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take a walk, enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass, have a picnic.
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taeyong 4 months ago
@yukhei Talking about bats.. do you feel like edward cullen would turn into a sparkly bat or like an emo bat? Because my bet is on sparkles. I kinda imagine him being like full on glitter bat with holo wings.. what do you think?
/raises my eyebrows as I go on with my role in this conversation, clicking my tongue as if dissatisfied with your response. Adding a tiny shake of my head I close my eyes and sigh gently/ to your information, i have never seen a youtube. Psh. Kids. Always think they know everything.
But talking about cute animals. There has been these serioes of videos of dogs with butterflies on their noses? I think that might be the most adorable and wholesome thing I‘ve ever witnessed?
/adds with quite a dash of enthusiasm, a bright smile stretching my lips as I speak and nod at the same time, forgettting my act for a moment. Your kiss, however, takes me pleasantly off-guard and I blink, staring silintly at you for a bit, cheeks brightening as if it‘s not the millionth of kisses that we have shared. Goofy, shy grin finds its way to my features before I clear my throat, raising my hands to rub at the cheeks while i look at you, before finally being able to speak up again/ silly –
My husband – dummy. If it was up to me I would be calling /you/ my husband right about now. And also. Psh. Moms and dads don‘t always have to be married, you know? Although..
If I am the mom.. Does that make you my son? /tilts my head and narrows my eyes as I stare into the distance, trying to comprehend this whole pretend family tree while wrinkles appear in between my eyebrows/ am i.. dating my son?
How is that even called? Is there a word for it?
/still though, i accept the grape gladly, enjoying the fruit before coming down to lay beside you on my side, propping my head on my elbow as my eyes scan your face, searching for some hidden emotion but not finding any of that. A satisfied, loving grin then moves my features before I lean in to peck your cheek quickly, almost missing your words entirely/ should you be worried? Maybe. He might come in and steal your title of the tallest member, mm?
/murmurs before finally moving to lay on my back, gathering my hands behind my head as I stare upwards, the stars shining beautifully in the night sky/ do you want to know a silly thing? I‘ve always wanted to go stargazing with my significant other. And yet, I‘ve never actually asked anyone to do it with me. Felt so silly back then, you know? But I don‘t feel silly with you..
/Bites my lip as I trail off, seemingly finished with the thought before I decide to add to it in a soft, calm voice/ I do feel silly with you. Like a kid who is trying to memorise a poem for santa? That kind of silly. Safe silly... Am I making sense anymore? /murmurs as I glance back at you, small laugh painting the air around us/
yukhei 4 months ago
@taeyong i mean, he is playing batman now so who knows? he might actually be a vampire, bat enthusiast at the very least
/raises an eyebrow at you when you play along with the old man role so well despite pretending you don't want to be old or admit it
uh huh. says the man who spends his evening watching youtube videos of cute animals
i've seen the history, you can't deny it
/tuts at you softly, grinning again as i'm looking at you, leaning in to press my lips against your own but the corner, mumbling something about you tasting good there before i lean back
/swiping up some of the food i begin eating whilst i listen, unable to help my laugh when i hear you digging into poor old johnny a bit
hey give the man some credit. he's one of the older members and has great taste in fashion
as much of a dork he can be sometimes he knows what he's talking about. besides, mark called him dad and you mom so maybe something's going on there, huh?
who would know better than your husband as to what to get you?
/raises an eyebrow at you once more, stuffing a grape in your mouth before you can detest though, giving me enough time to roll over onto my belly and then back
/holding up my wrist i look at the bangle there, tilting my head as i admire its shine before folding my arm behind my head and happily just laying there
he's also slightly taller than me
huh... should i be worried or somethin'?
taeyong 4 months ago
@yukhei Oldie -- i'm. Look. They don't call me an anime-come-to-life for ni reason, alright. I have an aegyo face, boi. You're too swaggy for that, see --
/waves my hand off as if that proves the point of mine, my smile finally spreading over my lips as I let out a playful laugh, nodding enthusiastically at your words/
Fans will be ecstatic -- i will be ecstatic too, my gosh. Imagine actually being epic like that. Ohmygod that makes me think, maybe other couples have done it too...
