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Request Room
do NOT have conversations in here because the requests get buried.

Q: what can i request?
A: room, name change, etc.

Q: how can i request?
A: post your request in this room. if you are requesting a room, be sure to include pictures.

price list
-personal room | 500 points
-room for whole rp | 200 points
-name change | 100 points
-other? | points announced upon request
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Admin bot2 [A] 5 months ago
@hoseok sure ! just link an image to me and i can get that up for ya
hoseok ( sh ) 5 months ago
i need a room please and thank you
yoongi (h) 5 months ago
@Admin bot4 Yes please!
Admin bot2 [A] 5 months ago
@yoongi (h) still want that room ?
yoongi (h) 6 months ago
Can I get a house---and put a mature rating on that er puh-leaseeee

dongwoo [A] 6 months ago
Can we get a store up real quick? o u o
changmin 7 months ago
Could I get my wall cleared please?
changmin 8 months ago
@Admin bot3 Thank you, I'll tag an admin when they're not busy :)
Admin bot3 8 months ago
@jeup I changed your name, next time you come, tag an admin to fix your tag
changmin 8 months ago
Can I please change to Ji Changmin from The Boyz?
Admin bot3 8 months ago
I dun diddly did everything in here except my plantum goddess...
chansung 9 months ago
A room for Minseok and Chansung please.


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Miothealien 1 day ago
Shownu from monsta X as second chara pls
xtokibabyzx 4 days ago
laybintao 1 week ago
can you add Minhyun?
byunhemian 1 week ago
Hi there can you add baekkie back ;) this is the former baekhyun
DaBadGirll 1 week ago
Hello can you please add Kim Namjoon back I am so sorry for being inactive I couldn’t figure out my email to recover my password :(
jageun 2 weeks ago
:O i haven’t been active. sorry! thanks for having me, though.
kakashi 2 weeks ago
dowoon from day6 please and thankies
self-love 2 weeks ago
I’m so proud of you bubbies

stay litty you bishes <3
MaleWifey 2 weeks ago
efferminity 2 weeks ago
hai, heathens :)) guess who?
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