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who's that boy

that's looking

back at me

dance with him

Woohyun 1 month ago
@Jung Jaewon Yeah.. he told us earlier so its not good for him to be this hard and.. well.. going too far.
/looks at you with a light pout before nodding my head at you/
Yeah.. i'm glad you are here though I dont know what would I do if anything happens.
Because i'm just as much like them, drinking hard to just numb any pain so I dont want to get tempted and get myself into trouble
Choi San 1 month ago
@Woohyun @Kevin Woo -he gasped loudly, glaring at woo as he deepened his pout
i'm offended, woo! how am I being? I'm in better shape than him-!
-he pointed over at kevin, frowning as he glanced at the wasted boy
I know you don't..it's obvious woo..but-
-he looked around before whispering in woo's ear
if i'm being honest, I haven't done this stuff for a while..it's hitting me hard~
-he backed away and giggled, shaking his head a little
i'd never hurt myself, woo! no need to worry~ kev is the one you need to watch over..
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Jung Jaewon 1 month ago
@Woohyun He’s sick?
*glances at San, my brows furrowing with concern*
Not good.
I don’t know much about the come down of hard drugs. So we have to be careful to keep an eye on them.
*rubs your back gently*
Don’t worry though. It’s good we’re here just in case.
Woohyun 1 month ago
@Jung Jaewon I can see that.. /rests my hand on the back of my chair, leaning to you slightly with my eyebrows furrowing/
It would take them a lot to be in here.. drinking the out of themselves and doing coke-
San probably wanted to accompany Kevin.. and somehow he did it together.. he told us earlier that he's sick.. this is bad for him.
Woohyun 1 month ago
@Kevin Woo @Choi San I doubt that Sansan- with you being like this. /he lets out a sigh before shaking his head at your offer, glancing at Kevin and the trails of coke on your hand before sighing again/
I never do those things, Sansan.. dont hurt yourself too much please?
/he wraps an arm around Kevin, to let him know that he's not alone and i'm right here for him/
Jung Jaewon 1 month ago
@Woohyun *leans on the back of your chair at the bar, nodding in understanding*
No worries, I won’t be drinking tonight so everyone will be in safe hands.
*purses my lips*
Mm, a lot of went down, lot of misunderstandings. Not really important. But Kevin’s in a bad headspace. Not sure why san’s going so hard though, or where his boyfriend is...
Woohyun 1 month ago
@Jung Jaewon /turns around when he felt the tap before blinking at you for a moment then a smile appears on his face/
Hey. I'm glad you are here I can't possibly take care of those two on my own..
/looks over at them with a sigh/
I don't know what happened.. but.. i hope they will be okay
Choi San 1 month ago
@Woohyun @Kevin Woo -he shook his head at the question, his hand resting on woo's shoulder
mm, no need..i promised to keep kev safe tonight! you could join us instead though~
-he watched the elder take a sip from the bottle before grabbing it back and drinking some of it on his own
though I assume you don't want any coke, huh?
-he giggled softly as he cradled the bottle in his arms
Jung Jaewon 1 month ago
@Woohyun Hey.
*comes up and nudges your shoulder*
I’m gonna be here too. Left Baek sleeping, finally.
But I want to make sure he’s... well, THEY are okay.
*glances at uri cutie cokeheads*
Woohyun 1 month ago
@Kevin Woo @Choi San Do I have to take care of you guys today?
/he mumbles softly before looking at the both of you, somehow feeling a bit sad that you are using this way to numb the pain/
Dont drink or do too much okay?
/reaches over for the bottle before taking a small shot of it, winching at the light burn in his throat/
Choi San 1 month ago
@Woohyun @Kevin Woo -he glanced at woo, smiling and waving before giggling in agreement
ah, i'm gonna puke! ing creepy freak! Why do guys have to do ed up like that?
I got worry about you, kev! I worry about all my friends~
I suppose that makes sense..but still, I'm sorry for your loss..
-he tilted his head, cocking a brow as he chuckled
you don't even remember? Oh my god..
if that's the case, i'll make sure you never have to see him again then! empty promises are the worst!
-he paused, his pout returning to his lips as he whined
ah, I don't want crack and meth!
I just want..more coke
-he smiled, nodding to himself as he giggled
I want more coke- that's all~!
Kevin Woo 1 month ago
@Woohyun @Choi San Heeey! Woo!
Hell yeah, it's a ing party!
*looks at San with a laugh*
Yeah, yeah I'm serious
I was like 17 and he was this 50 year old guy
But don't worry about it!
Cause I'm used to people leaving so like why wouldn't the baby leave me too, you know?
Did we get in a fight?
I really don't want to see his face ever again
He's just another person full of empty promises
