cRacK ROom 2

/when chained up comes on/

Ken 4 years ago
@Irene work work work la la la la *twerks some more closer to you*
Irene 4 years ago
Nanananananana nana
Ken 4 years ago
bubble , bubble bubble *wiggles around and imitates a angry goat*
Ken 4 years ago
@junhoe *running away, still dancing and pouting*
junhoe 4 years ago
@Ken no. *shoves you away*
Ken 4 years ago
@junhoe *munches chocolates while also dancing*
junhoe 4 years ago
*puts the black short haired wig on place and wiggles *
I was born to dance, son!
Irene 4 years ago
V card


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BunnyButt 3 years ago
No one is active anymore so I really lost inspiration for Ken ;u; (would say for Irene, but we also barely talk so...)
sorry, see you all around ♡
PUDDIN 3 years ago
Hakyeon left
slim_thick 4 years ago
yugyeom pls
pinkbabyfaery 4 years ago
Can you add and reserve nct's taeyong please?
wooyuki 4 years ago
Add and reserve Hongbin for me please c:
jamlessbread 4 years ago
add and reserve bobby for me please.
GhostWolf 4 years ago
Add Ravi for my please~
PUDDIN 4 years ago
Add Hakyeon (N) for me please
jungjeffrey 4 years ago
a&r nayeon for me
1Glance 4 years ago
a&r Kris wu for meeh
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