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Ω☄lu han 3 years ago
Luhan quietly walked in, his head hung down so he could avoid stares and sat in the furthest corner. Bringing out his textbooks, Luhan sighed a bit and started to draw
Ω☪shin dongwoo✧ 3 years ago
/hums and sits in the room not wanting to really talk but just chill/
Ω☪kang daesung 4 years ago
* walks in shyly looking around checking stuff out *
[SH] Ω❅kim donghyuk 4 years ago
@Ω❅park seungheon /nods/
Yeah, I've gotten used to it now.
/smiles gently/
I like being an omega. We're going to be great friends! I'm sure of it!
[H] Ω❅park seungheon 4 years ago
@Ω❅kim donghyuk Similar, I think. "I spent so long training to be an alpha. I peeked late, and suddenly all of that went to waste." I laugh slightly, not really finding sadness in it anymore. "I didn't think there would be similar situations to mine though. It's surprising. They say the greatest friendships start with a common ground." Nudges you gently and smiles bright.
[SH] Ω❅kim donghyuk 4 years ago
@Ω❅park seungheon I agree! We'll be great friends!
/moves to sit next to you/
I've been looking to make new omega friends. I only grew up with alphas because my parents were positive i was going to be an alpha like my older brother.
/puts my arm around your shoulder/
But now I'm here to make new friends!
[H] Ω❅park seungheon 4 years ago
@Ω❅kim donghyuk Smiles even brighter than before, eyes turning to crescents at the welcoming feel I get from you. "We must be good friends! The more friends one has here, the easier it is to handle being here without knowing many people, I think."
[SH] Ω❅kim donghyuk 4 years ago
@Ω❅park seungheon /Looks up/
Oh! Hello!
/responds with a deep bow/
It's very nice to meet you too! I hope we can be good friends!
[H] Ω❅park seungheon 4 years ago
@Ω❅kim donghyuk Looks at you from the far end of the class, wary, but smiling nonetheless. "Nice to meet you~ I'm Park Seungheon." I say loud enough for you to hear over the noise of the other student talking, greeting you with a bow.
[SH] Ω❅kim donghyuk 4 years ago
/peeks inside/
Uh... Hello. I'm the new student, Kim Donghyuk.
Ω☄Minpha✧ 4 years ago
@Meto When Minpha woke up for the second time, he was completely disoriented. All he remembered was Meto rushing towards him before he hit the ground and then some weird, black shadow that had scared him out of his wits. He wasn't all too sure what that was all about. So as he regained consciousness, already groggy and a bit daft in this post-fainting state, he felt like a complete dim-wit. After suddenly sitting up, he silently stared around the room, very very slowly his vision clearing up. But his mind was still a bit clouded, as always after fainting. "Mmmhmm~", he hummed happily, smiling innocently as he reached out towards Meto, enveloping him in a big hug and dragged him into the bed with him. (What's the approx. height difference between the two?) "I love you mr. pinguin...", he mumbled half-asleep and hugged Meto tighter, drawing him even closer.
Ω☪Meto✧ 4 years ago
@Minpha Meto's eyes widened in absolute horror, "What is wrong with you?" He demanded, hurrying over to Minpha and sitting down next to him, stroking his hair and half glaring half pouting at the nurse. "That's just mean! No wonder he's scared so easy..." He said, huffing and grabbing the curtain that hung around the bed and pulling it between them and the nurse. He had a good opinion of her, sometimes. She dealt with his crippling anxiety enough times that he counted her as something of a friend. But that didn't mean he was going to just let her do something like that for her own amusement. It wasn't funny. Poor Minpha... Meto would probably have nightmares if people did that to him. He was already overly sensitive to everything. He didn't understand how Minpha could be so... Everything. Bubbly, confident, self-assured. He just owned every room he walked in to and he didn't let anyone bother him it seemed. Meto could hold his head up against a strong wind, let along a real person. He sighed softly and kept stroking his fingers through Minpha's pretty hair. Everything about him was just so pretty. It made Meto's heart ache and his ego sink even lower just being close to him. He wished he was pretty like Minpha. Then maybe people would like him too. Maybe he'd be able to talk to people if he was pretty. If only.
Ω☄Minpha✧ 4 years ago
@Meto Sighing, but also somewhat amused by the situation, the nurse too, a seat opposite of Meto. Both were regular visitors, for their own reasons, just having them come in at once was a first. "So what happened?", she asked as she watched Meto, to make sure he really did take his pills. "Did you scare him?", she asked, leaning forward a bit, her curiousity getting the better of her. But hey, being a nurse you were stuck in a sterile room all day. She just needed someone to talk to on occasion. "I bet you jumped out at him all of a sudden and then he fell to the ground, right? Did he scream this time? Sometimes he does, but it's rare. Usually he faints before he can scream. But don't worry, him fainting isn't harmful to him at all.", she finally reassured Meto after bombarding him questions.

