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plenty of stylish stores for you to find your look, or check out the food court for a bite to eat! Shop till you drop~
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jimin 1 month ago
@luhan /blinks and shakes my head to get some hair out of my eyes
as long as we can see the sky well.. so an open field with little trees? oh, but somewhere we can do some hiking ~
luhan 1 month ago
@jimin is there any specific scenery that you would like to be around?
/walks outside with you
i mean, i would literally take you anywhere
jimin 1 month ago
@luhan /nods quickly and follows you up to the check out, putting the basket on the counter and gets out my money to pay for our drinks and food, grabbing a few of the bags after
let's go find a camping spot ~
/starts walking outside
luhan 1 month ago
@jimin okay~
let's go pay for this then go off on our little adventure to find the perfect camping spot~
/smiles softly and walks up to the check out
jimin 1 month ago
@luhan /hums a little while looking around, grabbing gummies
that should do it ~
luhan 1 month ago
@jimin alright, well what else would you like to grab?
/grins a bit
jimin 1 month ago
@luhan /blinks a few times in thought and nods
let's get enough for a few nights.
luhan 1 month ago
@jimin do you just want to spend one night camping, or should we grab food for a few nights?
/tilts my head slightly
jimin 1 month ago
@luhan /nods a little more and watches you pick some out
that's good to know.
/puts some water bottles in the basket
luhan 1 month ago
@jimin I'll eat any, as long as it's not seafood
/looks around at all of the ramen before grabbing a few different flavours
jimin 1 month ago
@luhan okay.
/nods slowly
hmm.. I'll eat any kind, I'm not too picky.
what about you?
luhan 1 month ago
@jimin I wouldn't lie just to make you happy
/looks down at you and smiles
are there any specific flavours that you like?
jimin 1 month ago
@luhan /squints slightly at you with a smile
I'm not? ..that's good then.
/hums softly while looking, glancing up from where I'm crouching and stands with a basket of things
ah, yes. let's get water and ramens too ~
/goes to get the water and noodles
luhan 1 month ago
@jimin princess, you're not heavy..
/smiles softly
I'll let you pick the snacks
although, if we get some water, we could make some ramen too
just in case we want something warm to eat~
jimin 1 month ago
@luhan /smiles and laughs a little, nodding slowly
I guess you have to be since you were able to carry me that one time.
/finds a store and looks around at the snacks, setting the blanket down for a moment to pick out some chips and chocolates and even grabbing some marshmallows in case we have a campfire
luhan 1 month ago
@jimin I'm not planning on leaving your side either.
/shakes my head
no, it's okay. I'm a strong boy
/chuckles softly
jimin 1 month ago
@luhan /smiles widely
I would hope you'd want to because I'm not planning on leaving your side.
/picks the blanket back up and nods as I start to head out of the store to find one for snacks, looking over at you
Isn't that heavy? maybe we should find something to push it on.
luhan 1 month ago
@jimin I think you're definitely the one I want to keep forever~
/smiles sweetly before taking some money out of my wallet to pay for the tent and blanket, grabbing the tent after
let's go get those snacks now~
jimin 1 month ago
@luhan /giggles softly as my face heats up a little, leaning over to kiss your cheek
I like that ~
/nods with a smile and looks around while waiting, and then follows you up to the check out and places the blanket on the counter with the tent
luhan 1 month ago
@jimin because.. not only did you find your way into my heart, but you found a way into my head too
/chuckles softly
lemme just go grab the tent and I'll be back to pay for this~
/kisses your cheek before running off to grab the tent and comes back to you, putting it on the counter before grabbing my wallet
jimin 1 month ago
@luhan hm, I don't know if it's weird but why do you think it's cute?
/smiles and shakes my head while keeping a hold of the blanket up to my chest
I got it ~
/starts walking to the check out
luhan 1 month ago
@jimin I feel like you are
is it weird if I think it's cute?
/laughs a bit
would you like me to carry that, princess?
jimin 1 month ago
@luhan /blinks
am I?
/laughs a little and reaches for one of the weighted blankets, a yellow one
yay ~
now we should go pay for the tent and blanket, and then go find snacks.
luhan 1 month ago
@jimin princess, I swear you've been reading my mind
/chuckles softly
I want to give you nothing but the best, so yes, we will be getting a weighted blanket~
jimin 1 month ago
@luhan /nods happily and looks around again
I saw some blankets over here-
/pulls you in the opposite direction to where a section of blankets are
we should get one of those weighted blankets ~
luhan 1 month ago
@jimin we shall get that one then~
it seems like it would be perfect
/smiles softly and looks around
okay, so we found our tent.. now we gotta find the best blankets and lots of yummy snacks~
jimin 1 month ago
@luhan of course ~
/nods while looking at the nice tents
hmm.. I like this one.
/stands in front of a tent slightly taller them me
It says it can stand against any weather.
luhan 1 month ago
@jimin it would have to be a comfortable mattress
I think we should get a tent that offers the most comfort ~
/follows you
and lots of warm blankets in case it gets cold
jimin 1 month ago
@luhan /looks around at the tents before nodding my head quickly and smiles at you
I think a big tent would be best, the kind that comes with a small mattress.
/walks over to the more luxurious tents
luhan 1 month ago
@jimin do you think we should get a big one so we have lots of room to play around in?
/grins a bit


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lascivious 5 days ago
oh god, the memories --
warms me little, bitty heart to see you guys still up and running.
I may not be remembered, or even I remember much but this place
still has a very special place in my heart. Time has really wooshed, huh?
I probably sound like a granny lmao, I'm sorry ! just happy to see that one
of my favorite places is still up as I come back onto this site hah!
Mysterio 1 week ago
Um, may I join?
pinkpanther 3 weeks ago
could I get kyungsoo back please
[comment deleted by owner]
[comment deleted by owner]
smilingdown 1 month ago
A/R Kim Jongdae please
lovelikeyeolxygen [A] 1 month ago

If you want your character back, just comment and we’ll re-accept you! If you need a hiatus, LET US KNOW!
unrevealed 1 month ago
keeping upvote and fav but johnny dipped
starstrckd 1 month ago
yo can I get ten?
jungshook 1 month ago
your boy needs a hella hiatus
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