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jisoo ( h ) 7 hours ago
can i get my wall cleared pls, ty
hoseok 6 days ago
i had such a weird ing day..
doyoung ( h ) 6 days ago
mood tho
i met this guy on tinder and we ed a few times before getting serious lmao
dohyeong 6 days ago
I wish I did :)
Nope, instead I ended up in bed with a guy I'd met hours earlier.
I'm a dumb lol
doyoung ( h ) 6 days ago
i secured a boyfriend
[post deleted by owner]
[post deleted by owner]
hoseok 1 week ago
i haven’t had in three years and that lack of human intimacy is actually ing killing me
jinwoo 1 week ago
please don't give up on yourself. you're so much better than your depression is telling you! I mean I don't know you very much, but I know depression and the lies it feeds one, and I know you were here empathising with me when I needed it. you are worthy and I wish for you to get better! and I think it would help you to get professional help. I don't know if therapy is available to you, but if not, there's online solutions! I know reaching out is hard, admitting you have trouble is hard. but it's worth it. you're worth it. I promise. you'll be happy you did it. I did it, and I'm getting better, it's a slow process with its ups and downs but I'm glad I started it. I hope you'll have the strength to start it too!
hoseok 2 weeks ago
i’m just gonna let my depression keep ing me ig
hoseok 2 weeks ago
i have work to do and people are counting on me to go and it’s getting to that point of no return (even though that was probably passed forever ago)
hoseok 2 weeks ago
i just feel so in awful
hoseok 2 weeks ago
the clock is ticking hhhh i’ve only gone to school once this week
hoseok 2 weeks ago
i need to get up
jinwoo 2 weeks ago
crampsss... today's not starting well
jinwoo 2 weeks ago

this is about an ongoing lawsuit, please don't jump to conclusions, but please help spread awareness, so the authorities will feel the pressure to reveal the truth!
jinwoo 2 weeks ago
I've just heard blackpink is coming to the Netherlands
but it's suuuper expensive
personally not a blink so am not gonna go
but idk whether I should be happy or no
on one hand --- yg realized we exist!
on the other hand people are speculating it might not sell out --- actually they are hoping it won't so maybe it'd be cheaper next time, but that might also mean there's be no next time... might also mean no other yg group would come here... and I'm dying to see winner and ikon ;;
dongwoo 2 weeks ago
This is why I'm basically lesbian.
these men gdi I hate em.
BTS and male kpop groups, in general, are the last thread of heterouality I have.
hoseok 2 weeks ago
men are
hoseok 2 weeks ago
also im so sorry woo
hoseok 2 weeks ago
im so out of it bc i cant get my meds since the gov't was shut down so literally nowhere has them in stock and i hate this a lot
dongwoo 2 weeks ago
Guys I wanna die of embarrassment
I was wearing a cute dress yesterday because it was warm for once, and some lifted my dress up and ran away
I had yet to do my laundry, so I wasn't wearing underwear, and like five people saw it and I wanna die
jinki [A] 2 weeks ago
hey uh, if anyone can find me a link of jonghyun's full picnic live with eng subs, i'd really appreciate that ty ♡
jinki [A] 2 weeks ago
ily bbs ♡
remember that you're never alone
jinwoo 2 weeks ago
you know I feel like people here on rpr share some personality traits
rather, we're here exactly because we're introverted. withdrawn but empathetic. and we all struggle with the problems that come with it.
it's kinda sad but also kinda nice to find like-minded company~
so ty Hoseok!
hoseok 2 weeks ago
theres no shame in that- i hope you feel better tomorrow
jinwoo 2 weeks ago
ok I think I'll just sleep and hope tomorrow gives me more energy and better mental state
I'm giving myself permission to do my reply tomorrow
hoseok 2 weeks ago
no i feel that so ing hard
jinwoo 2 weeks ago
I'm just rambling aren't I
jinwoo 2 weeks ago
he confides in me often, and he finds it easier to talk to people in person so he doesn't have many options and I kinda feel responsible, but that pressure is not nice, and also I've heard about this situation over and over as it evolved and now I just don't have anything to offer anymore and it's just exhausting to hear also because idk how to help >< and this week has just been really packed and I'm exhausted. I also have trouble sharing and I've shared about my stuff to him recently but there too he doesn't seem to get it when I say I don't wanna go into more detail. I know he's just worried but still.


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eudaimonia 13 hours ago
Christian has left. Thank you so much for putting up with me & for everything else! Luv ya
angrykiwi 19 hours ago
kihyun’s out, thanks for having me!
djinnamon 2 days ago
Can i reserve Lee Sungjong of Infinite pls
chlorine 6 days ago
gotta go
DarkxHeartxDisaster 1 week ago
Soohyuk will be leaving. I apologize for taking up the character omfg. OTL thanks for not just kicking me.
popsunshine 1 week ago
Seungri is back ^^
kookiesnmilk 1 week ago
can I get lee jihoon?
vanderlinde 1 week ago
jisoo and doyoung need the longest hiatus pls, im on break from rpr :<
chlorine 2 weeks ago
it's me, ya boi
self-love 2 weeks ago
Jungkook has taken his leave

Stay litty
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