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kyuhyun 2 months ago
@sanha Kyuhyun was on a bit of an aggressive roll, or it could be said way, either way he was letting his competitive side take over. He had been gaming for a couple of hours now and still hadn't quite managed to pull off his plan to beat this guy with a character he'd been practising with... so what better way to ensure victory by making him face his other character instead? It wasn't his main character, just something he had a bit more practice on and may have been a little stronger in general. 'I am so not sorry for what's about to happen to you~' Kyuhyun said in his head, that usual grin spreading onto his face as he went in for an attack. He wasn't about to admit defeat at all, even if it had been unfair. A win was a win no matter the cost to get there.
He took a moment to type away on the keyboard, the smugness was thick right now as he looked at the text he just sent into the chat.

'Hah! I believe I win~
baekhyun ( sh ) 4 months ago
@namjoon *raises a brow over at you* oh really now huh *chuckles and shakes my head facing the screen*
How bold of you to say that..
* glances over at your screen and raises a brow seeing my car next to yours, steps on the gas to speed up searching for the short cuts to reach first. Uses the speed to exceed the limits* nu uh I’m not letting you beat me
namjoon 4 months ago
@baekhyun ( sh ) The only time my gets whooped is durin ..
* leans back against my seat with a smirk giving you a wink before looking away *
Let’s do this ..
* presses the steps making my car go forward small laughs coming out every time I attempt to pass you *
baekhyun ( sh ) 4 months ago
@namjoon * leans back against the seat resting my palm calmly on the wheels, shift my head at your way during the countdown with a challenging look*
Ready to get your whooped? * snickers and steps on the gas having my eyes left on the screen making through the crowd of cars attempting to become 1st*
namjoon 5 months ago
@baekhyun ( sh ) * grins a little as I wait for the game to start after you choose your car *
* once the countdown screen shows I start pressing on the gas reving the engine *
baekhyun ( sh ) 5 months ago
@namjoon You are welcome * smiles over and slips in the coin one by one making before pressing start*
Ahhh lets choose this one * use the steering wheel as the control picking the tokyo as a location before choosing the car*
Ooo how fancy.. imma pick the Lamborghini * chooses a blue color*
namjoon 5 months ago
@baekhyun ( sh ) * watched in amusement as you move around to get the coins before handing me 4 *
Thanks Hyung
* smiles placing the coins in the slot before looking at my screen choosing my car *
You pick the map ~
baekhyun ( sh ) 5 months ago
@namjoon Shush no more saying that! Im not taking no as an answer namjoonie * sticks out my tongue before slipping a couple of bills to exhange it with tokens, hurry/ over to the other seat bringing my hand on the steering wheel and my foot autonatically against the gas pedal to give it a tap a times*
Here four tokens for you to start the game * hands you four coins*
namjoon 5 months ago
@baekhyun ( sh ) That’s fine you don’t really have to offer me anything Hyung .. * nods to myself before smiling and walking to the racing *
Alright then
* sits down and waits for you to do the same so we can start *
baekhyun ( sh ) 5 months ago
@namjoon That all I can offer you as a goodbye give you know... * press my lips together and sends you a sincere smile*
Haha alrighty! Goal is to win! *looks over my shoulder at your direction*
Hmm you want me to decide what the loser gets to do? Haha I feel like if I say something the tables will end up turning with me losing * laughs* lets just keep it a secret on what to do to hulimiate the other. Now shall we start with the racing game?
namjoon 5 months ago
@baekhyun ( sh ) * even after you fix my hair my hands go up to flatten it down more and nods *
Ok Hyung well thank you for spending your saved money here ..
* nods as I stare at you for a moment *
* laughs out loud bending over as I pat my knee nodding my head *
Ok I like it so bet to both ..
