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ForeverYearsOfUs 4 years ago
hyori left sorry
sunflowers 4 years ago
Wonho left. Sorry.
LaysChips 4 years ago
add and reserve Mingming
OptimusPrime 4 years ago
Jay left. Thanks for having me here!
threace 4 years ago
yuri left. thanks for having me here
cybele 4 years ago
Sera is leaving
pxssionfruit 4 years ago
Dannie Riel is leaving
taesty 4 years ago
left smh***
taesty 4 years ago
chen bcs not really active.
thanks for the stay, tho!
JungHyunki23 4 years ago
Sorry Miyavi had to leave just started a new job and I can't be as active as I'd like to be
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