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A place where you can talk about eeal life or things that are meant to be out of character. Please don't create drama here.
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woohyun [A] 2 months ago
things are not well. i’m literally being ed over by my own family
[post deleted by owner]
baekhyun ( sh ) 3 months ago
Let me just sleep here~
jinki [A] 5 months ago
@hoseok ( sh ) we're here for you bb < 3
jinki [A] 5 months ago
hate for what ?
woohyun [A] 5 months ago
i seriously hate when people treat me poorly. i’m so tired of it
hoseok ( h ) 5 months ago
something is seriously wrong in this house and i can feel it
woohyun [A] 5 months ago
please take care, hun. let us know if you need anything
hoseok ( h ) 5 months ago
i need to take a semi hiatus for personal reasons
seokjin [A] 5 months ago
is there any way I can properly distract you?
hoseok ( h ) 5 months ago
don't apologize
seokjin [A] 5 months ago
heh sorry-
hoseok ( h ) 5 months ago
seokjin [A] 5 months ago
twerks for distraction
hoseok ( h ) 5 months ago
someone please distract me
hoseok ( h ) 5 months ago
i gotta get out of this house man
dohyeong [A] 5 months ago
Welcome back o/
I'm glad you're doing better!
hoseok ( h ) 5 months ago
low key went on vacation and forgot to tell anyone about it,,, but i’m back now and doing way better !!
woohyun [A] 5 months ago
i’m sorry i havent been good enough. i’ve disappointed the people here and in real life. i’ve been unlikable and I really had potential but I failed. you guys.. won’t have to.. pretend for me anymore. i’m sorry.
woohyun [A] 5 months ago
maybe... its not worth it.. to do the shows anymore.. i mean, am i really needed? ha..
woohyun [A] 5 months ago
i.. feel so worthless right now. and the only thing holdin me back from..
is the fact that i have to do 3 more shows
dongwoo [A] 5 months ago
@jinki @hoseok Thank you both, that means a lot.
I'll be okay, just needed to get that out; I'm fine now~
jinki [A] 5 months ago
@dongwoo ( h ) i understand this completely bb, you ain't alone
i love you
hoseok ( h ) 5 months ago
@dongwoo ( h ) hey you can always vent to me if you need someone to listen and respond
dongwoo [A] 5 months ago
You wanna know what's great about having a "laugh to keep from crying" personality?
Nobody ing believes anything is wrong with you :D
They're like "You're too happy to have depression. Stop seeking attention and let people with actual problems get help"
And I'm here like "Happy where? I'm just a damn good actress. You don't know about what's going on in my head, so shut the up, thanks."
But still, no one believes anything I say because I'm a cheery person.
I'm a "cheery" person because I hate seeing others upset and do my best to joke around and make their day.
I'm a "cheery" person because I hate looking at myself in the mirror and want to feel something nice, so I project how I wish I felt about myself onto other people.
I'm a "cheery" person because what good is crying 24/7 going to do me?
I'm not the type that can get by like that; some people are, and power to them.
Cry away, and I'll hand you some tissues and little snacks afterward.
But if I cry, I don't stop, and then I feel worse.
So laughing it is.
It makes me hate myself a little less, so please don't take that from me because it's all I have.
If you wanna see the formal diagnosis and test results my psychiatrist gave me, I will gladly show you.
Not that it's any of your business, but whatever it takes to get you off my back, I guess.
This has been a very bad day for a lot of reasons, so I'm letting it out here because no one ever reads the posted in this room.
I'm done now
I'm gonna go and... I dunno, do some .
Don't know what .
Maybe go look at Mortal Kombat fatalities.
hoseok ( h ) 6 months ago
also have i ever said how much i hate the dog here? i can’t even use enough words to describe my hatred towards this animal
hoseok ( h ) 6 months ago
man the kid isn’t even here right now
hoseok ( h ) 6 months ago
my job is so ing weird man like the kid i babysit has an older sister and she is here arguing with her boyfriend on the phone and i can hear it
sanha 6 months ago
hiiii does anyone want to plot? we're open to plotting sfw or nsfw!! just pm us or @ me here and i'll pm you hehe
yoongi ( h ) 6 months ago
@woohyun You are wanted though


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hanselz 3 weeks ago
add josh cullen santos for me, please!
DoneWithYou 3 weeks ago
Insert mi
self-love 4 weeks ago
Y’all gay
lascivious 1 month ago
oh god, the memories --
warms me little, bitty heart to see you guys still up and running.
I may not be remembered, or even I remember much but this place
still has a very special place in my heart. Time has really wooshed, huh?
I probably sound like a granny lmao, I'm sorry ! just happy to see that one
of my favorite places is still up as I come back onto this site hah!
Mysterio 1 month ago
Um, may I join?
burgerkang 1 month ago
could I get kyungsoo back please
[comment deleted by owner]
[comment deleted by owner]
smilingdown 2 months ago
A/R Kim Jongdae please
lovelikeyeolxygen [A] 2 months ago

If you want your character back, just comment and we’ll re-accept you! If you need a hiatus, LET US KNOW!
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