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taeyong 2 months ago
@yukhei pshh no no. I am sure it's scientific --- /the usual sarcasm in my voice is gone, however, the bliss of todays event overpowering everything else, my eyes seemingly indecisive whether they want to watch your lips, glimpse at your eyes or stare at your beautiful fingers, decorated with the shiny jewelry for now/
well, you will like to know - i did not just decide to be like this.. I had a powerful teacher--
A sensei, some might claim..
/shakes my head as you say you're a handful, my hands flailing around for a bit before they catch your own and I look back into your eyes, eyes still glimmering/ you are handful, baby. Handful of.. sunshine? /furrows my eyebrows for a bit, looking to the side as I rethink the words/ hmm. I'm not sure if that worked as a compliment.... what do you think?
/nods my head slowly, a somewhat wholesome smile appearing on my lips as I try to imagine the reactions of the others, snorting shortly after/ oh my. mark and jaehyun are going to die. literally die--
/shakes my head, small giggles escaping my lips at this possible image, before my eyes get more serious again and i turn them to you, squishing your fingers in my hands./ this is real, huh?
my god. i can't believe you said yes--
yukhei 3 months ago
@taeyong i mean its totally flawed but that just makes you all the more endearing with hos insistent you are
/tilts my head in the light when you look around, knowing you're looking at the ring so i let it twinkle there a little, smiling softly as i know its still sinking in, for us both
even more compliments than you?
i find that hard to believe. isn't it impossible?
i think i heard you complimenting me even in your sleep the other night
/laughs softly, just teasing before i give thought to my parents and what i think their reaction might be to the whole thing
they're probably happy someone like you snatched me up before i could cause trouble or something. probably tell you i'm a handful as well
/snorts at the offer of the invitations on such short notice, shaking my head swiftly as i look down at you, using my ring finger to brush some of my hair back behind my own ear
they'll be upset if we really did that. they're just going... to be very noisy is all
kun ge is gonna flip
taeyong 3 months ago
@yukhei Ehhh is it adorable -- i feel like it's more on the cringy side but i'm glad you're digging it --
/gives you a cheeky wink,happily resting my weight against your chest, before i slowly pull away , turning my head around so that my eyes could take a glance at the ring once again/
I told you, silly. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you.
/narrows my eyes before laughing at your words, shakking my head as I coo, yet another soft kiss being pressed to your cheek/
Cutie. I'm sure my mom will love you -- can only imagine her pulling me to the side and whispering what a handsome young man you are.
I hope you're ready to listen to her compliments all day every day though - if you think i say those often, you should hear my mom. I am no competition for her --
/squeezes your sides, happy huff leaving my parted lips as the realisation hits me once more, something that's probably not going to stop soon/ what about your parents? Aren't they going to be upset with me for taking their son's hand at such young age?
/murmurs, voice full of blissful joy as I sway us to the sides gently, my wide smile hidden in the fabric of your shirt/ oooooh that's.. true. Should we not tell them and only send invitations like 2 days before the actual wedding??
yukhei 3 months ago
@taeyong look at you with your adorable logic
/grins at you before i return the quick kiss you plant on my lips, smiling happily at you before i'm running my hand with the engagement ring over your back lightly
that's so sweet of you, hyung... you put all this effort in for little old me
/my heart throbs even more for you, aching in my chest as it yearns to jump from its resting place and join your heart in your own chest
do you think your parents will like me...?
