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the GaRDEN
GET YOUR SHOVELS AND PITCHFORKS READY! Go for a frolic through the garden for any random occasion.. don't actually bring any gardening tools- the garden is maintained by Mark, so if you damage anything, I might hurt you.
yang jeongin 10 months ago
runs around making sure not to step on the flowers
song mino [A] 1 year ago
last day to participate in the DP Halloweenie Costume event is tomorrow!!!
song jjang dahye 2 years ago
@ahn hyejin () it's alright, dear. I was getting ready for the shower and sleep as well <3 please take care of yourself, honey!
ahn hyejin 2 years ago
@jang dahye () we gonna continue tomorrow okay? I dont feel well right now, sorry boo <'3
ahn hyejin 2 years ago
@jang dahye /glancing up at you and cracks a bright smile while nodding my head/ yeah you look fabulous, no prob, bae
/starts panicking to be honest when I dont see the nuggets but waits patiently for you and sighs in ing relief when I see then, puts my hand dramatically on my chest and shakes my head/ you have them, thank god, yaaaaay ah right!
/wrinkles my nose and thinks for a while before furrowing my eyebrows/ but wait, when are you the winner? if I get rid of all of my cards?
song jjang dahye 2 years ago
@ahn hyejin /takes the flower and puts it behind my ear, smiling at you. I look amazing, don't i? but thank you for the flower, it's really pretty.
/hums as I think about the nuggets and starts looking for it in my bag only to put it between us along with the dips. I have it! But before we start eating we should think of a game first?
/tilts my head as you say that you are not good in explaining. I bet you know mau mau, it's the one where you have cards and you have to get rid of all of them in your hand and when you have one in your hand left you say mau and when you have none, you say mau mau -
ahn hyejin 2 years ago
@jang dahye /keeps looking around and chuckles to myself, leans over some flower and takes it, smiling while give it to you/ it suits your eyes
ahhh yeah we need to watch out of them, anyway, you got the nuggets or I have in my bag?
/turns around and checks it out, meanwhile grabbing the cards from you and sighs when I see no food in my bag/ maybe you have it?
and what? do I know any games? I know plenty of games but Im not good with explaining rules to someone actually, mau mau? what is it? shiet, do you know any other game then?
song jjang dahye 2 years ago
@ahn hyejin /follows you as you are leading me towards a place and nods, helping you to put the blanket on the grass before sliding my shoes off my feet and sits down.
The weather is beautiful today.. only the bees are not that beautiful.
/heaves a sigh as I fish cards out of my bag, holding it in front of you as a flash a wide grin, nodding firmly.
I always have cards with me, even though I am not good in playing cards and barely know a card game. Is there a game that you'd like to play? I know Mau mau but i forgot the rules already.
ahn hyejin 2 years ago
@jang dahye /brushing some of my hair from my face when I hold the blanket and stops walking when I see the right spot/
come on its beautiful over here, lets relax in here
/smiles softly before putting the blanket on the grass and sits down, taking off my shoes and stays in socks, crossing my legs and looks at you, putting the things aside/
do you perhaps have cards with you? we could play something
song jjang dahye 2 years ago
@ahn hyejin [] okey dokey, honey < 3
ahn hyejin 2 years ago
@jang dahye () t ags yo, gibbe me a few minutes and I give you a starter baby boo <3
kim mihyun 2 years ago
han sanghyuk 3 years ago
@kim jinhwan *chuckles softly and shake my head*
I have no reason to want to kill you, Jinhwan. And if there was ever a reason bad enough for me to want to kill you... Mmmm... it wouldn't happen. I would talk it out with you before it gets too far.
*squeezes your hand gently, humming softly at your comment*
No ... the only reason I would give you flowers it is to celebrate something or simply to remind you that I love you.
*smiles brightly and nods my head gently*
I will. I'll gladly tell you everything you want to know... well everything that I know that is.
