— park

take a walk, enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass, have a picnic.
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woohyun [A] 5 days ago
@younghyun You really think so? *the way you so sweetly compliment me makes me blush, nearly tripping over my own feet as I keep my eyes locked on you*
I like the way you are. Seriously, all you have to do is enter a room and already I’m feeling my heart speed up
younghyun 6 days ago
@woohyun I find that hard to believe..you’re very special.. /my voice is sincere as I look to you, barely noticing the pavement of the walkway ending and the soft grass coming underfoot/
I completely agree, and he wasn’t. I won’t get into all the bad details but now I know to at least find someone who’s okay with me as I am. Which I’m very glad you are..
woohyun [A] 6 days ago
@younghyun Me? Special? I’ve never been called that before-
*furrows my eyebrows at the mention of how your ex treated you, shaking my head*
I don’t think it’s a bad thing. The way I see it, if someone isn’t affected by simple things, they aren’t that into you. That’s why I love simple affection when I really like someone.
younghyun 6 days ago
@woohyun That’s good, I think more people should be..but then again, that’s what makes you special, hm? /my shoulders rise and fall in a slight shrug, my eyes focusing forward as I respond/
My ex hated that about me. He made it seem like a bad thing but I was always okay with who I am.
woohyun [A] 6 days ago
@younghyun Yeah, I’m very.. invested in my emotions. And some others’ as well
*raises an eyebrow, turning my head to look at you with widened eyes* Simple affection is a downfall? I personally adore it.
younghyun 6 days ago
@woohyun I think I like that the most about you. Being in touch with your feelings like that is important. /continues on our path, the grassy field coming into view/
I like to think I’m very passionate as well, for those I care about. But my downfall is that I’m pretty simple with showing affection..or so I hear
woohyun [A] 6 days ago
@younghyun That would be a correct assumption. If I care about someone or something, I care deeply. It’s the same with how I love. I’m a hard lover
*nods firmly, giving you a sweet smile*
younghyun 6 days ago
@woohyun /gives a nod, my lips curling into an interested grin/
The color of passion...so it’s okay to assume you’re very passionate? I have a hunch you do care deeply for people and things you love
woohyun [A] 6 days ago
@younghyun *glances at you when you squeeze my hand, my smile widening*
Purple is a beautiful color- my favorite is red. It’s the color of passion
younghyun 6 days ago
@woohyun /pretends to think for a second, my hand giving yours a gentle squeeze/
That’s easy...purple. All shades of it really, it’s a beautiful color. What about you?
woohyun [A] 1 week ago
@younghyun *hums for a moment as I think of something to ask, lightly drumming my fingers against my thigh as we walk*
Let’s start off with the basics, yea? What’s your favorite color?
younghyun 1 week ago
@woohyun /nods my head, the smile on my lips never faltering as I pause for a minute, giving you a quick glance after/
What do you want to know? I’m an open book, not that difficult to read really.
woohyun [A] 1 week ago
@younghyun *returns the smiles with ease, walking alongside you and swinging our arms*
Ohh, the middle field really is the perfect spot. Until we get there, tell me more about yourself?
younghyun 1 week ago
@woohyun Hello to you too. /shoots you a smile as my fingers intertwine with yours, beginnings to walk through the dimly lit park/
I was thinking we could rest more into the park, the middle field is a perfect spot for stargazing.
woohyun [A] 1 week ago
@younghyun *takes your hand and laces our fingers*
Hello stranger
younghyun 1 week ago
@woohyun /pulls you here with me/
taeyong 1 week ago
@yukhei Excuse me? How dare you --- the disrepect is insane-- it's neither great nor fun, please. If you want exercise you could uh. Do some running or something ---
/tilts my head, watching you curiously as you think my eyebrows raised as I am almost convinced that finding my likeable attributes is not too easy/ ahh.. all of that sounds.. nice. Thank you-- i think. That makes me feel somewhat happier-- and I do hope that someday I will look in the mirror and see the same.
/gives you my puppy eyes as you tug your arm away, only to beam at your actions later, gladly jumping on and wrapping my arms around your neck for balance/ ah, my favortie is caramel popcorn but i don't mind either -- we can mix!
yukhei 1 week ago
@taeyong don't be such a stick in the mud! dabbing is great and lots of fun. plus it gets you moving so like, bonus i guess for exercise?