* runs in after you following your lead *
So you pick the first one and whoever loses has to do all those things Hyung !
baekhyun ( sh ) 5 months ago
@namjoon Shhhhhh as much as I perform so much with the members and go to tour im not as rich. Plus I dont go out as much so I saved up after receiving my paychecks *ruffles your hair before fixing it afterwards, laughs along with you*
Hmm how about The loser becomes a slave and must listen to every single order the winner request for until the day ends *looks back at you* that would be fun right? Or shall I make the loser has to crossdress *shows you an evil grin plastering across my face pulling my hand back to run up ahead to go inside the arcade*
namjoon 5 months ago
@baekhyun ( sh ) Ah! * laughs loudly when you put me into a head lock and knocks my hip back into yours *
Hyung please .. you are
* laughs as we walk faster before nodding *
Alright alright what kind of bet though Hyung ..
* looks at you *
And make it a good one
* whistles as I look around the arcade hands in my pocket *
baekhyun ( sh ) 5 months ago
@namjoon * pulls you into a head lock hooking my arms around your shoulder bumping my hip with your when seeing your pout*
Shush im not billionare rich though
* walks up ahead hurrying over to the mall with you*
Dance dance revolution sounds like fun and fighting games. Oo those are fun too! Hey how about we have a competition playing those games. We could make a bet.
namjoon 5 months ago
@baekhyun ( sh ) * pouts with a soft sigh before nodding *
Alright mr rich with his credit card ..
* grins softly as I follow you out of the restaurant. *
So what kind of arcade games you like Hyung..
I enjoy those racing once and a little bit of the shooting ones ..
* nods as I talk away *
baekhyun ( sh ) 5 months ago
@namjoon * purse my lips watching you pay for everything as I got up from my seat afterwards when you finished paying*
Oh come on.. I insist! Its my treat and a gift. I dont mine the expenses. I got my handy dandy credit card to help me pay it so its fine * smiles and motions you over as I walked out the resturant to head over to the mall*
namjoon 5 months ago
@baekhyun ( sh ) Hmmm~ exactly ..
* nods as I pull out the cash before handing it back to the waitress telling her she can keep the change*
* looks at you blinking *
D-dozen .. no no you don’t have to plus that’s too many .. now a days they are so expensive.. * nods *
baekhyun ( sh ) 5 months ago
@namjoon * sets the bowl down when finishing my meal and lets out a sigh in content* man im stuffed... but i still have an itty bitty amount of space for desserts later * gives my tummy a pat and smiles over*
That’s why gotta love being in a switch relationship. You can get to try out many things with your partner and satisfy one another * picks up the napkin beside my drink and wipes around my lips clearing my throat*
Imma buy you a dozen of strawberries as a farewell gift for you then joonie * sees the waitress coming back with the check, leans over to see the receipt*
namjoon 5 months ago
@baekhyun ( sh ) * chuckles my eyes crinkling at the corners as I watch you *
What no ones listening and switch hmm I could see that.
* laughs at your puffed out cheeks *
Well you never know with me.. one minute I could be riding you on the couch the next I could be bending you over the table .. depends on my partner
* grins even more shaming my head sheepishly *
Well.. I love strawberry’s ..
* shrugs as I lean out asking the waitress for the check *
baekhyun ( sh ) 5 months ago
@namjoon *eyes widen nearly choking on a noodle as I quickly reach over to grab my iced tea to drink* oh gosh.. I didnt expect you to say that in public *gives a sheepish look somewhat embarrassed* i mean.... i wont disagree about me being the dom type heh. But I lean more in being a switch * place the glass down and leans back to face you puffing my cheeks before grinning* says the one acting cute himself towards his hyung * coo over at your expression* see giggling too when thinking of his favorite dessert * laughs and picks up the bowl to slurp up the whole soup*
namjoon 5 months ago
@baekhyun ( sh ) * wipes my mouth with a napkin and stares at you *
What are you the dominate daddy type.. * chuckles softly as I lean forward once again resting my chin in the palm of my hand relaxing * the get on your knees for me baby.. * grins as I tease a bit * but damn that would be hot seeing you as the daddy type .. or maybe that’s my kink.. * mumbles to myself as I grab another dumpling * ahh whatever I’m not the only one that likes the daddy type ..
