↠ Ⓢnowboarding trip



who's that boy

that's looking

back at me


Lee Seonghwa H 1 year ago
@Yongguk *sniffs as my nose is a light pink from the coldmess of the place. Pats my gloved hands together as i walk ahead of you, my feet going deep in the snow. Blinks as i turn to you wondering what you were talking about, though soon thats answered seeing the snowball created in your hand*
Yah! Dont you dare!i swear imma make you regret it!
*states loudly as i shuffle faster through the snow trying to make my way to the chalet fast enough which is not too fast, not able to walk that good through the snow. Though ends up stumbling down at the end, down on the snow, causing me to laugh. Quickly scoops up some snow as i form it onto ball. Shuffles back onto my feet as i throw the ball on your direction*
Hurry or youre gonna freeze Fennekin!
nobody [A] 2 years ago


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pisspuppy 2 days ago
is taehyung of bts avail?
LalalalandofJungkook 4 days ago
Err Park Jimin of BTS
Kyoongiepods 1 week ago
Can I....or am i allowed to grab a second? uwu
buffalosauce 1 week ago
Could I please grab a second?
edamame 1 week ago
johnnys_coffee 1 week ago
Excuse me
babydiino 1 week ago
WinterBabyAFF 2 weeks ago
Can I get Heechul?
buffalosauce 2 weeks ago
May I please join as Che Huixuan? :')
scraps 2 weeks ago
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