〈 History: Part II 〉

кσтαяσυ'ѕ нιѕтσяу ραят II

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Many years later after Kotarou’s founding, a large area of the plains near the Magnetic Ocean - including the site of the Excelsior HQ - is ripped away from the ground and becomes suspended in the sky. A station is made below the floating landmass to serve as a ferry to the island, using flying Pokemon as transport. The homes and workstations of many researchers are built upon the island, and the Excelsior Organization quickly asserts itself as the law of the island, serving to make sure no crime or foul play occurs under their watch. Researchers on the floating island discover that magnetic properties are what is keeping it aloft, and after some discussion, the island is named 'Magnegraviam'. The island's buildings are almost all research based, and multiple other facilities have been built such as libraries and colleges. All scientists that come to Magnegraviam are sworn into the Excelsior Organization which now is composed of police, scientist, and trainers.  In due time, the city becomes known far and wide as a city of learning, research and education underneath the Excelsior Organization’s guidance. In Magnegraviam, behind closed doors, researchers develop a special food known as the 'SP Berry', a genetically enhanced berry that enhances the abilities of a Pokemon whilst allowing it to stay in its current form. Not too long after, researchers found multicoloured crystals beneath the sea near Boatswain's Beach possess the unique ability to modify a Pokemon's elemental affinities. Samples of the crystals are promptly plucked out of the ground and copies are subsequently manufactured, branded as 'Delta Crystals'. Yet both of these products were kept a secret and unavailable to the public to much dismay. Pokémon trainers throughout the region were appalled. But nothing set them over than hearing the Magegrviam’s next project.


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