*laughs and shakes my head*
It gets you into the bad like crack and meth
Jung Jaewon 1 month ago
Jesus this is a right... mess
Choi San 1 month ago
@Kevin Woo mm, that's true- i'll agree to that one..
oh wow, so it was super easy then..i see..
-he frowned as he listened
are you ing serious? who does he think he is? not like he is allowed to do that! that's some ing illegal !
- he nodded, stealing another sip from your drink
oh my god..kev..I'm so sorry to hear that..
that's devastating..i would be broken..
- a small giggle escaped his lips as he rubbed his temples once more
ashton..that's a great name..I love it~
why no more kitten? did you and tae get into a fight?
-he bounced a little in his seat, squirming as he laughed happily
ah, then I really want some now~! cheap and it makes you numb? seems perfect~
way harder ? mm, I'm sure I could manage..
Woohyun 1 month ago
@Kevin Woo /soon after what Minki had told me about you, I went straight to the nightclub, my eyes squinting trying to locate you and San before I found you, drinking and snorting the drugs which made me frown a little before making my way to you and stands beside you/
Hey Kevin.. having fun?
Kevin Woo 1 month ago
@Choi San Gotta numb the pain somehow, am I right?
Mm yeah~ ty area and act confident
Those places are borderline illegal so they don't check
*shrugs my shoulders*
So older customer at the club
Choked me out in the alley and me
*chugs from the bottle with a laugh*
Well I didn't get to make that choice
It was gone before I got the chance to make it
Mm... you know... if it was a boy, I was going to name it Ashton
*snorts, laughing to myself*
Taemin promised me he'd get me a kitten to keep me from being alone and I could name it Ashton to make up for it but whoooops
That's sure gone now!
*nods my head eagerly*
Cheap as , too
But it gets you into waaaayyy harder
Choi San 1 month ago
@Kevin Woo fun is definitely a word I'd use to describe it~
oh wow! you've been doing this for years now, huh? you're like a veteran or whatever the ..
that's right! you strip! I totally forgot about that! so..you lied and got away with it pretty easily?
-he hummed, taking the bill once more before snorting another line, a soft giggle leaving his lips
you? who was he? I'll ing beat the out of that lowlife!
-he huffed, his brows furrowing as he took the drink from you, taking a sip of the alcohol before passing it back to you
would you even be ready for babies, kev? I sure as hell wouldn't be!
-he rubbed his eyes, smile growing as he listened
good numb? ..that sounds amazing- absolutely ing amazing!
That'd be worth a needle in me..
Kevin Woo 1 month ago
@Choi San That sounds soooo fun~
Ah... I was smoking at 14, drinking at 12...
I did coke first time at 15, probably tried every other drug in my area by the time I dropped out at 17
I lied about my age and started stripping right after that
*laughs loudly as the courses through me*
Then of course all the drugs to stop feeling after this guy me and knocked me up
*grins, taking a shot of whatever I can grab*
Babies don't go well drugs, though, so that died
*shrugs and lets out another laugh*
Heroin is so ing fast
Leaves you nice and numb
But like a good numb, you just feel empty and blissful
But yeah, you need the needle for that
Choi San 1 month ago
@Kevin Woo -he nodded happily, giggling as he thought back to his times in high school
mm, i'd say yes..almost four days out of the week I was at some random party..
had a reputation for it..what about you, kev? ever go crazy during your teen years?
-he pouted a little, shaking his head as he listened to the question
no, I haven't! I wanna try it one day though..
instant? oh wow! I need something in me instantly..
-he gasped a little, his brows furrowing
needle? I don't know if I could handle it, kev..needles are ing terrifying!
Kevin Woo 1 month ago
@Choi San *grins when you easily agree, watching you inhale the drug*
Oh yeah?
You party hard in high school?
*lets out a soft laugh as the next question comes to mind*
Have you ever tried heroin?
It is like... instant!
So fast!
You put the needle in and you just feel sooo good
Choi San 1 month ago
@Kevin Woo -he thought for a moment, his mind thinking of every scenario before huffing and rolling his eyes, a smirk forming on his lips
you know what? you're right! you only live one- gotta make it the best you can~
-he chuckled at the male's actions before taking the rolled up bill, leaning down and snorting up a line. he blinked a few times, his smile growing as he rubbed his temple
ah, ..I think the last time I did something like this was senior year of highschool....
Kevin Woo 1 month ago
@Choi San *Shrugs*
Your choice
I say enjoy your night and get ed up with me
But you do you
*grins, already feeling the high start but wanting more so I snort up another line and let out a laugh*
