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dorm thirteen。
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jin 5 years ago
@pide /Finds it slightly odd to be called baby, but since we are new in this relationship it is bound to be a little awkward at times/ It is alright, I will not judge you, I am also new to this, but I have seen many people do this sort of thing before. I have read about it I planned to be a thorough loving partner.
/Explains while listening to your intoxicating moans, my body shivering slightly at how nearly continuous they are/ /Is satisfied by your reaction of stroking your fingers through my hair and inhales deeply, my lips a bit/ /Chuckles a bit at your surprised reactions to me prepping you with my tongue/
/Pulls away shortly after and clears my throat before speaking/ Don't worry, you'll love it afterwards.
/Wiggles my fingers in front of your mouth before speaking once again/ You need to them so I can properly prepare you, otherwise this will hurt...a lot. /Chimes softly, hoping you'd them so I could do the job properly/
pide 5 years ago
@jin Okay, baby. *nods* But, just know, I'm new to this and I'm still kinda scared. *I continue to moan as you again, the feeling is so damn good, like nothing I've ever experienced before.* Oh, God, Jin. *starts to run my fingers through your hair. * This is great, this is perfect. I love this. I really do. *lets out a gasp in surprise when you push my legs up and spread my cheeks* What are you-? *lets out another gasp when I feel your wet tongue my * *grips the sheets, a little frightened when you actually enter in me. I've never had anything in there before* J-Jin, I-I don't think...please, I don't think I want...*your two fingers end up cutting me off* Hmm? W-why?
jin 5 years ago
@pide It's alright to be shy, but I don't think any less of you for being different. /Hums before continuing to bob my head along your length, my tongue swirling on little patches of skin, finding it enjoyable/
/Listens attentively to your moans and words slipping from your lips, finding them all too enjoyable to stop my actions/ Hmm~
/Watches as your body shivers, not because of my cold lips, but because you'd liked it/ /A satisfied smile laying over my plump lips/ I'm glad to hear that. /Continues to pump your length before stopping, even thought you told me not to stop/ /Pushes your legs up and spreads your buttocks, lapping my tongue over your entrance since I didn't have any lube and I didn't figure you had any/ /s my tongue in your entrance before closing my eyes and continuing to my tongue in before pulling out and slipping my two fingers into your mouth/
them~ please
pide 5 years ago
@jin *nods, now understanding that I didn't mess up* *bites my lip* B-but...I'm...shy. *squeaks as you take my whole length in* Sh-...Jin. *starts panting slowly and softly, enjoying the sensation of you swallowing my . *moans* Mmmm~ Jin~ God, it feels so, good. *groans in pleasure* *Shivers as you kiss upon my body, not just because you're cold, but because I've never been touched like this before* Ahh~ *moans in pleasure as you pump my * Yes, yes. Never stop!
jin 5 years ago
@pide No need to be so shy, I am your boyfriend and I am planning on being your boyfriend for a very long time.
/I reassure you, wanting to see your gorgeous heated body and how you respond to my cold touch/
Sweetheart, I hope you know that this isn't the end, this is only the beginning. There is such a thing called, pre-. It is what comes out when you are excited, or overwhelming touches. Trust me, there will be more. You didn't waste it. /Tries to insure that you'd be perfectly fine, but I do see that you're not used to this kind of touch/ /I watch intently at how you reply to my touches on your body and smirk slightly/

It's okay to let out those kinds of noises, I like them a lot. /I do my best to reassure you that it is completely fine that you do that. /Whispers before taking your length all the way into my mouth, bobbing my head up and down, since there was no possible way to tire me out, I knew I had to be careful since you got tired/ /Parting from your length, I had traveled up your body and began to lay kisses down while traveling down to your length once more, pumping it vigorously/ Do you like it so far?
pide 5 years ago
@jin No, d-don't. I don't want you to see... *blushes in embarrassment when you take off my pants and underwear.* I'm sorry. I couldn't help it, I. *blush grows deeper as you chuckle* *eyes widen in surprise when you grab my .* *a shaky gasp escapes my parted lips when you flick the slit of my .* *I bite my fingers, giving myself an outlet to let all my emotions go upon, so I'll remain calm and not get all loud. I have a feeling that what's to come is about to make me want to scream my head off.*

Oh God! *exclaims it in a slightly scared tone, because, despite me wanting this, and god do I want it, this is still kind of scary for me.* *I stay silent, still biting my fingers as my is being *
jin 5 years ago
@pide /The digging of your nails in my skin did little to nothing and hadn't caused me any pain, I felt like I had not truly been liking this because I couldn't experience everything toy had been/

/It was a little funny that you had a slight problem with forming sentences and making me understand anything you needed because it was incomprehensive/

/Although the next sentences is clearly formed with only a few faults, nothing I couldn't push away/

Oh? Don't worry, you'll definitely enjoy it much more if we wait a little longer.

