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doyoung 2 years ago
@cory /takes a quick sip of my coffee before stirring it around, looking back at you before I answer
With everyone our age wanting to emulate, I don’t actually stand out. My hair is black now so that helps—
/quirks a brow atvyiu as I start to take the top off my muffin to save it for later
There are other tall people, Cor.
/is now a little wary though that I might get spotted
taeil [sh] 2 years ago
@jaebum Mmhm. You’re the only one right for me.
/presses into your side as we get in line, my hand dipping into your back pocket possessively but keeps looking up at the menu
I think i want… french toast~ with powdered sugar and syrup for days
jaebum 2 years ago
@taeil [sh] That's why we're perfect together. We compliment each other
*follows you inside and stands in line with you, holding you close and humming in thought as I look up at the menu as well*
What are you having, babe? I'm in the mood for waffles
*nods my head, my lips lightly*
taeil [sh] 2 years ago
@jaebum Then I guess it’s a win win for us because your smile never fails to make me smile.
/smooches back with a small laugh as you set me down and i reach for your hand to lace our fingers, walking in when you open the door and looking back at you as you come beside me
/gets in line with you and i look up at the displayed menu
jaebum 2 years ago
@taeil [sh] I was going to say that I'm going to smile more for you but I'm always smiling thanks to you
*beams as soon as I see you and hugs you tightly, lifting you a bit as I smooch your lips before setting you down, nodding my head rapidly at the question*
*opens the door for you and motions for you to go in first*
After you, love~
doyoung 2 years ago
@cory /finally getting to the register, Dongyoung orders a medium regular coffee with french vanilla and a coffee cake muffin, paying with cash and taking my receipt before I move over to the side and wait for my things, looking over at you again and waving back when you do the same
/gets my order and I head to the back where you are, sitting and pushing my mask down with a grin
Hey Cory.
taeil [sh] 2 years ago
@jaebum (Oki)

/smiles sheepishly, hiding my face though I speak kind of muffled
Your smile does the same to me
/sees you in front of the building and i quickly hurry to you and I give you a big hug and I kiss on the cheek
Ready for breakfast?
jaebum 2 years ago
@taeil [sh] But you're cuter! Have I told you how much I love your smile? It makes me melt every time
*salutes you before I go and heads to the cafe once I'm done getting changed and everything, a dorky and excited grin on my face as I wait for you in front of the building*

(Decided to reply here^^)
doyoung 2 years ago
@cory /wearing a hat and a face mask, Dongyoung knew he didn’t stand out too much, especially now that he had a regular hair color for the time being
/standing in line to order his drink and maybe a pastry, he hoped he wasn’t too late, his head on a slight swivel to look for Cory, figuring he wouldn’t be too close to the windows and spotted him towards back
/since he wasn’t looking at him, Dongyoung didn’t wave, just making a mental note of where he was so when he got his purchases, he knew where to go
doyoung 2 years ago
@cory (Can I reply to this? But adding that they’re meeting up?)


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kimochi-ikiso 1 year ago
woo wonjae left, I am really happy that I applied here. Thank you for doing your best.
ruotianz 1 year ago
dinghao and jingzuo dipped ;;
flamingo 1 year ago
can i get kwon gyeongtae?
TaeKook 1 year ago
CAn I CC Jin to Haechan
gospel 1 year ago
gospel 4 weeks ago Reply All
mark tuan please? c:

? c:
ruotianz 1 year ago
slams fists
cAn I GeT a SEcOnd
hoitytoity [A] 1 year ago
gospel 1 year ago
mark tuan please? c:
babygirlx_ 1 year ago
a&r taeyong for me?
TaeKook 1 year ago
Can I CC pleas bot Seokjin and Hobi..To Jaehyun and Haechan of NCT
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