Maybe twilight.... bella... robert pattinson.... /gives you a look that is probably only seen on people who have suddenly found a meaning of life or realised some inportant truths of existence/ their characters were dating.... they were dating..
/giggles at such train of thought, hoping you're not apalled by my silliness and rather entertained, my own eyes radiating amusement as I watch you/
/my cheeks only blush harded at the kiss and the way you seem to teasingly scold my antics, heart thumping louder at that as i feel the affection overflowing me. My eyes jump between your eyes to the gift and back to your eyes until i am convinced enough and give you a confident smile this time, even rolling my eyes a bit at you/
My old man hearing -- we'll see how your own ears perform when you're my age --
You kids always on your phones.. we'll see what that'll do for y'all
/mumbles in the best "old man" voice that I can manage as my eyes drop down to your hand, my own fingers falling onto it and gladly sliding over your soft skin before i can look into your eyes, your lips, somewhat darker after the kiss, making my heart jump in my chest once more, especially when I get a glimpse of the silver shine on your wrist. It makes me smile to myself as if the bracelet is some form of validation that you've accepted./
/as you mention johnny, however, i raise my eyebrows, careless,childish laugh leaving my lips as i take my head back, eyes closed and small wribkles forming arounf my eyes/
You will ask the meme boy for a romantic advice? That.. sounds like a plan haha - /i guve you a soft look after i'm done laughing, as if to let you know that i'm not actually making fun of it. Looking around, my hands find the backpack that i've brough, the neck of the wine bžttle hopefukly looking out/ do you think it would be a good time to..?
yukhei 5 months ago
@taeyong oh you wanna bet on that? you think you can out-aegyo me? the big baby of wayv? bring it on, oldie. i'll wipe the floor with ya
/pulls a smug expression before i snort when you mention the both of us being geniuses for the utter nonsense we've been talking about
i'm not sure about geniuses but i do know the fans are going to likely be ecstatic about it
/shakes my head when you begin calling yourself the lucky one to be dating me, waving it off quickly as i look at you, scrunching up my nose as i do so
/leaning in i press a small kiss to one of your dimpled cheeks, leaning back afterwards as i give you a look that very much says i feel like i'm the lucky one
didn't you hear me? is your old man hearing that bad, hyung?
i said i love it
/teases you a little as i return your smile, another little laugh leaving my lips as i try and brush aside your worries over the gift
/my hand on your knee slips up to your thigh and squeezes it softly just before i'd pulled back from the kiss, watching you catch your breath now
i love you the most
/grins playfully again before i lift my hand to look at and admire the bracelet again, brushing my other hand's fingers over the cool band
/looks up again after a while when i realise how distracted i've become, looking a bit sheepish before i'm sliding my hand over your own this time
i'm going to need to get you something really nice
maybe i'll ask johnny for help or something
taeyong 5 months ago
@yukhei Yukhei, I love you, I really do. But when it comes to being cute.. you’ve got nothing on me, sweetiepie. You see these cheeks? Made for being cute and being cute only. I’m sorry, that’s the truth.
/widens my eyes as you mention the fans before I freeze for a moment, an evil plan beginning to plot itself in my mind as my smile brightens, the expression almost devilish as I finally begin to speak/
OH. My. Gosh. That would be such an evil power move, ohmygod. The fans would be like oh lol what an unexpected, unrealistic plot twist. BUT little would they know, this is exactly how it is! And then sites like dispatch would be “Lucas and Taeyong reportedly dating” and we could just say “guyyyys, didn’t y’all watch the documentary ughhh”
Ohmygosh, are we geniuses or what –
/gasps several times dramatically, as if this idea is actually something THAT big, only to laugh it off a few moments later, genuine happy smile spread over my lips, dimples forming onto my cheeks while this sudden overwhelming feeling of happiness washes over me/
/while your smile comforts me, my cheeks still heat up – unsure if it’s me being plainly nervous or the whole fragile moment displaying itself on my face/
I—I honestly still can’t believe that you’re dating me? How did I get this lucky, what happened—
/bites my cheek, even when you confirm that you like the gift, only to widen my eyes and smile brightly as you slip it on, the piece of jewelry looking exactly the way I imagined – simple and elegant, and simply beautiful – just like you. I give you a wordless nod, admiring it for a moment, but my eyes quickly fall to your features, admiring them even more so/
It looks pretty – you look pretty. It’s not.. too little, right? You enjoy it, yeah?