/Coos, teeth scraping your earlobe but noticing something had changed nearly instantly/

/I part my body from yours and see your hands covering your lower region, I begin to wonder what you had done/

/Grabbing your hands and moving them away, I pull down your jeans and boxers, seeing your pre- cling to your erected length/

/Chuckles softly as I begin to get an idea of what you thought you did/

/I lean down to your length and gently coil my slender fingers around your length, taking a moment to flicker it along your slit/

/Taking in the salty flavor in my mouth I took in the rest of your length and led on it, using the part that wasn't in my mouth to pump/
pide 5 years ago
@jin Oh...God...

*My throbs as our crotches grind against each other.* *The sensation of this all, of my first time, is so much even though it's just , that I'm having trouble speaking.*

*babbling* oh..ah...n- u-uh...J-Jin.

*gasps in surprise when you bite and mark me* *digging my nails in your back, both enjoying and a little freaked out by the pain.* *a squeak escapes my lips*

*My springs to life, fully errect the very second your tongue hits my ear. It is a slight discomfort, but I assume it's because it wants to be relieved by some hanky panky.*

Oh, God, need it now.

*suddenly, I feel a slow drizzle traveling down my shaft. The tip of my tingles.* *My eyes widen as realized what I just did, or, being a with hardly any knowledge, what I THINK I just did.* *thinking in my mind:* 'Was that it? Did I just...? Already? But, we didn't even start yet!'

*mistaking my precum for my actual and , a wave of embarrassment washes over me.* *my cheeks turn bright red, and my hands instinctively cover myself down there as I inch away, , feeling dumb.*
jin 5 years ago
@pide (Ah, yes, I notice we are the only two active online in this rp. Now we are the rulers of this rp. /throws toilet paper everywhere/)

/Listens to your voice flow from you lips slowly, how it makes you sound out of breath at all my touches/
/Playfully flickers my tongue along yours until I feel you tug me closer and begin to le on my wet muscle/
/Groans softly against your mouth and slowly begins to grind my lower region against yours, pulling from
the kiss momentarily, and nodding/
/Tucks my head beneath your jawline and begins to create a mark that marked you as mine and no one else
should dare to take you away from me/
/Nips on different parts of your skin before ling on your earlobe and lapping my tongue over the shell of it/
pide 5 years ago
@jin [Well, it's technically not an actual one liner because it's 3 sentences, but sure :)]

*gasps* *shivers as you kiss me, my skin turning cold, not because you are cold, but because of your gentle, passionate kisses, making my blood turn cold.* *hums softly as my skin forms goosebumps* *chuckles happily as you kiss all over me.* *My groin tingles with desire when you tongue my navel* *Let's out a broken, breath.* Oh...God...yes. *sticks my tongue in your mouth as we kiss* *moves my tongue inside, playing a game of "chase" with yours.* *Pulls you in even closer to me and gently starts on your tongue.* *my balls tighten as I feel more blood rushing to my .* *I feel the muscles constricting; I'm about to become fully erect soon* Oh, God...Jin, I'm almost ready to go. I just need more...more .
jin 5 years ago
@pide (I am not trying to be rude, but can I get a little more than just a line.... ;; I am sorry. )

