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Ken 3 years ago
aaaaaaaaalll by my seeeeeeeeeellllfffffff
don't wanna be
hongbin 3 years ago
@leo Hyung, you looked thinner and it worries me a little, but I know that you can take care of yourself.
I love you and I miss you a lot. I hope i can come back sooner so that I can spend more time with you again...
hongbin 3 years ago

And ugh, you're so hot whenever you're wearing all black.
hongbin 3 years ago

Did you know that smile of yours keeps me going through the days. I'm happy that you're smiling more now.
hongbin 3 years ago
@leo I'm sorry for not being here much...
I miss you a lot so get ready for a spam-

This is so cute i- did you get the mask? Cuz I'd love to take more pictures of you wearing it.
TAO [A] 4 years ago
@Ken /smiles happily taking the napkin out of your hand/ Hm? Sowwy hyung i can't help it but I am very happy hyung.
Ken 4 years ago
@tao { CHAINED UP} you're welcome hehe *I grin and hand you also a extra clean napkin*
hey! No crying dongsaeng! I want to see my friends happy, not sad!
TAO [A] 4 years ago
@Ken /gasps as I happily accept the cake from you/ thank you soo much hyung! Hyung~~~ your too nice to me. Thank you for sharing your happiness with me! /tears up/ you mean kris? I definitely will!
Aww~ /wipes tears and smiles back/
Ken 4 years ago
@tao { CHAINED UP} I giggle as well and then magically give you a cake piece* for you, for being awesome and because well I had a special day and thought the best way to celebrate it was to share my happiness *I nod* also give some to mister eyebrow caterpillar, he's nice *I smile*
TAO [A] 4 years ago
@Ken /slows down my Twearking and wushu, Giggles at your adorkable attempt/
Ken 4 years ago
@tao { CHAINED UP} *I try to do the same, but can only wiggle my booty*
TAO [A] 4 years ago
@Ken good. /wipes our tears as I Tweark happily with a bit of wushu/
Ken 4 years ago
@tao { CHAINED UP} I know sempai *nods and as we tear up your masters blesses us both as he also twerked*
TAO [A] 4 years ago
@Ken Your welcome hyung~ / wiggles booty too hapily/ just telling the truth.
/tears up too from being proud/
Ken 4 years ago
@tao { CHAINED UP} I do? *I grin and wiggle my botty a little as I grin* thnk you sempai! *tears up a little*
TAO [A] 4 years ago
@Ken /puts my hand on your shoulder/ Hyung i think you'll surpass sempai because you've already got a nice booty.
Ken 4 years ago
@tao { CHAINED UP} I hope my booty can get as plump sempai *I nod with determination*
TAO [A] 4 years ago
@Ken /nods head/
yup I had the 2nd greatest booty in the gym next to our master.
Ken 4 years ago
@tao { CHAINED UP} ohhh *gasp again and nod*
he was a booty thirsty vampire!
TAO [A] 4 years ago
@Ken No i don't think so /shakes head/ he was always staring at our master like he was food so...could have been that reason.
Ken 4 years ago
@tao { CHAINED UP} ohhhhh *I open my eyes widen again and gasp* so it was a revenge !
TAO [A] 4 years ago
@Ken It was a guy who went to my wushu class a year ago. He quit because he was jealous of me because our master said I did better than him.
Ken 4 years ago
@tao { CHAINED UP} *I bite my fingernails as I listened as if it was some kind of horror story and nod as I gulp*
and who was it? *I gasp and widen my eyes*
TAO [A] 4 years ago
@Ken yup, i was walking home from wushu practice and the sun was going down slowly i was just minding my
own business, listening to some music passing alleyways like i usually do. And then suddenly i feel a hand on my booty, my reflexes reacted faster than my brain could and next thing i know he is on the ground and I'm holding my fist up. Luckily i wasn't coming home from drinking or i would have been too slow to react, so you must be alert at all times even if you pass a place 24/7, the creeps can be there anytime hyung.
Ken 4 years ago
@Irene *clings to your back and pout* sorry baby have not been here *I peck your lips*
Irene 4 years ago
@Ken Babe
Ken 4 years ago
@tao one booty creeper?
*I blink and gasp wanting to know more*
Irene 4 years ago
I can kiss away the pain
leo 4 years ago
I can B E Y O U R H E R O!!!!!!!

/clears throat
That was not me


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BunnyButt 3 years ago
No one is active anymore so I really lost inspiration for Ken ;u; (would say for Irene, but we also barely talk so...)
sorry, see you all around ♡
PUDDIN 3 years ago
Hakyeon left
slim_thick 4 years ago
yugyeom pls
pinkbabyfaery 4 years ago
Can you add and reserve nct's taeyong please?
wooyuki 4 years ago
Add and reserve Hongbin for me please c:
jamlessbread 4 years ago
add and reserve bobby for me please.
GhostWolf 4 years ago
Add Ravi for my please~
PUDDIN 4 years ago
Add Hakyeon (N) for me please
jungjeffrey 4 years ago
a&r nayeon for me
1Glance 4 years ago
a&r Kris wu for meeh
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