/rubs the back of my head as i try think about how best to describe what you're like to me, realising its a lot harder than i thought
well... bright and warm. a little dorky but fun to be around because of it
kind too, of course. you've made some mistakes in the past but more importantly you've learned from them and you're trying to be better
/leans down after tugging my arm back, offering you a piggyback ride instead as i motion for you to climb on me
sure, why not. i like mixing sweet and salty though. what about you?
taeyong 1 week ago
@yukhei What's wrong with--- eveything is wrong with dabbing, okay! E-very-thing. Just don't - honestly---
/gasps as you do it again, the horror reappearring in my eyes as I drag my palm over my face, shaking my head/ please. If you are about my sanity --- don't do that
See myself how you see me? How do you see me then? But i mean - i am nt going to argue or go against it - if you somehow manage to turn me into someone who enjoys being me -- i will be more than thankful--
/nods rather happily, feeling somewhat tired myself as you mention it,clinging onto your arm lightly/ yes, let's do thaf. Should we also.. grab popcorn or something? To spice things up?
yukhei 1 week ago
@taeyong what's wrong with dabbing? its still legit
/lifts my arms again, dabbing left and right before i grin at you again when i'm done, chuckling after a moment or two when my arms are safely back at my sides
well then i guess i'll help you realise the truth. i'll get you to see yourself how i see you
then you'll have no choice but to agree with me
/yawns into my palm just as yo ask what we should do, sighing softly before i glance back the way we came and then down to you
i wouldn't mind going back to the dorm. i'm kinda tired. wanna chill in bed and put a movie on? i'll fall asleep halfway through
taeyong 1 week ago
@yukhei /wtches with horror in my eyes as you dab, somewhat dying inside from the view as i slowly raise my hand to take the wrist of your dabbing arm and let your it down, shaking my head very slowly/
Please. Never do this again, please. Just... just don't--
/watches your amusement, trying to hurt you with my sight, raising my hand to wipe at my mouth after you let me go, my glare only worsening after you do/ ah well.. thank's,i guess. But you know what they say - in order to accept such things about yourself you have to convince yourself first. I am not there yet -- but working on it, so.. don't worry--
/gives you a soft smile before I glance around the darkening park, eyebrows slightly furrowed/ mm should we do something else? Or are you maybe.. tired?
yukhei 1 week ago
@taeyong that's because you're lyiiiiing
/prods your side when you whine at me, laughing to myself before i dab several times to prove how fun i am at a party
see? life and soul of the entire party
what was that? i can't quite hear you, hyung
/teases you as i cup a hand behind my ear when listening to you, lowering my hand from your mouth afterwards as i laugh to myself
i'll do it again if you're about to talk down about yourself though. i don't want to hear rubbish like that
its not true
taeyong 1 week ago
@yukhei Gosh, you're so-- ughhh /groans lightly, roling my head before shaking it softly as I squint/ I bet you're fun at parties huh. Gosssh, kids these days.. can't let the old guys have any fun... uh.. the young generation... stuck in their cell phones... /mumbles to myself as if i actually was an old guy, glaring at you from time to time. Raises my eyebrow as you cover my mouth, baring my teeth against your palm, considering biting you for a good moment before rolling my eyes/ mmmph-- loosh-e. LOooshhh--- /squints some more as the words fail to form, raising my hand to tap your forehead/
/tilts my head to the side, glaring at your hand quickly as it really doesn't let me give you any answers, my hands placing themselves on my hips as I aquire the true "unhappy dad" posture/
yukhei 1 week ago
@taeyong you know i can ask the other wayv members right? actually i can ask all the chinese members within nct. what'll you do then?
you're gonna get caught in your own lies and feel like a numskull. just you wait-
/clamps my hand over your mouth, big enough to hold the sides of your face as i raise an eyebrow at you
and you can my palm all you want. i'm not pulling it back until you promise to stop saying loose
/presses my other hand's finger to my lips, squinting at you a moment later though at your words
uh... hyung please
what's not to be proud of when it comes to your personality and character???
taeyong 1 week ago
@yukhei Maybe you haven't heard of it because no one around you was such an intellectual-- like I am. And mark uh. He will lie to you - hw clearly doesn't want you to know if he's never told you before --
/chuckles some more before groaning as you push my face away, punching your shoulder lightly with a rather annoyed expression before clicking my tongue/ loose loose loose -- i could repeat this word all day only to annoy you a bit. Loose loose--
/shrugs my shouldes, biting my lip as I hum softly/ ah, i guess so, career-wise. Personality and character- wise it's different, you know
yukhei 1 week ago
@taeyong did you forget i'm from hong kong? i've never heard of that saying- but just to double check i'll even ask mark considering where he's from
/laughs with my had tipped back when you yell my name suddenly, cackling to myself before i push your face away when you squish my shoulder, my large hand big enough to cover most of your face as i do so
oh god stop- i don't need to hear about how loose you are
/groans dramatically, even making a gagging noise before i walk on with you, brushing the heel of my palm over my sleepy eyelids
you make it sound like you have a dwindling list of things to be proud of when in reality its ever increasing
taeyong 1 week ago
@yukhei Uh it's.. well.. everywhere, honestly. You can go wherever and it will still work. Canada, China, Italy, Spain uh. Russia. It is a saying everywhere.
