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The Get Together Room
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sunggyu 2 hours ago
@The Rp Monitor Ah~ I see~
The Rp Monitor [A] 2 hours ago
@sunggyu maintenance
jongup 2 hours ago
@The Rp Monitor or a glitch?
sunggyu 2 hours ago
@The Rp Monitor maintenance?
jinki [A] 6 hours ago
@seoho i want to see you soon, darling
just wanna chit chat and cuddle uwu
jinki [A] 6 hours ago
xukun 2 hours ago Reply
hi to me gays

i actually laughed at this ndskNSKSK
yukhei 6 hours ago
@taeyong oh my god
okay baby
you sleep well!
goodnight, i love youuu
taeyong 6 hours ago
D O I THIN K HE 'S ----
Do you think im made of stone bro
yukhei 6 hours ago
@taeyong do you think i'm sessy? uwu
taeyong 6 hours ago
@yukhei Uh i have to wake up early tomorrow so i should get to sleep...
The "seduce your already whipped boyfriend" inbox and tags are always open :")
I love you so very mucho
Goodnight ♡
taeyong 6 hours ago
@yukhei Oof i am
Loving the necklace um
taeyong 6 hours ago
@yukhei A bit hawt a bit cute a bit of responsible father of my future children
You did it again, my babe
taeyong 6 hours ago
@yukhei Guess soo but my fav is you being the hubby material
Could watch all day :")
yukhei 7 hours ago
@taeyong baby no
sometimes i'm sessy uwu
taeyong 7 hours ago
@yukhei Xjnsbd you're always cute though Ha
yukhei 7 hours ago
@taeyong it is uwu
you were cute in today's video
taeyong 7 hours ago
@yukhei Gesp :o it me
yukwon 7 hours ago
yukhei 7 hours ago
@taeyong i'm back. are you still awake, baby?
taeyong 8 hours ago
@yukhei ooohhh.. okay, my bad.. uh. they're the best gossip girl couple um. the most badass ones--
oooh. you think uh, someone would just want to be a third one in the relationship? ehhh
/pouts a little when you mention the shower, pressing a soft kiss to your shoulder before i nod gently/
ahh oki.. have fun, pretty boy
seoho 8 hours ago
@jinki Goodnight baby ❤️
yukhei 8 hours ago
@taeyong I don't know who those two are but yes of course
The whole world be jealous of us
Don't know whether they wanna be with us or just us
/rubs your back, patting it before I step back a bit with another smile
I gotta go shower so I don't end up sleeping at 5am again but I'll be back soon
taeyong 8 hours ago
@yukhei /hums, nuzzling your shoulder slowly for a while before calming again, my arms just subtly squishing your frame before i chuckle once more/ ohh we make a very hot couple, I agree. Like those films where the two smart and cool ones get together... Like blair and chuck! no?
yukhei 8 hours ago
@taeyong /returns to stroking your hair, smiling to myself as I press my cheek against the top of your head
Yes but only according to you, baby
I'm your fellow slytherin with ravenclaw tendencies though, hmm?
Not to be that person but we make one seriously hot couple
xukun 8 hours ago
played ya
xukun 8 hours ago


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lascivious 4 days ago
oh god, the memories --
warms me little, bitty heart to see you guys still up and running.
I may not be remembered, or even I remember much but this place
still has a very special place in my heart. Time has really wooshed, huh?
I probably sound like a granny lmao, I'm sorry ! just happy to see that one
of my favorite places is still up as I come back onto this site hah!
Mysterio 1 week ago
Um, may I join?
pinkpanther 3 weeks ago
could I get kyungsoo back please
[comment deleted by owner]
[comment deleted by owner]
smilingdown 1 month ago
A/R Kim Jongdae please
lovelikeyeolxygen [A] 1 month ago

If you want your character back, just comment and we’ll re-accept you! If you need a hiatus, LET US KNOW!
unrevealed 1 month ago
keeping upvote and fav but johnny dipped
starstrckd 1 month ago
yo can I get ten?
jungshook 1 month ago
your boy needs a hella hiatus
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