chained up room



Ken 4 years ago
@hongbin yep! *I chuckle and don't even ask you as well, since yours were basically perfect*
Ken 4 years ago
@hongbin oh yes they had *I chuckle and hum* they were woken for a long while, you're confusing me with Leo hyung Beanie, he's the one not having much action in the abs region
hongbin 4 years ago
@Ken Haha that's true.
So has your abs woken up yet? /chuckles as I carry you around.
Ken 4 years ago
@hongbin well you could say so *I cough softly and blush*
but also dancing around on our practices and concerts also helped.. *I hum and nod*
hongbin 4 years ago
@Ken omg hyung-
/holds on to your thighs so that you don't fall.
Have you been working out hyung?
You don't feel all that squishy anymore.
Ken 4 years ago
@hongbin yeah...*I nod and cough softly again and rub my wrists and then jump on your back so I piggy back ride you*
thank you beanie *smiles*
hongbin 4 years ago
@Ken Yah our comeback wasn't that dirty hyung, it was just Ravi being dirty okno-
/unchained you.
There all free.
Ken 4 years ago
@hongbin this is what I got for having dirty comebacks *I cough up softly and still wiggle my booty*
hongbin 4 years ago
@Ken /bursts out laughing watching you.
Hyung what are you doing? I was expecting you to scream at me pterodactyl style to let you go.
But thank you for entertaining me nonetheless.
Ken 4 years ago
@hongbin *I whine because I'm chained up, but still do the chained up dance while acting like a female star*
hongbin 4 years ago
@Ken /chained Ken hyung here because bored af.
TAO [A] 4 years ago
@hongbin {CHAINED UP} Yup have fun being chained up~ e u e
hongbin 4 years ago
@tao Ah I see haha okay okay cx
TAO [A] 4 years ago
@hongbin {CHAINED UP} i forgot the spam room.
TAO [A] 4 years ago
@hongbin {CHAINED UP} Your chained up until Sunday and you can only post; chained up room crack rooms and main chat walls too.
[post deleted by owner]
hongbin 4 years ago
Wow I'm chained up hahahaha
Ken 4 years ago
@hongbin oooohhh *I nod and gasp* yooouuu *I laugh and wink as I got the joke*
hongbin 4 years ago
@Ken But my twin isn't honbin he's Wang Chian and yeah he's definitely a ninja.
/laughs out loud.
Ken 4 years ago
@hongbin typo on the poem hehe I tend to write as I talk and I manage to make the G silent, so yes my dongsaeng, your twin also handsome and he's a ninja, so we got our backs covered! *i chuckle and nod*
hongbin 4 years ago
@Ken Who is honbin? My long lost twin?
Ken 4 years ago
@hongbin art is silent.
silence is a art.
Honbin is art.
Honbin is a ninja.
hongbin 4 years ago
I don't talk .
junhoe 4 years ago
@leo psh, you're right, I'm better right? *smiles widely*
leo 4 years ago
@junhoe Not as gorgeous as me~
junhoe 4 years ago
@leo you're handsome, but I'm drop dead gorgeous tho. *poses*
leo 4 years ago
I want N~
and im so handsome in the back~ /flips hair
Ken 4 years ago
*sings loudly while wiggling as a form of a contemporary dance*
Irene 4 years ago


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BunnyButt 3 years ago
No one is active anymore so I really lost inspiration for Ken ;u; (would say for Irene, but we also barely talk so...)
sorry, see you all around ♡
PUDDIN 3 years ago
Hakyeon left
slim_thick 4 years ago
yugyeom pls
pinkbabyfaery 4 years ago
Can you add and reserve nct's taeyong please?
wooyuki 4 years ago
Add and reserve Hongbin for me please c:
jamlessbread 4 years ago
add and reserve bobby for me please.
GhostWolf 4 years ago
Add Ravi for my please~
PUDDIN 4 years ago
Add Hakyeon (N) for me please
jungjeffrey 4 years ago
a&r nayeon for me
1Glance 4 years ago
a&r Kris wu for meeh
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