big bang dorm
title is pretty self explainatory. so just go crazy, have fun, jump around, and enjoy your dorm.
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shining17 3 years ago
Jeonghan is leaving
chankyu10 3 years ago
Takuya is leaving.
Wonwoo95 4 years ago
Can you add seventeen's wonwoo?
shining17 4 years ago
Can you add Seventeen's Jeonghan please?
black_jack_91 4 years ago
Donghae left, sorry :(
Littledong 4 years ago
Hello. Can I please reserve taehyung?
pinkbabyfaery 4 years ago
Can you add and reserve nct's Doyoung please?
turtleneckweather 4 years ago
please add and reserve got7's jb for me!! thank you :-)
[comment deleted by owner]
hanahana 4 years ago
yoo youngjae left. sorry >.< thank you though ^^
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