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who's that boy

that's looking

back at me

talk with him

Seokjin 3 weeks ago
I peek into the main room, blinking and scratching my head. "Hello?" I call out in a soft voice, looking around for signs of people.
Cho Seungyoun 1 month ago
@Kim Donghyuk H Mm.. that's a nice bonus.. /moves my hand to tug your head down for a kiss, slips my tongue inside your mouth, sliding them against yours, pressing you down on my crotch as you rock down, rubbing my hard clothed along your cheeks, pulling away from the kiss as i moan at the feeling on my heated member/ F-.. daddy.. I got a too
Kim Donghyuk H 1 month ago
@Cho Seungyoun *smiles into the kiss while drinking the moan that you let out, my tongue swirling inside of your hot cavern as it the roof of your mouth* a baby... *smirks and rolls my hips in rhythm on your crotch that started to get bigger and harder under my cheeks*
Cho Seungyoun 1 month ago
@Kim Donghyuk H /gasps as i feel you kiss my lips deeper, closing my eyes and savors the feeling of moving my lips and following yours, letting my teeth graze on your lips before pulling back/ What kind of bonus..? /mumbles agaisnt your swollen lip before i chase them again for a kiss, bucking my hips up agaisnt your and lets out a pleasured moan from the feeling/
Kim Donghyuk H 1 month ago
@Cho Seungyoun Hmmp~ *let's out a chuckle at your excitement but it gets muffled as our lips smashes together, my legs are completely wrapped around your waist as I straddle you, slowly grinding my on your crotch* I forgot to say that there's a bonus too *mumbles in between the kiss before tilting my head to kiss you deeper yet slower, savoring every inch of your plump tiers*
Cho Seungyoun 1 month ago
@Kim Donghyuk H Of course, honey... /feels my cheeks flush and leans up to press my lips on yours, holding your waist tighter, pulling you down on agaisnt my lap harder/
Kim Donghyuk H 1 month ago
@Cho Seungyoun Smother you with my lips *my hands go to cup your cheek, rubbing my thumb over your rosie cheeks and smiling at you* do you want to be smothered by my lips baby? *Moves myself closer to you, so our lips are inches apart*
Cho Seungyoun 1 month ago
@Kim Donghyuk H /places my hands on your waist, smiling up at you/ Smother me how? /nudges a bit under you, squeezes down your waist/
Kim Donghyuk H 1 month ago
@Cho Seungyoun Yes here *gets on the couch with my knees beside your waist, settling down on your lap* that's exactly why we are here *gives you a playful smirk* I bought you here to smother you with my love baby boy
Cho Seungyoun 1 month ago
@Kim Donghyuk H Here? /cranes my neck up and looks around/ Seems like no one is here yet /smiles and tugs you down to me/ So.. you brought me here for?
Kim Donghyuk H 1 month ago
@Cho Seungyoun I found the best spot....*pulls you inside and looks around, then slowly pushing you onto a couch* here
Soohyuk SH 2 months ago
@Yutaro /hums/
i dont know
hmmm yeah.. especially when its last minute and it run till midnight
Yutaro 2 months ago
@Soohyuk It's a widely known fact that vampires are repelled by garlic.
/looks at you suspiciously, tilting my head a little/
That is, unless they just want us to believe that, to give us a false sense of security...
Last minute work though. My jobs know I have other jobs so they usually don't try to call me in, but it still happens sometimes.
Soohyuk SH 2 months ago
@Yutaro /hums/
who said vampires hate garlic?
oh no.. it is to make sure i dont get last minute work
/smiles and nods/
sometimes my company gives last minute work allocation
Yutaro 2 months ago
@Soohyuk If you love garlic, I guess you must not be a real vampire then. Unless they've been lying to us all these years...
/wipes off the counters and looks around to make sure we don't need to clean anything else up/
Oh, were you supposed to work Friday? I thought you were off...we can do a different time if it's not good.
Soohyuk SH 2 months ago
@Yutaro /looks at you/