*happy that I found something that you might enjoy drinking, I kiss you softly when you press your lips against mine and pat your bum as you go only to come find you moments later with our drinks in hand. Sitting down in front of you, I tilt my head, my eyes searching your facial features silently as seconds tics by before I finally decide to speak*
You ... you're simply amazing you know that? There was something I was going to ask you but the moment I sat down and looked at you, I forgot what it was and lost myself in your eyes...
kim jinhwan 3 years ago
@han sanghyuk [ sh ] *laughs softly at the expression on your face, shaking my head*
Hmm... Well... You have no reason to want to kill me... right?
*snorts softly as I continue shaking my head at the thought*
At least I sure hope there aren't any bad reasons for you to give me flowers-
Hmm... Will you tell me all about flowers on our walk?
*smiles as I turn to you, watching you order our drinks, my lips at the drink you had ordered for me*
Mmm... That sounds really good baby...
*mumbles softly before nodding and pressing my lips against yours once more*
Alright... I'll see you soon baby... *chuckles softly as I slip away to go find a seat, finding one without much trouble*
han sanghyuk 3 years ago
@kim jinhwan *a look of surprise passes on my face at your explanation*
So you mean to say that if I had gotten you flowers before now, you would have thought that I was planning your demise?
*chuckles softly* Buut.... I guess it depends which flowers you get but then again it depends on the circumstance under which you receive said flowers.
*nods my head a little*
I like that plan. I was thinking we could do that after we get coffee. The garden is not so far from here and it's a perfect time to go for a walk.
*the sensation of your lips on my jawline makes me smile brightly, loving the soft loving touch*
Alright ... Let's see ...
*Looks at the menu until we get to the register*
I'll take one extra-large caramel mochaccino and a Strawberry Lemon tea with a little bit of milk. Thanks.
*Orders, before disentangling myself from you to reach for my wallet in my back pocket and paying for both.*
Wanna go find a seat? I'll bring our orders to the table... *says softly looking at you with a smile*
kim jinhwan 3 years ago
@han sanghyuk [ sh ] *smiles and looks up at you when you squeeze my hand*
Someone told me once that flowers meant that someone was going to kill you... So I didn't really like them much. They said that flowers meant that "Hey... I cut these flowers... and once they die, you're next."
I like your version better... I actually want flowers now... We can sit around and just, look at flowers and you can tell me what they mean...
*hums softly as I turn my head to look at you, pressing a gentle kiss on your jawline*
I like all kinds of tea... Fruit tea... plain teas... herbal teas... flavored tea... All tea.
And I drink it however... You can pick whatever and I'll enjoy it, love
han sanghyuk 3 years ago
@kim jinhwan *my hand gives you tiny little squeeze as I feel your energy surging, finding you extremely adorable at your excitement and the little hums of tunes your doing*
Maybe I'll get you flowers one day so I can tell you what they mean. You might enjoy them more when you know that they mean. Once flowers become something more than just a beautiful thing but you get to know their meaning becomes so much more pleasant than a simple gift...
*listening to you asking me to choose for you, I stay looking at the menu for the flavors that they have, wondering what you might like*
Mmm ... I don't know what you normally drink baby ... do you like tea with flavors like peppermint tea or raspberry tea or lemon tea or do you prefer something more ... normal like ... oolong or black tea?
*stays quiet for a moment, turning to look at you*
I just realized that I don't know how you take you tea... How do you like your tea?
kim jinhwan 3 years ago
@han sanghyuk [ sh ] *I listen to you as we walk, nodding slightly as you talk, loving just talking to you about whatever is in front of us. Although we spend so much time together, just being outside with you, experiencing life with you, and just spending time with you me to the point that I'm practically bouncing around next to you, humming happy tunes softly*
Hmm.. Flowers aren't something I really payed attention to before. I just thought of them as pretty things to look at and to smell... I didn't think that they'd have deeper meanings... They sound so much more appealing to me now.