/mumbles before you surprise me with the kiss and I chuckle gently, a sense of relief being released as I return the kiss, my lips gently gliding with your own, as if one kiss could express just how much you mean to me. Maybe because of the intensity of it, I get a bit breathless as you pull away, taking deep breaths in before grinning at you/ I love you, yukhei
luhan 5 months ago
@jimin we can do that
/smiles sweetly and reaches up to play with your hair
sleep well, my precious
yukhei 5 months ago
@taeyong yeah we'll see whose aegyo wins him over. don't come crying when you lose though
/listens to your little plot that you have in mind, laughing softly at the sound of it before i nod my head, setting aside the piece of food i was mostly done eating
why not? i'm sure the production crew would eat it up
i know the fans would lose their minds too
/leans over to nudge you gently when you call yourself lame, shaking my head sternly at you before i'm leaning back again and letting you explain about the surprise
/when i see how nervous you are i try give you as reassuring smile as i can manage, not wanting you to feel too out of it because its just me and you have nothing to worry about
/smiles though at the unexpected kiss, returning it before i'm tilting my head again, this time at you thanking me for the things i've given you over our time together and just being with you in general
its been a pleasure, hyung. all mine too
i probably shouldn't be so smug about it right? but here i am. smug... smug as hell
/looks at the present, taking it and beginning to undo the cute bow before opening it to see what's inside, my eyes softening as i see the simple band inside
i love it
/says almost instantly, long fingers picking it up and sliding it around my wrist, holding it up for you to look at as well as myself, admiring how nicely it suits me
do you like how it looks, hyung?
/asks as i hold it up a little more, really seeming to enjoy it as i'm already thinking of 101 ways i can show it off to people i know until they go insane with it
you're really sweet, tae. the way you phrased it too... i love how we are too. and i love you, of course
/leans over, one hand on your knee as i press my lips against your own, eyelids shutting gently as i indulge in a much needed kiss, lingering before i pull back again and am all grins
thank you. i mean it
jimin 5 months ago
@luhan /hums a little more in reply at first
mhmm.. just a little. maybe we should take a nap..
/sighs tiredly and relaxes into you
luhan 5 months ago
@jimin /lays down as you pull me back with you, sliding my arms around your waist and kisses your forehead
sleepy, princess?
/rubs your back slowly
jimin 5 months ago
@luhan /waits for you to get your shoes off before lying down on the mattress and pulling you down with me to wrap my arms around your middle and snuggle close
hmm ~
/hums softly with a smile, closing my eyes
luhan 5 months ago
@jimin okay~
/smiles softly and follows you to the bed, sitting down before taking my shoes off
cuddles sounds perfect
jimin 5 months ago
@luhan /smiles brightly
I won't hide them anymore then ~
/takes your hand in mine to pull you closer to the bed with me, plopping down and kicking my shoes off
how about we cuddle some now.
luhan 5 months ago
@jimin you don't have to hide them from me~
/smiles sweetly
i'll let you sleep with as many plushies as you want.. as long as i still get cuddles too
jimin 5 months ago
@luhan /leans against you and shuts my eyes with a soft huff
I don't know.. I'm just used to hiding them, I guess.
/lifts my head to peck your pout and smiles
luhan 5 months ago
@jimin why not?