YAH, YUKHEI! why do you have to be so mean. Honestly --- i put my love and trust into all of you, and this is what I get in return.
/squishes your shoulder tightly as if i'm threatening you, although it's clear that there are no bad intentions in my actions. I smile, tilting my head to look into your eyes/ loose loose loose loose loose -- you know that I will use this aginst you now, right?
/chuckles with you,letting your shoulders go and nodding in agreement as you speak/ yeah, i know. I don't feel bad about it though, being nice is one of the things i can still be proud if
minho 1 week ago
@taemin /looking ahead as the silence falls between the two of us i glance up at the sky, trying to get the tears that form to try and go away before they can fall
/its no use when you turn my face to look at you though, my lips parted as they shiver now and then, my jaw tensed as i'm trying even now to hold back the tears
/i see the anger in your eyes and it makes me smile a little, happy to see that your little but strong heart still feels as much as it always has
/but my smile soon falls as you tell me i deserve more, my gaze dropping to my hands in my lap as its clear i don't seem to agree about deserving more than what i've been given so far
/with my bottom lip wobbling properly now, my jaw has slackened as well, i'm falling apart as you show me its okay, that its my turn to cry now, and its up until the last moment i hold them back
i just want to be happy, taemin-
/inhales sharply as the words are a mess with emotion, like me, i feel the first tear fall and be caught by your hand, my breathing ragged as the last stitches are falling apart and letting me unravel in front of you
i want someone to love and stay with me like i'm not some kind of reject and failure. i can't make people happy and safe enough to stay-
i can't have a family. i can't- i c-can't...
/bows my head as my shoulders slump and i lean in towards you, my face pressing against your neck as my arms wind weakly around you, clutching weakly onto the back of your shirt, crying so much i sob and wail, choking on my own breath whilst i shake in your hold, clinging on like you too might disappear and leave me behind
yukhei 1 week ago
@taeyong when you tell me where its a saying then i'll consider getting "reeducated", hyung
and i know exactly who i'm talking to. its one of the midgets from the hyung line who has no control over the "kids" and is trademark tired most of the time
/sticks my tongue out at you, laughing and leaning down towards you when you wrap a arm over my shoulders, honestly surprised you could reach without having to jump first
i can't handle when you say loose in english - its too much
/stops when you pull the terrible show of trying to be strict, raising an eyebrow again before i snort and give your shoulder a small shove
give over-
i've never seen something that bad up until now! you couldn't play bad cop even if you tried, hyung
taemin 1 week ago
@minho /blinks a few times almost always when you give me affection i smile and giggle happily, yet in this somber moment i can't--i see the way your lips quiver as you speak and the shine in your eyes it all makes my heart squeeze terribly so, and i give your hand a squeeze, telling you 'its okay, i'm here hyung, i'm here for you,' and as i listen the sadness twists into anger knowing there are people who have dared to hurt you, you a person who is filled with so much love and kindness, someone who puts everyone else first before himself, you--someone who deserves so much more than i know you've gotten, my own lips begin to tremble with the turmoil of emotion that stirs deep within my chest, unable to hold back when it comes to you and my hyungs/
you shouldn't be greatful for bad relationships hyung--you shouldn't have to settle for scraps you deserve more than that. /reaches up to you my hand cupping your face tenderly to turn you to look at me, my eyes holding a similar shine to them as yours, i stare at you for a long quiet moment and i see all the pain there, the scars that toughen up your heart, and it hurts to know i wasn't here for you to save you even some of that pain, but i won't let this keep going/
but--nothing. you are worth more than all of those ty people who didn't appreciate you. this world owes you more love and kindness hyung and i'll be the one to give it to you. /caresses your cheek right beneath your eye and it silently tells you to go ahead, cry, release all that you've been holding in, i'm right here, i'll collect your tears and keep them safe, just like i'll keep you safe hyung/


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jageun 5 days ago
:O i haven’t been active. sorry! thanks for having me, though.
kakashi 1 week ago
dowoon from day6 please and thankies
self-love 1 week ago
I’m so proud of you bubbies

stay litty you bishes <3
MaleWifey 1 week ago
efferminity 1 week ago
hai, heathens :)) guess who?
jageun 1 week ago
hi! could i snatch up nct / wayv’s ten?
GimmeWhiplash 1 week ago
Hi hi
Are moving couples accepted?
brattae 1 week ago
i see taehyung is not taken— m-may i??
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stabbyboy 1 week ago
Just stoppin by to say hi ♡ been keepin tabs on this place and it's good to see it's still running
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