Wishlist ★


» You can only wish for 2 people! Or a whole band.
Example: I wish for Kyungsoo and Jonghyun OR for SEVENTEEN.

» You can include if you are looking for them to be  straight or gay or whatever but you don't have to.

» Please make sure the person you're wishing for isn't already there or someone else didn't already wish for them.
Look at the current wishlist and our members!

» If you change your mind, you can always wish for someone else. I'll just delete your first wish then.


Krystal wishes for:
Dean & Christian Yu

Jinyoung wishes for:

Gyuri wishes for:
TOP & G-Dragon

Taecyeon wishes for:
Son Jihyun & Q-Ri

Jaekyung wishes for:
Daniel Henney & Kim Hanbin

Name wishes for:
Name & Name

Name wishes for:
Name & Name
Do Hweji 2 years ago
awe frack I just saw a few people wish for Christian and Jackson. ;; I'll ask for
JRE from JREKML and Jay Park!
Do Hweji 2 years ago
Hweji wishes for Jackson Wang and Christian Yu! <3
Joo 2 years ago
We need an active Yu Barom asap. Also if it hasn't been said we need Taemin, so I can fulfill my dream of having a Kai x Taemin x Me anytime soon. Also Kim Soohyun, Seo Inguk and Lucas from NCT U, please.
Kim Jaekyung 2 years ago
@Jinyoung /Chokes slightly, only to yelp and feel embarrassed and hella horrible./
I'm so so so sorry ;; I did read everything legit- before joining and forgot when I got thirsty /sighs/
Jinyoung [A] 2 years ago
Jinyoung [A] 2 years ago
@Kim Jaekyung someone did not read the rules :P
*smacks your *
Kim Jaekyung 2 years ago
Daniel Henney, Kim Hanbin, Park Hyungsik, Seo Kangjoon, Lee Jongsuk, Mark Tuan & Jackson Wang.
Taecyeon 2 years ago
son jihyun and qri pls.
Gyuri  2 years ago
Choi Seunghyun (aka TOP) and Kwon Jiyong (aka G-dragon)
Krystal  2 years ago
dean and christian yu!


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_climax 7 months ago
Definitely missing this place & all who were a part of it. I hope you’re all doing well.
Jin_Young [A] 1 year ago
I still look at this place once in a while. It was a crazy time back then and I'm still surprised how big it got. Now it has over a million views and is the most viewed rated RP on this page (the second most only has 128k :O). Thanks to everyone who was here and maybe still checks in once in a while. Met so many great people here <3
bebwiboo 1 year ago
I miss this place, and everyone I ever met and knew here.

-- Mirror Prince, Jeongmin.
hanabira 1 year ago
holy that's literally a million views wtf
JoanOFarc 2 years ago
Hii can I request for CLC's Sungyeon please
pinkcrayon 2 years ago
Jaehyuk left
ce2b55b1a4197a4440c7 2 years ago
mind reactivating the old Kris if he's still around?
yoonjinhyo 2 years ago
Can you add Jay Park? Thanks :)
7aca3d8ccd887965bd20 2 years ago
mind adding Lee taeyong for me? thanks.
xX-MyouiShin-Xx 2 years ago
Can you add Wooyoung for me pls ?
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