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Chill Café
grab a coffee or a hot chocolate and a baked good and relax in a big comfy chair for some peaceful chatting.
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jimin 7 months ago
@jungkook ( h ) /sets myself down in the seat and leans back, looking out the window while waiting until you make your way over here, smiling while reaching out to take the ice cream
thank you ~
/takes it and eats some from the top with a happy hum
jungkook 7 months ago
@jimin /fights back a small chuckle, white pearls sinking into his lower tier as he shakes his head and moves towards the till, ordering himself a a scoop of chocolate and vanilla and you a scoop of strawberry and chocolate.
thank you
/he pays the cashier, moving over to take the ice creams as soon as they’re done and makes his way towards you
I’m back, here’s your ice cream
jimin 7 months ago
@jungkook ( h ) /hums a little and squints my eyes at you, lazily pointing a finger at you before shaking my head with a small smile
you guys.. seriously.
/laughs softly and heads off to find a seat over by a window
jungkook 7 months ago
@jimin one strawberry and chocolate coming right up. how about you find us a seat and I’ll get our ice creams?
/nods his head with a small chuckle and pulls out his wallet.
to go? for taehyung? I’ll try not to
/asks, a cheeky grin lingering on his lips as he makes a move towards the small line.
jimin 7 months ago
@jungkook ( h ) /stumbles along slightly while being dragged inside and keeps up without tripping or running into anything
strawberry and chocolate, oh and I want another togo before we leave. don't let me forget, ok?
/lifts my eyes up to you with a smile and small nod, raising an eyebrow
jungkook 7 months ago
@jimin /drags you towards the cafe, hand pressing firmly against the door as he pushes it open and makes his way in with you behind him.
okay, so what ice cream did you want again? /he asks, flickering his gaze over to you with a small grin
bangchan 7 months ago
@felix that's because i didn't tell you. until now
/shrugs shamelessly as i look at you from across the table where i am, smiling at the sight of your cheeks all pink and just because of me
would you like it to be a date, lix?
because i would very much like it to be a date. wouldn't you?
/murmurs with a small tilt of my head as i look at you, turning my menu around to show you the dishes i then begin to point out to you
the sandwiches they do here are great. especially the pork cutlet type. its based on the super expensive sandwich from japan with wagyu
other than that the bibimbap is top notch. oh and bossam-
/pauses before i zoom my eyes over the drinks side of the menu, glancing over the words before i tap the menu to show you the sodas ad other cold drinks, stopping myself a little later when i realise i'm rambling
we can get some normal meat to grill if you want though
anything you want, lix
/sets my menu down, folding my arms on the table in front of me as i lean in a little when looking at you, offering another dimpled, warm smile
felix 7 months ago
@bangchan *My attention is locked on my phone, mindlessly scrolling through social media as we wait for the bus. I'm brought out of my brief moment as I feel your arm around my shoulder, confusion evident on my features; not quite sure as to what I am agreeing.*
Oh yeah, a bite — A bite?
*I repeat but before I can say anything else I'm being pulled along, briefly looking back at the others to wave a little 'goodbye' before I can eventually catch up. Once in a more comfortable pace, my hand gives our laced fingers a soft squeeze.*
I don't remember you telling me we were going to eat —?
*I muse followed by a small laugh. Blindly, I follow you, having yet to become use to the city; more or so, explore it. I lightly bump into you once we come to a stop at a cafe before I mutter a soft 'Thanks' when you hold the door open for me. It all feels — surreal in a way as I find myself seated on the table across from you, menu in hand and all.*
Uh, I haven't been here before — I don't really know what to order, haha.
Also — what is all this for? is this — a date?
*My elbows rest on the table as I prop my head on my hands; a pink hue remaining on my cheeks as the idea of this being a date makes me feel jiggidy inside.*
bangchan 7 months ago
@felix /on the way back from doing some shopping with a few friends, we stop at a bus stop not too far from the mall, some of them saying they're heading back and we should too
/reaches an arm up, wrapping it around your shoulders as its nothing out of the usual but it feels a little more... proprietorial to say the least
lix and i are going to grab a bite to eat
/before anyone can argue, least of all you, i slide my hand down into your own and link my fingers between yours, holding you gently as i wave to the group and head off with you
come on
/throws you a dimpled smile over my shoulder before i glance at one of the shops we pass by, on i stepped into on my own before i smile and walk past with you
/pushes open a cafe door and lets you inside first, holding the door before i signal for a table for two with my fingers, the waiter leading us over to the table by the window
/pulls your chair out for you, waiting for you to sit down before i tuck you in and sit down opposite you, setting my bag down beside my feet, a menu being handed to you and i
order anything you want, okay? its on me
changmin 7 months ago
@kenta *smiles more seeing your happy smile*
You're welcome~
I'm happy to hear that~
kenta 7 months ago
@changmin /smiles happily
well thank you changminnie~
i know you are and it means alot to hear that~
changmin 8 months ago
@kenta *nods*
It is. But you're sweet enough that it will work out
You're welcome. I'm only saying the truth.
kenta 8 months ago
@changmin /smiles warmly at you and nods
yeah it is.. but its the best thing i can do right now..
well thank you changminnie~
changmin 9 months ago
@kenta *smiles softly*
Waiting patiently is really hard
Someone will see what a catch you are.