i mean, as a son in law
/asks as i press my cheek to the top of your head, nuzzling the soft strands of hair there as i smile again, unable to help this giddy feeling
my mom is going to be over the moon
just you wait and see
the rest of nct are going to be a whole damn ride telling though
taeyong 3 months ago
@yukhei Well.. I am a man in love - but i'm also sure that others would agree with me
/matches your chuckle, only beamin further as you compliment my work, heart beating with excitement as I press yet another gentle kiss to your lips, seemingly not getting over this overwhelming joy/
You are only twenty, that's true.. but.. you know what that means - the younger you are the wilder the bachelors parties are! So in a way... it is great to get mareied young -- don't question this logic please
/gladly falls into your arms, squeezing you in my own embrace as I chuckle, happy as ever, nosing your neck softly as I shake my head/ hmm. I had a few people help me with the flowers but i kind of wanted to do this by myself.. you know - if i can't build you a house ---
yukhei 4 months ago
@taeyong spoken like a man in love
i'm only perfect in your eyes, beautiful
/chuckles softly as i speak, happily leaning into your touch even more as warmth lingers on my lips and tingles int he best kind of way possible
it is perfect-
you put so much work into this and i can't believe what i'm seeing
/glances around the room one more time, seeing how much you've done and i grin once again, turning back to you and nodding quickly
i love it-
i don't even feel that tired any more
how can i? i'm so excited! i'm engaged to the love of my life and i'm only twenty
/lets out a little giggle as that hits, my lips pressing together before i'm circling my arms around you, pulling you in tight and cuddling you once more
its so perfect
you must have spent ages, hyung. do the others know? did they help?
taeyong 4 months ago
@yukhei /as the ring sits rather perfectly on your finger, my whole face seems to get yet another kind of glow, the joy oozing out as i laugh, the admiration of the ring that you express soothing my heart even more, my eyes glossy with happy tears/ it does -- you look perfect -- you are perfect. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you, xuxi --
/murmurs as i lean into your touch, my lips meeting your own gladly, head tilting just slighly to make the kiss a bit longer. I let the moment sink in, my eyes staying shurt for a bit longer before i squeeze your hands in my own, finally glancing back to your eyes/
I wanted this for so long -- I wanted to make it perfect for you --
/brushes my thumbs pver your cheeks and under your eyes, gentle as if you're fragile, soft fingerpads gliding over your skin. I give you an even brighter grin after some time, glancing around the room briefly/ do you like this? I -- kmow you were tired and. I just couldn't wait -- I wanted to make this beautiful--
yukhei 4 months ago
@taeyong /wriggles happily on the spot, gasping when you put it on and it fits so perfectly like that, my heart thumping heavily in my chest before i hold my hand up to admire how the jewel sparkles prettily
/smiles against your lips before i'm nudging my nose against your own, squeezing you in my arms until you pull back to have a look
i love it! it looks so nice on my finger, doesn't it?
i've not seen one like this before, hyung. i love it and i'll keep it safe
/gently pulls my hand free of your own to cup your face, leaning down and pressing my lips softly against your own, my eyelids falling shut as i do so
/sighs happily against your lips, another 'i love you' coming from me before my fingers slip down the side of your face, finding your hands again after another moment
you really proposed-
we're really engaged... this... this is real
/brings your hands to my cheeks this time, kissing your palms and leaning into your touch, a dewy warm over my eyes and a sweet pink on my cheeks as i savour the moment just a little longer
taeyong 4 months ago
@yukhei /a deep, shaky sigh escapes my lips upon your response, a wave of joy washing over me and I squeeze my eyes shut for a brief second, my lips still molding into that shaky smile as I wrap my arms around your body, squishing you to me, pressing gentle kisses to the side of your head, weaving them with soft "i love you"s/
/a laugh, light and cheerful, comes from me and i quickly use the back of my hand to brush over my eyes before I can take out the ring and slowly put it on your finger, my own hand still shaking a bit as I stand up, holding your own in mine/
I love you so much, Yukhei-- /mumbles, leaning in to press a quick kiss to your lips, leaning against you for a moment before pulling away and taking a good look at your hand with the ring on now/ do you.. like it? I wanted it unique and absolutely beautiful - just like you-- I think it suits you, I--
/as I speak, something more similar to rambles than actual sentences, my eyes keep shooting glances to your face and back to your hand, the excitement obvious in my expression as I keep holding onto your fingers, not wanting to let you go - neither now nor ever/
yukhei 4 months ago
@taeyong /as you set our drinks down i keep my eyes on you, wondering what's wrong, why you seem so nervous though nothing negative seems to be clinging to you
/standing up with you i hold one of your hands, tilting my head as you begin talking about our relationship, briefly fretting you're going to end things but then i think you wouldn't have put in the effort to decorate a room for that, right?