eh garlic? but i love garlic
oh friday? okay! i shall tell my manager to excuse me for friday and saturday
Yutaro 2 months ago
@Soohyuk A vampire? Seriously?
I'll try to remember not to feed you garlic...
/pulls out my phone to check my work schedule real quick/
Mmm looks like Friday is perfect. Let's do that.
Soohyuk SH 2 months ago
@Yutaro /grins cheekily, taking the last dish to dry and hums/
im a vampire~
i dont die that easily
/winks and laughs/
so.... would this friday or weekends be nice?
Yutaro 2 months ago
@Soohyuk /rolls my eyes slightly/
Yeah obviously you didn't drown, or we wouldn't be having this conversation.
/finishes rinsing the last dish and hands it to you to dry it/
I'm glad though. That you didn't drown. Next time be more careful?
Soohyuk SH 2 months ago
@Yutaro /looks at you and hums/
yeah he fainted
yeah he didnt... we caught him on time
hmmmm it is but i didnt drown
Yutaro 2 months ago
@Soohyuk /almost drops a dish but catches it just in time and looks at you wide-eyed/
Your friend fainted?! That's not good, he was probably dehydrated. He didn't drown right? Falling asleep is kinda bad too. This is why you shouldn't go alone...
Soohyuk SH 2 months ago
@Yutaro /hums and goes to you, helping you dry the dishes when you are done washing them/
hmmmm yeah i know that... my friend fainted inside
but for me i kinda fell asleep
Yutaro 2 months ago
@Soohyuk That's great, but don't stay in too long when you do that. It's really bad if you get dizzy and overheated.
/gets up and moves to the sink to start washing the dishes, talking over my shoulder/
I tend to stay in too long though because I'm too relaxed.
Soohyuk SH 2 months ago
@Yutaro /hums/
I go whenever I get the opportunity to visit japan
on that day I will cut myself from the world to fully enjoy the onsen
Yutaro 2 months ago
@Soohyuk I think I could really use that level of relaxation right now...
/my eyes glaze over a little dreamily just thinking about it/
Do you go often though? I really only go in the winter, it's too hot otherwise.
Soohyuk SH 2 months ago
@Yutaro /looks at you/
hmmm.... we can go anytime this week
/smiles widely and nods/
ahhhh i cant wait to visit the onsen~
its so comfy~ i missed that feeling
Yutaro 2 months ago
@Soohyuk /seeing your wide smile, I find it hard not to return a small one of my own/
That's...cool. Yeah. We should go then. Maybe on one of the colder evenings this week? I feel like it's gonna get warmer next week...
/brings the bowl to my lips and finishes off my soup, setting it down and my lips/
When do you wanna go?
Soohyuk SH 2 months ago
@Yutaro /looks at you, chuckling softly at your reaction/
yeah of course! why not?
/smiles widely/
eh? really? i really dont mind going with you
you seem like a real cool person to be with..plus its not always i find people with similar taste as me
Yutaro 2 months ago
@Soohyuk /my face lights up at the suggestion, and I sit up a little straighter, looking at you/
Really? You wanna go to an onsen?
I'm Japanese, it's kinda our thing, of course I'm comfortable with it...
/rubs my head/
Just not used to people wanting to go with me.
Soohyuk SH 2 months ago
@Yutaro /looks at you/
work harder?
i guess i should
cold milk? i've never tried it before
/hums and looks at you/
shall we go there?
/smiles widely/
oh erm... only if you are comfortable with it


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pink-yoshi23 4 days ago
Left ki~ but please hold him for me~ i might be back when my heart is lighter
mehxhyuckk 4 days ago
Can I re apply for jeno?
FireRamen 6 days ago
can i have a second chara o_o
bbeanfluff 1 week ago
Dropping dinghao keeping jingzuo and huixuan
Kyo_shi 1 week ago
amaranth 1 week ago
ashiro 1 week ago
i see that cai xukun is still available, so may i have him?
snakebits 1 week ago
can I have sehun pls?
diddlysquat 1 week ago
johnnys_coffee 1 week ago
I guess Jamm didn't see my request so, I'm asking again...can I have a third?
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