(I still feel bad about it)
kenta 9 months ago
@changmin /nods gently and smiles warmly at you
yeah it is.. but ill just wait patiently~
thats the best thing i can do~

(its alright, ive been busy lately so its okay~)
changmin 9 months ago
@kenta *nods*
It can be really hard waiting, but it's worth it when you find that special someone
Maybe they will appear out of the blue one day

(it's not though. Sorry again, I don't even know how I didn't see your reply ;;)
kenta 10 months ago
@changmin /smiles warmly at you and nods
i know~
and i still have to wait patiently~

( its okay~ )
changmin 10 months ago
@kenta *nods and smiles softly*
I really was lucky to find him~
You'll find your someone special hyung~

(Sorry for the late reply ;;)
kenta 11 months ago
@changmin /smiles and nods gently
yeah it is difficult..
you were lucky to have found him~
changmin 11 months ago
@kenta *smiles softly back*
No problem hyung~
I know, it's difficult when everyone is getting together and married.
I thought the same before. Until I met Dinghao, I thought I would never find someone
kenta 11 months ago
@changmin /smiles softly and nods
thanks minnie~
i hope so too..i really do~
everyone i know are getting together and getting married too..
/sips my drink slowly
changmin 11 months ago
@kenta *smiles*
You will~
Someone will come along and be perfect for you~
They'll definitely come~
*smiles back, happily sipping on my drink*
kenta 11 months ago
@changmin /eyesmiles softly
i hope so~
well thanks minnie .. ive been waiting a while but still no one yet
but ill keep waiting then~
/smilea and sips my drink
changmin 11 months ago
@kenta *smiles and takes another sip of mine*
*looks shy*
Thank you hyung~
Don't pout hyung, you'll find someone~
I used to think I would never find someone, but I did.
You're so nice, someone will come and sweep you off your feet
kenta 11 months ago
@changmin /smiles and nods gently
/happily holds mine and sips my drink
but congrats for getting engaged.. im happy for you~
i wish i could find someone..
/pouts softly
changmin 11 months ago
@kenta *smiles*
I can see why you like it now~
*grins back and hands you your drink, gently taking mine back*
kenta 11 months ago
@changmin /nods softly
yeah thats why i like the vanilla flavor alot~
/grins happily at you and hands your drink back
changmin 11 months ago
@kenta *smiles*
You're is yummy too~
It's nice, you can taste the vanilla, but it's not overpowering~
kenta 11 months ago
@changmin /eyesmiles softly
/gently holds yours and takes a sip of it
wow.. it tastes yummy~
changmin 11 months ago
@kenta *nods and giggles softly*
It is~
*takes it and hands you mine*
You try mine hyung~
*takes a sip of yours*


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SweetCookie 3 weeks ago
Thank you all for the good memories
Maeyeollie 2 months ago
*sits here for a hot second*
Your layout is beautiful~
f10678786e9cdfbb785c 4 months ago
add josh cullen santos for me, please!
DoneWithYou 4 months ago
Insert mi
self-love 4 months ago
Y’all gay
lascivious 5 months ago
oh god, the memories --
warms me little, bitty heart to see you guys still up and running.
I may not be remembered, or even I remember much but this place
still has a very special place in my heart. Time has really wooshed, huh?
I probably sound like a granny lmao, I'm sorry ! just happy to see that one
of my favorite places is still up as I come back onto this site hah!
Mysterio 5 months ago
Um, may I join?
76b27de48ad9d7e8f646 5 months ago
could I get kyungsoo back please
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