*I slip into the cafe, happily surprised by your back hug, my heart racing at the fact that you knew that I didn't drink coffee and instead preferred tea*
Mhm... I want tea... Will you choose one for me? Everything just sounds so good right now...
han sanghyuk 3 years ago
@kim jinhwan *feeling the weight of your head on my shoulder and the spring in your step, I know I made you happy when the simple fact of asking you on a date, but this is as much for me as it is for you. I want to spend time with you outside... to show you to the world and present you as my boyfriend... I want everyone to know.*
Oh well.... it depends on which flower you are talking about because each kind has also a different meaning with different colors. So ...uhm ... let's take the rose. Surely you know the Red Roses means Passion, Pink Rose mean love, White Roses mean innocence... and so on and so forth. So when you offer someone a bouquet of flower, you have to be careful of the message you want to convey.
*speak quietly like that until we reach the café, opening the door for you and following after you stepped in to stand in line. placing myself behind you, I wrap my arms around your shoulders in a back hug, kissing the top of your head softly*
Is there something that you would like? You mostly drink tea, right?
kim jinhwan 3 years ago
@han sanghyuk [ sh ] *hums softly as I lean my head against your shoulder as we walk, a bounce in my step, happy just to listen to you talk and to just be outside with you*
Hmm... I've heard of that but I never heard which ones meant what...
*looks up at you, with a smile plastered on my face, my head tilted off to the side curiously*
han sanghyuk 3 years ago
@kim jinhwan *walking hand in hand with you, I can't keep the smile off my face as I speak with you softly about random things*
Did you know that flowers and their colors all have meanings behind them?
I was walking towards one of the small café that was near the garden, fingers laced with yours, my heart doing somersaults each time I looked at you and you smiled at me*
choi hansol 3 years ago
pees on the trees
park jihyo 3 years ago
@jeon wonwoo only jihyo, or mama jihyo. my members call me that.
but you can call me whatever you like, if you feel like it.
//nods then chuckles.

[ oh it's alright. thanks as well. it's night here as well. you could just reply or tag me whenever c: goodnight! o/ ]
park jihyo 3 years ago
@jeon wonwoo /pouts childishly as i slouched. aw. too bad.
/laughs out loud at your gesture before shaking my head in amusement, finding it adorable.
wow. good for you then. /rolls my eyes before clapping my hands slowly.
i was just kidding wonwoo. i wasn't even planning on calling you that anyway.
/nods then chuckles.
park jihyo 3 years ago
@jeon wonwoo garden fairy- well, do you grant wishes? /chuckles then shakes my head.
how do you survive with eating only vegetables? /purses my lips a little.
and what is that supposed to mean, Mr. Jeon? /chuckles a bit as i looked at you.
then i shall make talkative always.
park jihyo 3 years ago
@jeon wonwoo /blinks at your sudden question as i looked at you then chuckles.
you must've noticed my silence.
/shakes my head, mentally slapping myself.
and wait- all? /my eyes widen a bit then snickers.
hmm, well you already know my name. i'm 19 years old.
i love to eat, which is quite obvious. but i'm not the best cook.
i'm a bit awkward towards other people but i can be very talkative.
/grins sheepishly then chuckles. that's what i can think of right now.
okay your turn. /nods then smiles.
park jihyo 3 years ago
@jeon wonwoo oh. /nods as a response as i tap my fingers in the bench, trying to think of a topic when i actually is just an awkward potato who doesn't know how to communicate with people.
park jihyo 3 years ago
@jeon wonwoo /sits beside you before tilting my head a little to the side.
hmm, fine i guess. mostly spent my day on sleeping or eating.
/chuckles then shakes my head.
and you? i hope it's better than mine.
mark yien tuan [A] 3 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 3


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For the 800 millionth time

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Also I cannot remember who I was here
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water and nature eue
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Dropping yeol
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baek is gone. thanks for having me!
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hoseok gun leave owo i dun post much
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