/pouts slightly
i'm not going to judge you for bringing one of your plushies
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jimin 5 months ago
@luhan /looks back at the bed and towards you, blushing lightly in embarrassment
you weren't supposed to see that-
/pouts and slips my arms around you while nuzzling into your neck
luhan 5 months ago
@jimin /holds the tent entrance open for you before grabbing the other bags to bring in and looks at the bed, smiling softly
your plushie looks so cute under our blanket
/chuckles softly and places the bags down before moving closer to you to wrap my arms around your waist
jimin 5 months ago
@luhan hehe, okay.
/opens the tent entrance and pulls the mattress inside to place it on the floor of the tent by a see through material like window and gets the weighted blanket as well to open and put over the bed
bring in the bags of food and drinks.
/says while opening my bag of things from the dorm, taking out my pillows I brought and my kitty plushie, tucking it under the blanket quickly and goes out to help you bring it the bags
luhan 5 months ago
@jimin i'm glad we didn't.. otherwise we may have wasted some money if we couldn't eat it
/looks at you and smiles softly
i'll let you put the mattress in, because you chose the tent~
jimin 5 months ago
@luhan hm that's okay, good thing we didn't get anything perishable
/goes back to the box and pulls out a folded up mattress with a wide smile
here it is ~
luhan 5 months ago
@jimin /looks in the bags and grabs the bottle
i don't think we did..
/steps back from the tent and looks at it with a smile after we've finished putting it together
it looks great~
was there a mattress or something for the bed?
jimin 5 months ago
@luhan huh?
/blinks and looking around as an I stand up
I put it back in one of the bags.. did we bring a cooler?
/smiles and continues putting the tent together, working a lot faster with a better idea and your help
It's already looking good ~
/claps my hands together with an excited laugh and continues until it's standing and all put together like the picture
luhan 5 months ago
@jimin jiminnie, do you still have the water?
/takes the instructions as you get up and looks between you and the instructions a few times
it looks right..
/gets up to help you, still holding the instructions in my hand as i try to help you
jimin 5 months ago
@luhan /smiles and peeks back at you as you look at the instructions as well
well, then let's get to it.
/laughs a little and gets up to pull out the rest of the items and stretches out the material before placing the rods all out along the ground where they should go to hold the tent up
okay.. this doesn't look so hard..
/tries to stay positive as I start putting it together
luhan 5 months ago
@jimin well we did get one of the best tents
/chuckles softly and moves closer to you to see the instructions better
all we can do is try~
jimin 5 months ago
@luhan /sits back with my knees bent after taking the bottle, pouting a little while looking at the instructions still
yeah.. but not one like this. there's just so much to it.
luhan 5 months ago
@jimin /takes the bottle from you and sits down next to you before opening it, drinking some of the water before giving the bottle back to you
do you know how to set up a tent?
jimin 5 months ago
@luhan /takes out one of the waters and hands it over to you, blushing a little
drink, and then we can start putting the tent together.
/sits down by the still boxed tent and starts to open it, pulling out the instructions to figure out how it's put together while taking the small things out first
luhan 5 months ago
@jimin /looks around while following you and smiles softly
it definitely looks perfect~
/places the tent down and stretches my back
it almost looks as beautiful as you~


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Maeyeollie 1 month ago
*sits here for a hot second*
Your layout is beautiful~
f10678786e9cdfbb785c 3 months ago
add josh cullen santos for me, please!
DoneWithYou 3 months ago
Insert mi
self-love 3 months ago
Y’all gay
lascivious 4 months ago
oh god, the memories --
warms me little, bitty heart to see you guys still up and running.
I may not be remembered, or even I remember much but this place
still has a very special place in my heart. Time has really wooshed, huh?
I probably sound like a granny lmao, I'm sorry ! just happy to see that one
of my favorite places is still up as I come back onto this site hah!
Mysterio 4 months ago
Um, may I join?
76b27de48ad9d7e8f646 4 months ago
could I get kyungsoo back please
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smilingdown 5 months ago
A/R Kim Jongdae please
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