that's good
I haven't let this loose in ages
Choi San 1 month ago
@Kevin Woo ah, i don't know kev..
-he rubbed the back of his neck, his eyes glancing between the male and the lines of coke out
if I get high how will I be able to protect you tonight?
-he sighed, eyeing the rolled up dollar bill
or am I just being lame right now? should I just relax and enjoy my night with you?
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Kevin Woo 1 month ago
@Choi San Want any, San?
*Asks as I hold up a rolled dollar bill, several lines prepared on the mirror*
There's plenty to go around
It's really a great high
Short, though... gotta get a couple more in after
Kevin Woo 1 month ago
*goes into the back room with some of the other dancers, taking whatever drugs they're passing around that night to numb myself*
*snorts a line of coke, chasing it with a shot of vodka before going out onto the floor to dance with anyone that will notice me*
Seungwoo 2 months ago
@Wang Ziyi Tonight marked a special day for Seungwoo, on that day, two years ago, when he stabbed himself in the back and stripped himself off every achievement, tossing the crown he earned after years of hard-work and sacrifices. Yet on that day he finally tasted freedom, escaping a never-ending loop of loneliness and disappointment. He did not forget the past, the past still part of himself and of whom he became nor did he regret his life-changing choices he made. The scars clinging to his skin, decorating the back and front of his hand and all the way to his wrist, would never allow him to forget.
With those memories still burning inside of him, he wanted to pay tribute to the old him, the old him who once had such big dreams and hopes, an untainted innocence and love for what the world had to offer. Seungwoo saved himself from the inevitable crash and even though he decided to never follow the same path again, his fingers would still itch and his heart would still skip a beat whenever he'd face the tool who gave birth to his passion for music: the piano.
He was standing in the spotlight once again, only him and the piano, the background noises like deafened once his fingertips caressed the keyboard, nostalgia enveloping him. Those who frequented the club were aware of the rare times the owner would play the most beautiful songs, accompanied by his own voice. It was a raw moment, live music with so much emotion despite the lack of any extra effects. Just one man, a microphone and a piano. It was enough. It used to be enough before the man got turned into a tool as well.
The few first notes had a great impact just like a child's first steps. The ones that followed were easier and done with more confidence and joy. Seungwoo's lips parted, his voice flowing as he hit every key, building up to the chorus of a famous soundtrack taken from a movie that left a great impression on him. " Towers of gold are still too little/ These hands could hold the world but it'll/ Never be enough."
As the song ended, his hands were shaking, a phantom pain spreading through his joints. His expression remained calm as he was showered in applauds and cheering. To some he was just a club owner who entertained his guests with performances but for those who knew him personally his plays would be bittersweet.
Seungwoo bowed before leaving the little stage in the center of the room. He headed straight to the bar, determined to drown his feelings with alcohol for the rest of the night. It was a celebration after all. " For the always enough." He mumbled, holding a toast on his own as he held a glass of strong liquor before downing it in one go, unaware of the man moving next to him.
Soohyuk 3 months ago
@Choi Yeonjun I look at my whiskey, already accustomed to the loud blaring sounds and (over the years as a model) have grown to block out the sounds. I finished the whiskey in hand and held out when the bartender came with the bottle and i gave him a small nod and smirks recognising him as the one that i had slept with a few nights before. "thanks baby" i said teasingly and chuckles at his flustered reaction. I sip on the newly refilled drink before raising a brow when i heard a voice and turns to look at the guy. "not interested" was all i said before turning back to my drink, hoping that the guy would just leave him alone.
Soohyuk 3 months ago
@Choi Yeonjun After a long week of photoshoot, I sigh as I got into the company van after changing back into my long sleeve turtle neck and skinny jeans. My manager brought me to my usual bar and went in since I already told my manager to make sure I dont have anything the day after so that I could drink and unwind. So, there I am now, sitting at the bar with a half filled glass of whiskey in my hand as i drink, ignoring the newcomer that sat a few seats from me.


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