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Wish Bucket
adminbot 2 wishes for an updated motherboard
xukun wishes for rest of nine percent (zhengting, linkai, yanjun), yixing, kris wu, yang yang (actor), lee jongsuk and lee junho
soohyuk wishes for hong jonghyun(!!!), eddie shin and kim woobin(!!!)
yukhei wishes for nct
daehyun wishes for the rest of b.a.p
xiao wishes for up10tion, knk, astro and imfact
dinghao wishes for bei honglin, jiang jingzuo, gao maotong, li ruotian, lin chaoze and qiu zhixie
zhengting wishes for nine percent, lin yanjun and zhou yanche
dohyeong wishes for plt

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kyuhyun 1 month ago
more SJ ... need to start world domination somewhere! ...Also a Siwon means I will be your personal cuddlebuddy for life.... that's a good deal, right?
hoseok ( sh ) 3 months ago
one whole boyfriend
dean 3 months ago
Someone to keep Dean company. A very clingy person, please.
yoongi (h) 4 months ago
Get me fanxyChild please. For the love of God if I get a Peno and /or a dean I will marry them right away.
Admin bot2 [A] 4 months ago
☆ updated ☆
dohyeong [A] 5 months ago
I need PLT here
Like, all of them
shuhei 8 months ago
Doberman infinity and the 62 kids of Exile Tribe
yuchan 8 months ago
the rest of a.c.e, the boyz, daniel henney, and rain
yukwon 8 months ago
how are you ?
zhengting 8 months ago
hi yukwon~! /smiles and waves
yukwon 8 months ago
hi zhengting
zhengting 8 months ago
pls talk to me :3
yukwon 8 months ago
the rest of block b (esp b-bomb and jaehyo), imfact (esp taeho and ungjae), hotshot (esp kimon and junhyuk), b.a.p (esp zelo), xeno-t (esp xero and hojoon), big bang (esp seungri and top), high4 (esp myunghan and youngjun), nu'est (esp jr and baekho), kim sangbae, kim juhyeon, song jaeho, choi sungmin, park sejoon, nissy, choi dongwook, kim hangil, and ryosuke yamada
zhengting 8 months ago
Can we have Lin Yanjun or Zhou Yanchen ❤
tul 8 months ago
My buddy Max, Nct, Got7
xukun ( h ) 8 months ago
I wish for someone to love me, death, jongsuk to be my sugar daddy and lee junho to judge me with his beautiful sculpture face
zhengting 8 months ago
@xukun I saw that we came in together xD
xukun ( h ) 8 months ago
@zhenting Your wish has come true :")
zhengting 8 months ago
Nine percent plz ❤
dinghao 9 months ago
bei honglin, jiang jingzuo, gao maotong, li ruotian, lin chaoze, qiu zhixie

snaps dramatically i love tangram thank you bye
Admin bot2 [A] 9 months ago
☆ updated ☆
xiao 9 months ago
My Up10tion hyungs, KNK, Astro and Imfact~
yun 9 months ago
Sam Carter :)
Admin bot2 [A] 9 months ago
☆ updated ☆
daehyun 9 months ago
Rest of bap
Admin bot2 [A] 9 months ago
☆ updated ☆
soohyuk (h) 9 months ago
I think it be nice to have Eddie Shin
jisoo 9 months ago
+sway d
taeyong 9 months ago
Dont nct pls
yukhei 9 months ago
ing nct pls


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smilax__ 14 hours ago
G g g g gimme choi youngjae please?
SweetCookie 1 day ago
Can i get Taeyong as a second pls
wrapperldh 1 day ago
Can I get
Hua Chenyu
As a second
TuMadre 2 days ago
uh, Hwang Hyunjin please
raingurl 3 days ago
Yoon Jeonghan pls
diormanboi 3 days ago
miku fukahori
Miothealien 3 days ago
can I have kim minseok from exo as second character?
jeonjungcock 3 days ago
can I have hiroto back unu
lovelikeyeolxygen [A] 3 days ago
If you want your character back, let us know!
BooJae- 6 days ago
can i ask for wong yukhei as my second please?
t'is i, the dibidibi to your dis
... its minho
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