↳ ℊameℛoom

 ℊaℳℯℛℴℴℳ ♂  don't play alone
1 - play pocky game together
2 - act like your favorite animal for more two rolls.
3 - roll again / you're safe
4 - play card game together
5 - start a conversation with a person that you never talked before
6 - do aegyo

1 - pocky game rules.
- find box of pocky
- take 1-5 pocky sticks
- you need to bite each end of the stick until you reach the middle
- when you reach the middle you need to leave less than 1cm
(the reason of the game is can you handle this without kissing for real)

2 - for example you choose kitty then you have to get on your four legs and keep doing what a real kitty should do for two rolls. So even if you roll other dice you need to do that ,but still keep playing as cat until your time is finished.

3 - choose . Roll again or do nothing and let your partner roll the dice. 

4 - card game rules.
- take 4-8 paper cards
- you need to use your mouth to pick one up and then give to other person
- your partner needs to use his mouth to get it from you and place it on the table
- if you blow cards on the floor and not the table you need to start over until you place all ten cards on the table
(the reason for the game is team work and accidental kisses huhu)

5 - you can use walls and use a normal not one liner conversation with some stranger.

6 - because I couldn't think of anything. so just be cute.

1 - give a person who rolled before you a y dance.
2 - take off one clothing
3 - tell a dirty story with one of your kinks.
4 - roll again / you're safe
5 - tell a dirty secret of yours in confession room without using anon.
6 - his /tongue/spine/thigh.

1 - can be any kind of y dance, lap dance counts too.

2 - yup yup slowly undress yourself.

3 - no one liner. a normal detailed story with one of your kinks ,maybe someone will get hard by it?/smacked

4 - choose . Roll again or do nothing and let your partner roll the dice. 

5 - make everyone blush because of your naughty naughty mind.

6 - your playing partner's one of named body parts.

1. try to make your partner hard in ten minutes by making noises with your mouth and touching yourself.
2 - leave five hickeys on your partner's thigh.
3 - place two small chocolate pieces on your partner, wait until it will melt and it all off.
4 - dress as a teacher, student, nurse, policeman or other outfit that can make your partner go wild.
5 - do whatever your partner asks for.
6 - give your partner a .

1 - you can't touch your partner only make noises and touch yourself if that helps you. it's for ten minutes.
(ten minutes to wait until you hump each other)

2 - simply as that. make them moan and groan and want for more.

3 - well it's simple. you can put ANYWHERE you want /shot

4 - ...maybe...a little...

5 - your partner orders you what you need to do.

6 - be passionate about it /smacked.

