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Chill Café
grab a coffee or a hot chocolate and a baked good and relax in a big comfy chair for some peaceful chatting.
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changmin 3 days ago
@kenta *smiles more seeing your happy smile*
You're welcome~
I'm happy to hear that~
kenta 4 days ago
@changmin /smiles happily
well thank you changminnie~
i know you are and it means alot to hear that~
changmin 2 weeks ago
@kenta *nods*
It is. But you're sweet enough that it will work out
You're welcome. I'm only saying the truth.
kenta 2 weeks ago
@changmin /smiles warmly at you and nods
yeah it is.. but its the best thing i can do right now..
well thank you changminnie~
changmin 1 month ago
@kenta *smiles softly*
Waiting patiently is really hard
Someone will see what a catch you are.

(I still feel bad about it)
kenta 1 month ago
@changmin /nods gently and smiles warmly at you
yeah it is.. but ill just wait patiently~
thats the best thing i can do~

(its alright, ive been busy lately so its okay~)
changmin 1 month ago
@kenta *nods*
It can be really hard waiting, but it's worth it when you find that special someone
Maybe they will appear out of the blue one day

(it's not though. Sorry again, I don't even know how I didn't see your reply ;;)
kenta 2 months ago
@changmin /smiles warmly at you and nods
i know~
and i still have to wait patiently~

( its okay~ )
changmin 2 months ago
@kenta *nods and smiles softly*
I really was lucky to find him~
You'll find your someone special hyung~

(Sorry for the late reply ;;)
kenta 3 months ago
@changmin /smiles and nods gently
yeah it is difficult..
you were lucky to have found him~
changmin 3 months ago
@kenta *smiles softly back*
No problem hyung~
I know, it's difficult when everyone is getting together and married.
I thought the same before. Until I met Dinghao, I thought I would never find someone
kenta 3 months ago
@changmin /smiles softly and nods
thanks minnie~
i hope so too..i really do~
everyone i know are getting together and getting married too..
/sips my drink slowly
changmin 3 months ago
@kenta *smiles*
You will~
Someone will come along and be perfect for you~
They'll definitely come~
*smiles back, happily sipping on my drink*
kenta 3 months ago
@changmin /eyesmiles softly
i hope so~
well thanks minnie .. ive been waiting a while but still no one yet
but ill keep waiting then~
/smilea and sips my drink
changmin 3 months ago
@kenta *smiles and takes another sip of mine*
*looks shy*
Thank you hyung~
Don't pout hyung, you'll find someone~
I used to think I would never find someone, but I did.
You're so nice, someone will come and sweep you off your feet
kenta 3 months ago
@changmin /smiles and nods gently
/happily holds mine and sips my drink
but congrats for getting engaged.. im happy for you~
i wish i could find someone..
/pouts softly
changmin 3 months ago
@kenta *smiles*
I can see why you like it now~
*grins back and hands you your drink, gently taking mine back*
kenta 3 months ago
@changmin /nods softly
yeah thats why i like the vanilla flavor alot~
/grins happily at you and hands your drink back
changmin 3 months ago
@kenta *smiles*
You're is yummy too~
It's nice, you can taste the vanilla, but it's not overpowering~
kenta 3 months ago
@changmin /eyesmiles softly
/gently holds yours and takes a sip of it
wow.. it tastes yummy~
changmin 3 months ago
@kenta *nods and giggles softly*
It is~
*takes it and hands you mine*
You try mine hyung~
*takes a sip of yours*
kenta 3 months ago
@changmin /smiles softly
yeah which is a good thing~
/chuckles softly and hands you my drink
have a try of it~
changmin 3 months ago
@kenta *nods*
It does~ If we don't like them, we know not to order them again
*smiles and nods again*
*follows you over to the seats and sits down with you*
kenta 3 months ago
@changmin /nods gently in agreement
yeah comes in handy for next time ~
/grins happily at you
okay lets head over there~
/leads you to the seats and sits down
changmin 3 months ago
@kenta *smiles back at you*
It's a win-win
And we'll know if we like them~
*holds my drink*
Thank you hyung~
*looks around for seats and points seats out to you*
kenta 3 months ago
@changmin /smiles happily at you
/nods gently
yeah we will~
/pays for us and hands your drink to you then holds mine
lets find a seat~
changmin 3 months ago
@kenta *nods and smiles*
That's fine with me, it's a good idea.
We will get to try both of them that way~
kenta 3 months ago
@changmin /smiles happily
maybe we could sip each others drink to try it
would that be okay?
/nods softly
sounds good to me~
changmin 3 months ago
@kenta *smiles*
It does sound nice, I haven't tried it before though~
If you want to hyung, but next time I'll pay~
kenta 3 months ago
@changmin /nods in agreement
yeah but yours sounds nice too~
/grins while waiting with you and looks at you
will it be okay if i pay for us?


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Shownu from monsta X as second chara pls
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can you add Minhyun?
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Hi there can you add baekkie back ;) this is the former baekhyun
DaBadGirll 1 week ago
Hello can you please add Kim Namjoon back I am so sorry for being inactive I couldn’t figure out my email to recover my password :(
jageun 2 weeks ago
:O i haven’t been active. sorry! thanks for having me, though.
kakashi 2 weeks ago
dowoon from day6 please and thankies
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I’m so proud of you bubbies

stay litty you bishes <3
MaleWifey 2 weeks ago
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hai, heathens :)) guess who?
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