〈 History: Part III 〉

кσтαяσυ'ѕ нιѕтσяу ραят III

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Scientist begin research on a new type of Pokeball that acts as a Master Ball, instantly capturing its target, but with an added feature - enhancement of the Pokemon's overall combat capabilities It is nicknamed the 'Darkball', due to its ability to capture trainer’s pokemon as well. Upon hearing this news, the number of trainers rapidly decreased as many began to move to the other regions. The Darkball was the Excelsior Organization’s threat to all trainers who disobeyed their orders. But it went above and beyond that; the founder of the Excelsior Organization had long been searching for Enyuu and Pandur. His plan was to capture all the pokemon on the island, genetically enhance them, and track down the divine beings. His plan was put to a rest when a spy within Magegrviam destroyed all the Darkballs, along with any information about the creation. Handuff, the creator, was horrified. In blind rage, he had his enhanced Pokémon slaughter almost all of his own men in a frantic search for the traitor.  But he had long escaped. Handuff, beyond consultation, went off to find Enyuu and Pandur with the Pokémon he captured. No one has heard anything from him since. With the abrupt fall of the Excelsior Organization many trainers again returned to the Pokemon capital. The city yet again flourished, leaving Magegrviam in ruins. Yet in the shadows, there is word that Handuff’s son, Myungsoo, is among the other trainers, using the berries and crystals to enhance his own Pokémon. It is said that he does not want to find Enyuu and Pandur, but rather, genetically enhance Pokémon. He believes that trainers treat Pokémon like tools, not partners such as his father did. He plans to empower Pokémon and urges them to break free of their trainer’s rule.  Some say that you can find him in Magegryiam, surrounded by the beings and that he is always looking for new recruits.




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