le donut shop
tyas ! welcome to the donut the donuts. don't steal the donuts please, eunhyuk has to pay a lot if you steal.
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
*slowly begins to eat all the donuts.*
*Frowns a little bit when they all disappear too.*
Well that's a lot.
Let's go now.
*gets up before leaving.*
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
*Slowly and carefully eats the donut.*
*Frowns unhappily when its gone.*
*gets up and orders a dozen donuts.*
*sits down with my box.*
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
*gets up and goes to buy another donut.*
Hopefully this will last!
*goes and sits down before beggining to eat again.*
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
*Gets another nice looking donut.*
*Sits down and starts eating.*
*pouts when I finish that donut as well.*
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
*Happily enjoys my doughnut, stuffing my face.*
*gets down after a bit.*
*Goes and orders another doughnut.*
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
*Goes in and gets a nice rainbow doughnut with rainbow sprinkles and skips to a table.*
*sits down and starts eating it.*
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ricky 4 years ago
@cutiejae It really looks like it was fun to make~
Were those love confessions real?
*asks while blinking curiously at you*
*gives you a sweet and small smile*
You will when you find someone special~ I'm sure they'd love it
*grins and thanks you before entering the store, sighing happily at how warm it is inside*
Now lets find nice coats for both of us~
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@ricky It was.
It was a great fun to make as well.
I really hope that I oculd actually get to sing it to someone one day.
*smiles at you.*
Oh, thank you very much~
*Nods my head.*
*when we get there makes sure you get in first.*
ricky 4 years ago
@cutiejae Confession song is even sweeter, Youngjae~
The video is so silly yet so endearing...I felt so moved while watching it
*giggles silently as I feel my cheeks heat up slightly as I talk*
Congratulations on that song by the way
*nods and moves a bit closer to you*
Lets go~
*smiles as I walk with you towards the nearest nice clothing store*

(Speaking of clothes, you should make a mall room~)
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@ricky It is. Oh, thank you.
*Smiles and bows my head.*
It is. I would be too to be honest...its like adorable.
Have you heard of the one that was just released a bit ago? Confession song?
Now that has a really pretty meaning as well.
*Shivers a little and laughs as we get outside.*
Lets hurry up and go to the next place then, yeah?
*Wraps an arm around your shoulder.*
ricky 4 years ago
@cutiejae Ah yes~ It is so colorful! You look very cute in that music video, Youngjae
The meaning is the best thing about it. It is a very pretty song~ I'd be touched if someone sang something like that to me
*nods after saying that and smiles imagining it*
*walks out of the shop with you and grins softly when I feel the cold breeze against my face*
Its cold~
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@ricky WEll, thats good to hear.
*Smiles at you.*
I guess thats true. Just right was fun to record really. I love the meaning behind it too.
*Stands up as well.*
*nods my head, humming softly.*
Yeah, lets go then~
ricky 4 years ago
@cutiejae Yes, really
*laughs too and nods in agreement*
Yeah, it is pretty different but awesome. I also like Just Right. It is a very sweet song
*gives you a wide smile before getting up*
It sure does~
*takes our tray and puts it away*
Shall we go now?
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@ricky Oh really?
*Smiles and raises an eyebrow.*
Thats good to hear.
*Laughs softly.*
Its quiet different from our other songs I feel at times.
But it is a good song if I say so myself.
*Nods my head slowly.*
The hard work deffinetly pays off as well.
Yeah. I'm done.
ricky 4 years ago
@cutiejae *giggles and shakes my head*
No~ I think all of you are equally handsome
*nods at my own words and smiles back at you*
Yeah, it is a great song. I listen to it a lot these days
*bows my head slightly in appreciation*
Thank you so much. We work very hard
*leans back on my seat*
Are you done with your ramen?
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@ricky *LAughs and smiles at you.*
THough a lot of them are way more handsome than the others I feel like.
*bites my cheek gently.*
OH really? It was that good of a song?
*laughs soflty and hums.*
Oh nice. Teen Top is a great band as well.
*gives you a thumbs up.*
ricky 4 years ago
@cutiejae Its just the truth~ You guys are all very handsome. I get excited...
*smiles shyly then nods rapidly*
Yes! It is my favorite comeback of yours so far
*nods grinning and finally finishes my ramen*
Yes, Teen Top~ Ah, I love my group so much
*smiles to myself remembering the members as I look out the window*
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@ricky *smiles and nods my head.*
Yeah, we do. Thats really cool.
*Gives you an eyesmile.*
Ah yeah. Thank you.
*Bows my head.*
Uh....If you do?
You're from Teen Top correct?
ricky 4 years ago
@cutiejae *nods slowly and stares at you as you speak*
Ah, I see~ We have a lot in common then, Youngjae
*smiles wide and continues eating when you finish*
Your band is got7, right? You guys are so cool~
I absolutely love your last song!
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@ricky Okay! Cool! It sounds like a plan then!
*hums and eats somemore.*
*nods my head.*
Eating is a nice thing to do.
*Smiles at you.*
THat is really coool.
Uh me? Well I like singing, playign with animals like you, I love creating friends and hanging with them. I also like making people smile like you do. ANd just like having fun.
*Smiles and shrugs my shoulders.*
ricky 4 years ago
@cutiejae Really? Awesome lets do it then~
*smiles excitedly as I eat*
*blinks once before looking at you*
My favorite things to do? Well...I like eating
*giggles slightly*
Dancing, interacting with my fans, playing with animals, spending time with my friends and making people smile. Just normal things
*nods then looks at you with curious eyes*
What about you?
choi youngjae [A] 4 years ago
@ricky *Smiles and nods my head.*
THat sounds like a really good plan!
*Eats the ramen silently for a while.*
So....uh... what are some of your favorite things to do?
*Looks at you.*


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