/Leans down and gently bites your nub, hands moving up and down your warm
Yes. You are absolutely gorgeous.
/Whispers and kisses your chest gently, moving downwards and allowing my tongue
to enter your navel, wiggling it slightly before kissing it gently and moving upwards
/captures your lips and begins to kiss you passionately/
pide 5 years ago
@jin Mmmm~ I love you too, Jin. *blinks* You really think so?
jin 5 years ago
@pide /Smiles kindly and captures your lips once more before pulling away/
/Whispers and kisses down your jawline, before biting your neck gently and moving
to your ear and nibbling on your ear lobe/
I love you, Pide.
/Whispers into your ear before sliding my hands under your shirt, biting my lip at the
warm skin touching my cold, nimble fingers/
/Slides the material upwards and smiles calmly/
/Watching your body take in air, my eyes admiring your body structure/
pide 5 years ago
@jin *nods* Yes, Oppa. I want it.
jin 5 years ago
@pide /Smiles softly and stops as you had repeated my shortened name/
/Uses my knees to hold up my body and cups your face, running my chilling thumbs along your soft cheeks/
I want to, but I can't force it if you do not want it to happen. Just tell me how you feel about it.
/Whispers waiting in anguish since I had wanted to touch and tease your skin, but most important show you my overflowing love/
I want you to be okay with it, I want you to want it as well.
/Coos calmly, leaning down and pecking your lips softly/
pide 5 years ago
@jin *smiles, wrapping my arms around you as you carry me.* *admires how you open and close all the doors, biting my lip.* *enjoys the kisses* Jin Jin~ *pulls away, bites my lip and looks at you* So...what are we gonna do? Are we about to...?
jin 5 years ago
@pide /Picks you up bridal style and carries you off to your dorm room/
/Skillfully opens the door and closes it with my foot, entering your part of the door and closing that door as well/
/Gently places you on your bed and crawls above you, using the front of my right shoe to remove my left and vice versa/
/Slides my hands down your arms and takes your hands, moving them so they rested on either side of your head/
/Leaning in and pausing for a moment, admiring your onyx spheres before slowly placing kisses on your lips/
pide 5 years ago
pide 5 years ago
@jin *chuckles* You will find out soon enough* [wanna go back to your dorm?]
jin 5 years ago
@pide /Is surprised by the kiss on my nose, knowing I had done it to you/
/It was weird since you were doing it to me, but I found myself liking it/
Ah, alright... /Holds onto your hand as you hold onto mine and smiles
brightly, nodding/ I would love to still know what the song means.
/He chirped softly, swinging their hands a bit while walking back/
pide 5 years ago
@jin *kisses you on the tip of the nose* It's alright. Everything is alright. Now, come on, let's go. *smiles* You still wanna know about the song, right? *takes your hand.* Let's go to your dorm.
jin 5 years ago
@pide /Listens quietly, not moving an inch from the spot I had been standing in before you/
/Nods slowly before his plump lower lips, brushing his locks of drenched hair
from his eyes/ I wasn't trying to make you feel bad about it. I really did think it was
cute, I just didn't know how to react at first. It was a little awkward for me, but it isn't
something that I can't learn to get used to. /He replied softly, watching the other take
a step closer and begin to comment on his appearance/ Hm, it's not that bad...I am
immune to sicknesses since I am not alive...I don't get cold because my body temperature
is already like an ice cube. /He chirped, knowing he should still get dry anyways/
/The sudden hug had made the male wrap his arms around Pide slowly, his slightly
crooked fingers sprawling against the male's shirt/ It's fine, I apologize as well, for
pointing it out... and because everyone was looking.
pide 5 years ago
@jin Listen, I know you weren't calling me a baby, alright. That was just a generalization. No one's actually called me a baby, but it's been suggested to me by many people. I get told I'm childish and should grow up. I know I can act...maybe a little too happy and too much like a kid. I can't help it. I AM happy. I AM a kid on the inside. I'm young at heart. That's how I am. But, most people try to make me feel bad about it. So, I do, I do feel bad about it. And I felt badly for embarassing you. I'm not mad at you, or anything. I'm really mad at other people more than anything. *takes a step closer* Look at you, you're soaking wet. Come on, let's go back to your dorm and get you changed and dry, yes? *gives you a hug* Sorry, Jin. Sorry for the way I acted.
jin 5 years ago
@pide /I don't bother to notice you until I am out of the water/
/My body drenched, clothes slightly sagging and dripping/
/My shoulder being exposed as the such light pouncing off how pale it was/
/When I do decide to glance towards your direction I listen/