Yongguk 1 week ago
@Xie Hexian /catches it and hurries to set it on the table/
Oof. Last one.
/brings a card close to your mouth, standing and bending his back this time to be close to the table/
Xie Hexian 1 week ago
@Yongguk Stop falling so I can be done with this~!
/chuckles, shaking my head a bit at you and takes the car back to my lips then leans back to for you catch it
Yongguk 1 week ago
@Xie Hexian Ready.
/is not. Barely the air strong enough to hold the card and bumps with your lips when the card falls in between, laughing/
Sorry for accidently almost smooching you. I'm such a bad starfish.
/chuckles and picks the card for you/
/clears his throat, trying to not laugh this time, leaning very close to catch it as soon as possible/
Xie Hexian 1 week ago
@Yongguk /watches you carry on the card with an amused expression, quietly chuckling to myself as you used me to get up
Yes we can do two more.
/takes another card and goes to you
/pressed the flat side to my lips once again and presses it to your lips
Yongguk 1 week ago
@Xie Hexian /gasps instead of laughing holding the card and suddenly panicking to reach the table/
/forgets about being a starfish and uses you as a support to get up and stumbles to the table/
That was so risky. And we have to do 10? I don't think I could so well for so long if it's card we're talking about. /chuckles
Can we do 3 and consider it a success?
Xie Hexian 1 week ago
@Yongguk card*
Xie Hexian 1 week ago
@Yongguk /drops it when you began to laugh
What?! Don't make me laugh then and you stop laughing--
/ the flat surface again and gets close to you, try to do this right to transfer the car over to you
Yongguk 1 week ago
@Xie Hexian /can't help but break the starfish act to laugh at the way you the card and leans in to capture it but doesn't hard enough, laughing/
Okay, don't let it go before you feel me.
/gets close enough to touch the crd on his side and attempts it off from your lips/
Xie Hexian 1 week ago
@Yongguk /drop the card into my hands and gets on my knees to you
Alright alright fishy
/ in on the card to keep it to my lips and moves forward to you
Yongguk 1 week ago
@Xie Hexian /laughs/
I think you have to mouth that card to me as a starfish.
/sits up, arms lifted on the sides and gapes his mouth like a fish
Feed it to me
Xie Hexian 1 week ago
@Yongguk I rollllled and we needs to play this game.
/finds and takes a few cards
get up starfish.
/places the flat side to my lips
Yongguk 1 week ago
@Xie Hexian You just have to roll dice and see what number you get, and do the matching dare.
I gor 2 so I'm imitating my favorite animal for 2 rounds.
Roll dice, roll dice.
Xie Hexian 1 week ago
@Yongguk so... we need few cards...
Xie Hexian 1 week ago
* rolls dice * gets a 4
Xie Hexian 1 week ago
/blinks watching you sprawling on floor
what animal is that?
/chuckles and rolls, shaking his head
Yongguk 1 week ago
@Xie Hexian YASSS
/lays on the floor arms and legs apart, smiling goofily
Your turn.
[post deleted by owner]
Yongguk 1 week ago
* rolls dice * gets a 2
Yongguk 1 week ago
@Xie Hexian /squints.
Okay I'll be a nice chaperone and I'll roll first
Xie Hexian 1 week ago
@Yongguk /hums
... I'm also 29.
Yongguk 1 week ago
@Xie Hexian We could go for the soft one, just to say we did it.
I'm 29, the youngest rolls first.
Xie Hexian 1 week ago
@Yongguk haha yes yes I see.
Which one do you want to play?
Yongguk 1 week ago
@Xie Hexian Tada! There's this place!
Sungjin 2 months ago
@Hyungseok So number 1 I get and I was tempted to do the dance but I believe it would end up being funny rather than y having in mind how bad I am at that.
So, will start with the innocent one.
/reaches towards the box with the pockys that was displayed in the table and takes one out, holding one of the ends in between my lips and waits for you to get the other one.
Sungjin 2 months ago
* rolls dice * gets a 1
Sungjin 2 months ago
@Hyungseok I was planning that tho.
/hums and gulps mine as well, grimacing a bit and reaches for the dice
Let's start then..
Hyungseok 2 months ago
@Sungjin /takes the glass and listens carefully, actually liking the idea
you start though...
/I say with a grin, lifting my glass up and gulps down my drink, cursing a little
Sungjin 2 months ago
@Hyungseok /presses his lips together in a straight line as he eyes the board before reaching for the bottle you brought and pours the liquid in both glasses.
Lets sum them up. Roll and pick one but have in mind that we can't do the same thing twice. Like, I get the number 1 and do the innocent one. If next round I get the same number, I can't play the innocent one. Is that ok?
/raises a glass to you so we can chug them down before starting.
Hyungseok 2 months ago
@Sungjin I don't know you tell me...
you started it
/takes a seat by your side and watches the board
Sungjin 2 months ago
@Hyungseok You and a bottle of tequila. How could i say no to that?
/goes to grab us two glasses before returning to yoir side
So, each one do you wnat to play?


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Pika-boo 6 hours ago
hyungseok is taking his leave
please don't delete him though cause I might comeback
PrincessLilith 1 week ago
Can you reserve Heechul for me please? ^-^
credence 1 week ago
can i have stray kids hwang hyunjin?
taneejj 1 week ago
Can you add and reserve NCT Taeil, please?
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can you add and reserve Jongin please?
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can you add and reserve Yixing, please
recyclebin 3 weeks ago
jehyun's official group name has been announced, it's 1team. :)
Pika-boo 4 weeks ago
Can you add and reserve yang yoseob
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Can i reserve infinite Sungjong please
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can i have cha eunwoo?
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