/small 'yeah's and 'mhm's leave me to show i'm listening, though my big eyes do that too, attentive to you and only you, my heartbeat quickening as i realise this might be something else entirely
/a soft 'oh my god' leaves me as you suddenly get down on one knee, tears beginning to prick in my eyes as i look at you producing the small black box in your hand
/swallows thickly as i listen to you still, my hands shaking at my sides before i nod my head softly, my voice cracking as i speak
yes- y-yes i'll marry you, hyung
/unable to wait for you to put the pretty ring on my finger i drop to my knees and fling myself at you, half sobbing, half laughing as i cuddle you against the floor, hiding my face against your shirt
/sniffling i lift my face and show you the happiest smile yet, nodding before i'm scrambling to get off you enough, holding out my left hand and half bouncing up and down as i do so, wanting you to put on the ring for me
its so pretty-
/just beneath my sleeve is the bangle you gave me, still wearing it as i've never taken it off since you gave it to me, my other hand wiping tears away from my face but the smile never budges
taeyong 4 months ago

@yukhei /I tap my fingers on the side of my leg, still fidgety as I wait, however, the message I receive does make me feel lighter, although clearly, i have no basis to think that you would just straight up refuse without a reason. When I hear your knock, I feel my heart beat faster, my hand flying to my chest as if to calm it down while I watch the door opening/
Xuxi! /Almost jumps up, seeing you, as everything somewhat falls into place in my head and a bright smile stretches my lips, eyes taking the shape of young moon/ I-- yes, um. I just -- /mumbles, voice sounding both - happy and nervous before I glance down at the drink and take it from you, although instead of taking a sip, I just place it down next to myself, repeating the same with your own before I chuckle briefly, reaching out to place my hands on your shoulders and gently pulling you back up as I stand together with you/
Do you like it? I really wanted you to like this.. I-- /purses my lips for a moment, eyes playful as I look at you, roaming over your features as if searching before letting my hands go and clearing my throat subtly before I speak up, voice finally stable and calm/
Yukhei—um, Xuxi. I—wanted to bring you here because.. This is not where we had our first date.. Nor is it the space where we had our first kiss or said our first „i love you“s. And yet, Isn‘t it the most important space in our relationship. This is where we met – where I glanced at you for the first time and.. Although it was not the instant feeling of love, it was certainly a friendship, right? We grew up here – together. As humans, but as people too. Sweating, crying and laughing – we experienced it all here, and we shared it all as well. Where we entered adulthood and became who we are.. Where I glanced at you for the hundredth time and understood that this fluttering in my stomach must mean something too – They say „spend your life with your best friend and each day will be the best day you‘ll get to experience“. But it‘s unfair to call you my best friend. I have so many words to describe you and yet, no matter how long I was thinking, I couldn‘t come up with one that would fit them all in. My best friend, my lover, an actual angel on earth, the ray of sunshine in my days--
/gives you a shy, unusually nervous giggle before I take another deep breath, eyes still searching your face, my own glowing as my downwards, lowering myself on one knee as my hand reaches backwards to the jacket, taking out the tiny box and opening it without hesitation/
I love you, Xuxi. I didn‘t know it was possible to love this much – to be this full of this feeling.. You took my heart and molded it in your hands, so every hurt that I have experienced has disappeared. You taught me that I am worthy of love and for that I will forever be grateful. I want to spend the rest of my life with you – I want to keep on making memories and growing together. And if you will let me, I will spend each day loving you more than the day before.