* stuffs the dumpling into my mouth and chews before smiling at you sweetly * I’m glad I get to see this side of you Hyung .. it’s cute ..
* nods almost cutely in excitement showing in my eyes and facial expression *
It is seriously my favorite dessert Hyung I live for strawberry’s especially chocolate covered ones..
* giggles at you as I grab one dumpling passing it to your plate then eating the last one myself *
baekhyun ( sh ) 5 months ago
@namjoon *smiles sheepishly over at you shaking my head after letting out a laugh* nahhhhhh im not always this adorable and squishy type joonie
* slurps up some of the soup with some of the crab meat*
Of course! Imma be the one treating you with your favorite dessert * sticks out my tongue* your love for strawberries covered with chocolate. * shakes my head with and smile taking a bite of the tempura happily*
namjoon 5 months ago
@baekhyun ( sh ) Mmhm ~
* smiles at you * you are so adorable Hyung ..
* shakes my head a little before taking the last bite of my noddles, picking the bowl up and drinking the soup “
It was very delicious.. I can’t wait for dessert though
* smirks at you as I wink *
* grabs my coke and starts drinking it as I lean back against the chair *
baekhyun ( sh ) 5 months ago
@namjoon Thats good to know joonie * smiles warmly and sniffles when feeling my nose becoming runny as I slurp up a good amount of noodles and taking a bite of tempura, chews happily with an eyesmile giving a thumbs up and a sheepish look*
It’s very delicious!
namjoon 5 months ago
@baekhyun ( sh ) * looks up at you as I chew the noodles and grins just a little as I grab the tempura from you taking it into my mouth.*
Yeah it’s pretty good Hyung and I was starving soo
* thumbs up as I continue to eat my noddles and dumplings *
How’s yours ?
baekhyun ( sh ) 5 months ago
@namjoon *eats the ramen enjoying the seafood flavor before looking over*
You have to fill up your tumtum! * picks up one of the tempura and brings it over to you* do you like it?
namjoon 5 months ago
@baekhyun ( sh ) Sweet..
* giggles softly and grabs my chopsticks *
Enjoy the good ..
* slowly mixes the ramen before starting to eat as wel *
baekhyun ( sh ) 5 months ago
@namjoon *nods a couple of times letting out a small chuckle* Yes I will buy you as many Chocolate covered strawberries before our farewells. I at least want to offer you a good time today and a special day
*shift my head over when seeing the bowl of ramen rubbing my stomach to soothen it* ohh here its coming! Time to fill up our tum tum * smiles softly and distracts myself by picking up my chopsticks and the spoon once the bowls were placed down* thank you for this meal! * hums softly admiring how the food watering up my mouth* lets eat shall we? * smiles over at you and mix my bowl to mix all the ingredients, uses the chopstick to pick up the crab leg to eat*
namjoon 5 months ago
@baekhyun ( sh ) * nods a little, grabbing my coke taking a sip *
Food, arcade ..
* hums pretending to think chin in my hand *
Special treat.. * hums before grinning widely *
Chocolate covered strawberry’s Hyung.. you gonna pay for those ..
* smiles softly cause I love strawberry’s *
* looks up as they start bringing the food out, sipping on my coke again *
baekhyun ( sh ) 5 months ago
@namjoon Ah.. I see * press my lips together with an apologetic look knowing your words are true* if that is your decision then alright. Even if I want to prevent you from leaving, I dont want you to stay and feel unhappy or ignored by any other.
I guess I will at least offer you a special treat for today before parting ways * thinly gives a small smile and looks down at my drink to take a tiny sip*


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kakashi 1 week ago
dowoon from day6 please and thankies
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I’m so proud of you bubbies

stay litty you bishes <3
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Are moving couples accepted?
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