- prom

party away guys, be sure to have some fun, this year's theme is france.
Jucy 5 years ago
@Yoona (changing to the dorm e w e;)
Yoona 5 years ago
@Jucy /blinks and tilts my head
What can it be?
/rubs my nape something
Jucy 5 years ago
@Yoona /tilts my head slightly
hmm still thinking there's something missing /taps my chin as i nod
Yoona 5 years ago
@Jucy /looks at you and tilts my head
/aproaches you from behind and hugs you from the back, resting my chin on top of your head
Unnie, ,you already look beautiful
/grins dorkyly at you through the mirror
Jucy 5 years ago
@Yoona /duck face
i have no idea though
/looks at myself on the mirror
/combs my hair and hums
Yoona 5 years ago
@Jucy /removes my dress and turns to look at you
Hm? Well, you can use a bit of it if you want~
/nods and wears on some clothes
Jucy 5 years ago
@Yoona /quickly changes my clothes
/hums as i think
should i use make up or nah? /blinks
Yoona 5 years ago
@Jucy Oh yea~
The Queen's are going!~
/chuckles and takes your hand, pulling you towards our room
Jucy 5 years ago
@Yoona let's go change then /chuckles
club, here we go~
Yoona 5 years ago
@Jucy /laughs crinckling my nose a bit
You are right!
It would be weird going to a club dressed like that
Jucy 5 years ago
@Yoona i got nothing in mind at the moment /shrugs my shoulders
maybe we can go out to a club or something
though i want to change clothes.. /looks down at myself
Yoona 5 years ago
@Jucy What could we do?
Do you have something in mind?
/ruffles your hair
Jucy 5 years ago
@Yoona /thinks for a w hile
i have no idea, we should do something fun though /hums
Yoona 5 years ago
@Jucy Where do you want to go now?
/pats your head and grins
Jucy 5 years ago
@Yoona /laughs
totally /hums
alright, where to now? /tilts head
Yoona 5 years ago
@Jucy I think we had enough material
/finishes recording and turns to look at you grinning
This will be a good memory of our student-life!~
Jucy 5 years ago
@Yoona /laughs and nods my head
you're right /hums and watches you recording
Yoona 5 years ago
@Jucy /laughs and takes out my phone too
Why taking a photo when you can record it?
/starts recording with a mischievous grin
Jucy 5 years ago
@Yoona /stops, looking at him
/starts laughing as i nod my head
oh yes he is /takes out my phone and takes a photo of him
Yoona 5 years ago
@Jucy /holds your hand and starts walking
/looks around and widens my eyes and spots someone dancing like crazy
Isn't he... the math's teacher??
Jucy 5 years ago
@Yoona /nods my head
hmm sure /takes a look around
Yoona 5 years ago
@Jucy /laughs and pokes your cheeks
We'll see later
/nods and finishes my drink
Let's walk around~
Jucy 5 years ago
@Yoona /thinks for a while
the night's young /pats your head
we'll see that later /laughs
Yoona 5 years ago
@Jucy I know I know~
/tilts my head and sips on my drink
Unnie. Are we suppose to make out after the party?
Jucy 5 years ago
@Yoona pffft i'm always happy
/moves my hips happily
Yoona 5 years ago
@Jucy Heheh~
Jucy-ah is happy
/grins while looking at you
/dances softly with the music
Jucy 5 years ago
@Yoona no worries~ /smiles softly
/moves my hips happily
Yoona 5 years ago
@Jucy Thank you unnie!~
/takes the drink and sips on it happily
Jucy 5 years ago
@Yoona /laughs and nods
/serves you lemonade
/hums and looks for something to drink
Yoona 5 years ago
@Jucy Okay~
/thumbs up
Well... I'm in love with the lemonade~
/makes a heart shape with my hands


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SJV1144 4 years ago
I'll be on hiatus from 10 to 20
MundayFunday 4 years ago
Is this RP still active/open? I used to Rp here , but then I left RPR, and I was wondering since I have returned, may I rejoin?
hustle-1234 4 years ago
please add baek sumin for me!<3
MundayFunday 4 years ago
Gavin Duval left.
Ryuushi-Skyn 5 years ago
Is Jungkook available?
AhSongyi 5 years ago
I applied as Irene c:
AhSongyi 5 years ago
Urmm.. can you add Irene from red velvet?
a0944c61cd843d3a2341 5 years ago
Hyunseung left~ sorry.
DorkSoo 5 years ago
minho left sorry guys
ukissmexox 5 years ago
Applied as Kevin
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