Will you do me an honor and marry me, Huang Xu Xi?

(hi again --https://66.media.tumblr.com/80b8b8df0da2d593b5334445fec4f04f/tumblr_orsva9MxiY1qgwg3do2_540.jpg )
yukhei 4 months ago
@taeyong /feeling more than a little tired and jet lagged from flying between london, china and korea, i'm flat out on your bed after sneaking into your own dorm some time during the night
/the vibrating of my phone stirs em to let me know i have a text, sighing before i roll over to only find you're gone and i frown, patting the empty space before i crack an eyelid open and sure enough, you're gone
/sighs again, rolling over as i check my phone, fishing it out from beneath my pillow and seeing your name, smiling before i rub at my eyelids and squint at the screen and read aloud the message
/smiles a little to myself before i text you back, letting you know i'll be there as soon as i can before i'm pushing myself up, washing up a bit in your dorm before johnny lets me borrow some of his clothes since he's the closest to my size
/straightens my earrings as i wait for our coffee orders to be ready, having finished changing and stopped on my way to the studio to get us drinks
/bringing them along in the little carrier cardboard thing they give me, i put my hand in my jacket pocket, a new one i brought with me from my trip to london for burberry, before i'm knocking on the door and letting myself in
/calls out, voice still a little gruff with sleep as i glance around, the door clicking shut beside me and my eyes widen at all the directions
...you really went all out, huh?
/smiles as i spot you among the flowers, coming over and crouching in front of you, picking up your drink and holding it out to you
good morning, beautiful
you did all this for us?
taeyong 4 months ago

@yukhei /As I arrive at the studio, several unattractive card boxes being carried in the hands of the few people that I’ve managed to convince in helping and the tiny silver key in mine, my eyes roam around the room for a bit, as if anything in this space would be unfamiliar to me. With a small, rather satisfied smile I thank the helpers then, subtly shooshing them away from the space, planning to take my sweet time with the preparation. Starting with the most delicate boxes – filled with picked flowers and small bouquets – I begin arranging them in a rather random order among the floor, each vase that I pick out being slightly different. Once I am done with my arrangement, I move on to the walls, decorating them in similar fashion – my pre-made flower curtains hanging from the ceiling to the floor. Finishing it all with a few larger vases, concentrated mainly near the entrance, filled with the same variety of flowers – roses, daisies, sunflowers, peonies and others, I take out my phone, and type in a quick text/
“Xuxi! Remember that dance date I kept talking about? I think today would be perfect :) I will wait in the usual studio? I love you hehe”
/Once the text is sent, I take a seat on the floor, almost hiding myself in the bunch of flowers as my fingers intertwine with each other, preventing me from fidgeting, although I am still unsure whether I will be able to sit still, waiting/
(hey so um. This is kind of abstract but the atmosphere of the studio is something like this -- https://66.media.tumblr.com/b17e60720d575c4169c72169f93797e2/tumblr_py3ophX8Sr1wbm9yxo1_1280.jpg (also um think chen in cbx‘s „blooming day“ when he was sitting in the room with flowers heh) hope you like it ^^)
wonshik 1 year ago



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Maeyeollie 1 month ago
*sits here for a hot second*
Your layout is beautiful~
f10678786e9cdfbb785c 3 months ago
add josh cullen santos for me, please!
DoneWithYou 3 months ago
Insert mi
self-love 3 months ago
Y’all gay
lascivious 4 months ago
oh god, the memories --
warms me little, bitty heart to see you guys still up and running.
I may not be remembered, or even I remember much but this place
still has a very special place in my heart. Time has really wooshed, huh?
I probably sound like a granny lmao, I'm sorry ! just happy to see that one
of my favorite places is still up as I come back onto this site hah!
Mysterio 4 months ago
Um, may I join?
76b27de48ad9d7e8f646 4 months ago
could I get kyungsoo back please
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smilingdown 5 months ago
A/R Kim Jongdae please
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