wrong, i don't want to be right
39 : ur cute and all but if u complaind less, i wud love u
40 : I'm not a creep. -S
41 : Jongin-ah~ I'm coming for you. Cloak yourself in flames if you may, but I'll cast them away carelessly with the passion burning even brighter in the fiery depths of my soul.
42 : Myungsoo, I see your fierce and flawless beauty, captivating me and ensnaring me with your dazzling charm. How many people must I slaughter from this world before I'm the only one standing by your side?
43 : I am among you. I am one of your own -S
44 : sasquatch is life!


pide 4 years ago
@jin *bites lip, looking down at my privates* *nods* Um-hm.
jin 4 years ago
@pide /Continues to gently nip on your ear as you speak/
/Chimes softly, stroking your sides and calmly/
Why not?
/Whispers, ling a bit more on your earlobe/
/Bites your neck softly before parting from your skin/
Should we move this to somewhere more private?
/Raises one of my hands and through your hair/
pide 4 years ago
@jin *hums* mmmm~ oooo~ *bites my lip and you bite my ear* *starts to feel...ahem...something* Uh..Jin? Maybe we shouldn't do this...especially not here. I'm uh, I'm... *whispers to you* getting aroused.
jin 4 years ago
@pide /Leans into your side and slides my tongue along your ear/
/Gently nipping at your ear before kissing behind your ear/
/Wraps my arms around your waist gently/
pide 4 years ago
@jin hehehe...maybe. *blushes*
jin 4 years ago
@pide /Smiles brightly and through your locks of hair/
Well, should I do it again?
/Cups your face gently/
pide 4 years ago
@jin *shakes head* no, it's okay. I liked it.
jin 4 years ago
@pide /Smiles at your squeal and pulls away from your ear/
Sorry, you have cute ears.
/Kisses your forehead gently and holds onto your hands/
pide 4 years ago
@jin *hums as you kiss my ear* *lets out a cute squeal as you bite it.*
jin 4 years ago
@pide /Smiles softly and hugs your waist and leans in, kissing your head softly/
/Chimes softly, hugging your warm body close to me and leaning down/
/Kissing your ear and biting your earlobe gently/
pide 4 years ago
@jin AWW~ My Jin Jin~ *hugs you and snuggles in the crook of your neck*
jin 4 years ago
@pide I confess that I...
/whispers in your ear/
Love you too
More than the amount of stars in the sky.
/pecks your cheek gently/
pide 4 years ago
@jin I confess that I love you <3
jin 4 years ago
(So um, no new confessions(
chanyeol [A] 4 years ago
@luhan stop cutie pie <3
luhan 4 years ago
@chanyeol e n e /throws holy water
chanyeol [A] 4 years ago
lol namjoon's confession for sure - w -
chanyeol [A] 4 years ago
chanyeol [A] 4 years ago
junmyeon 4 years ago
@jongin anytime, . ♥
jongin [A] 4 years ago
@junmyeon thank you, diq. ♥
junmyeon 4 years ago
@jongin best of luck, babe. ; _ ;
jongin [A] 4 years ago
@junmyeon ; n ; m'yeah.
well, i don't think he'll join again-
if he does i'll just have to question
him and see what was his point for leaving.
junmyeon 4 years ago
@jongin he didnt comment either and im p sure up to now, he's broken quite a few rules.
jongin [A] 4 years ago
@junmyeon well- idk. maybe.
luhan 4 years ago
@chanyeol /flails/ so freaking creepy
taemin 4 years ago
only let him join if he promises to not bring up what happened and that he's over it
junmyeon 4 years ago
@jongin dont play the game and refuse to accept him again?
jongin [A] 4 years ago
@junmyeon that is ed up- e n e
junmyeon 4 years ago
@jongin . . . idk man, i wish i could tell you


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Yunho has left. cleaning rps.
jamless 4 years ago
Can you add and reserve BTS' Jungkook for me?
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Please add and reserve BamBam~ ^^
IrkenInvaderMilk 4 years ago
Please don't let this rp die. :( ----Pide.
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Kibum has left due to business, sorry love!
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Can you please add and reserve Taemin? Thank you~
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