/Doesn't know if I should respond, knowing I shouldn't he too upset/
/Says softly, staring at you through my onyx spheres/
/Begins to notice notice how this could be even more awkward/
pide 5 years ago
@jin *winces when you put me against the wall, afraid things are about to get ugly.* *I then realise that you don't want to hurt me, but just talk to me.* *I watch as you leave the restaurant.* *I wait a few minutes before going in the direction you went.* * I look around, but can't find you.* Where'd he go? *sighs sadly, and goes to the lake again, knowing a swim will make me feel better.* *I walk to the lake, and see your head popping out of the water as you get up.* *swallows and goes stand at the edge of the lake.* H-hey. *Looks down at my feet, not knowing what else to say.*
jin 5 years ago
@pide /Dislikes how you begin to accuse me of calling you a big, dumb baby/
Pide. I never said that. /Furrows my brows slightly, standing up grabbing
the collar of your shirt and practically dragging you to the bathroom,
pushing open the door/ /Gently pushes you against the wall before
collecting myself, trying to appear calm still/ I never called you a big, dumb
baby. You're jumping to conclusions. Don't accuse me of that. I didn't
know that was something you had done when you eat. I thought it was awkward,
but I never thought of you as a baby. I am not used to it, so I decided to get
used to it. You're the first person who ever bothered trusting me...even if it
is barely any trust. I am still thankful for it. /Tries not to get into your face
about it, knowing my anger was horrifying because of my father/
/Balls my hands into fists and storms out of the bathroom, throwing money
onto the counter once more/
/I leave the restaurant in a very quick manner, making it back to the forest in
less than three minutes/
/My eyes glowing red once more, showing off how angry I was becoming at
such a small thing/
/Walks into the water and lets my body become emerged in the water, sitting on bottom
of the good sized lake/
/Closes my glowing spheres and tries to think of something that will help calm me down/
/The more I tried to think of something I had continued to think back to the song
you sang to me/
/I hug my knees to my chest and opens my eyes which fade into their normal color once
more, trying to understand what it could possibly mean/
/Sighs heavily, slowly standing up and walking back up to the surface, my head slowly
becoming exposed before the rest of my body/
/Knows I shouldn't have acted like that, but I am now unsure of how to approach you/
pide 5 years ago
@jin *opens my mouth and eats the sushi* No, it's my fault. I won't act like that again. *looks down* I know I act like a big, dumb baby all the time. I know. Everyone tells me. Dad tells me, Magorn told me, and now you're telling me. *sighs* I don't feel well, I'm going to the bathroom. *starts to get up*
jin 5 years ago
@pide /Feels a little bad now that you had apologized for just being the way you are/
/Shakes my head a little, not sure what to say at this point because I don't want
to make you upset/ Pide... /Slowly begins, still trying to gather up the words
to say/ I'm sorry for pointing it out... I shouldn't have done that. I don't like being
rude. You didn't embarrass me... /Notices my cheeks are red, but I am not sure if
it was because I was embarrassed or because I am embarrassed for you/
/Gets up from the table and walks into the kitchen, not really caring if I work there or
not/ /I place money onto the counter and ask for some more sushi other sea food
fish I believe you might, possibly like/ /Comes back out with two other plates,
placing them in front of you with your other/ /Turns back to the people who continue
to stare; frowning I flare my teeth as my eyes fade into a bright red color/
/As heads turned away I calm down and grabbed your silverware, picking up one of
the sushi's off the plate, holding it up to your lips, gently poking them/
I don't mind, I don't want you to stop if it makes you happy.
It was just different for me, I'll should be more respectful of how you are.
/Says softly so you can only hear me, my eyes glancing back to the others before I smile
warmly at you/
pide 5 years ago
@jin *stops moving about* *looks down* Sorry...I didn't know I was doing it that much. I always do it when I eat. Sorry I embarassed you. *looks down at my plates*
jin 5 years ago
@pide E-everyone's staring at you... /Replies calmly, rubbing my nape a little, trying not to show
them that I had noticed them looking at you/ /Bites my lower lip slightly, taking in the sushi
and eating all of it that was on the plate, puffing out my cheeks for room, trying to calm
down/ /Takes the vial out of my pocket and undoes the top of it, downing it after I had
managed to swallow all the sushi/ /Puts the empty vial into my pocket/ /Drinks the rest
of my water and lemonade before my eyes faded back to their normal color of caramel/


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