Just then, Minpha stirred. "Sit tight Meto! Let me show you something.", the nurse whispered, about to do something that would cost her her job in a normal school. Mumbling something about vanilla cupcakes and chocolate-chip cookies, Minpha rolled over on his side, then back onto his back. Tired as always after passing out, he rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands. And just when he sat up and opened his eyes, the nurse jumped in front of him. And Minpha was put like a light again. Laughing to herself, the nurse turned to Meto as she pointed at the blob of unconscious pink. "See? Happens every time.", she giggled.

(I'll have her wake him up in your next reply)
Ω☪Meto✧ 4 years ago
@Minpha "U-unconscious?" Meto echoed, tears slipping down his cheeks as he looked up at the teacher with wide terrified eyes, "N-not dead?" He tried to process that information and it slowly began to sink into his panicked brain. He had too much anxiety to handle all of this at once. It was just too much, and passing out too sounded like a wonderful idea, But then who would take Minpha to the nurses office? Meto sighed and nodded, rubbing his eyes to try to get rid of the tears and slowly reached back down to slide his hands under Minpha's shoulders again. "O-okay, I'm s-sorry." He apologized again, feeling embarrassed and like such an idiot for being the cause of all of this. He should really just stop coming to this class. Or at least he would if he thought he wouldn't fail for that, and that would ruin his absolutely perfect 4.0 GPA. He took pride in his grades because they were the only thing he had to be proud of.

Slowly but surly Meto managed to drag the unconscious lump of cotton candy into the nurses office, panting and nearly dead from exhaustion by the time he made it there, and he could only hope that Minpha wouldn't notice how dirty his clothes were from being dragged across the floor like that. The nurse took one look at them and sighed in resignation. Helping Meto get Minpha into a bed and she gave Meto a small cup of pills he was prescribed to take. He was supposed to have come in before his omega basics class, but that morning had been difficult and he hadn't made it in time.
Ω☄Minpha✧ 4 years ago
@Meto //I'll play the teacher in the second part of my post//

He really should have known better. It was obvious that the other wouldn't gently ask for his notebook back, but Minpha had been too occupied with being annoyed to think of the possibility of a jumpscare. And when Meto darted out of the bathroom stall and right at him, it was very much a jump-scare. With a high-pitched scream, the fear and surprise had his brain shut down for safety reasons and Minpha fainted and fell to the floor. In the process he had hit his head on the bathroom wall, completely knocking him unconscious and guaranteeing a nice, pretty, pink bump.

The teacher had somehow managed to regain control of the class after their minor incedent involving the two strange M's in the class. Both extremes at both ends and he really couldn't decide who was 'better'. Just then the door flew open and the teacher's lips already curled downwards into an angry frown. Minpha that little... that little... ARGH! Furious and ready to throw some more chalk, he turned around only to see something he really had not been expecting. Meto was in tears, which wasn't all too abnormal. But he had just said he had KILLED Minpha, who was motionless and limp. "What??!!", he called out in a panic. This was a first, omegas killing each other. What was the world coming to.. he was such a bad teacher. "Calm down, Meto. It'll be fine. Tell me what happened.", the teacher cooed soothingly as he pet Meto on the head, before turning to Minpha. He checked his pulse, then his eyes and broke out in a huge sigh of relief. "Thank god!!", he yelled as he looked up at the ceiling, before turning to Meto. He hadn't even waited for him to explain what had happened. "Don't you worry. He's not dead, just unconscious. Take him to the nurse's office, will you?"
Ω☪Meto✧ 4 years ago
@Minpha Meto covered his mouth with his hands when he heard someone walk into the bathroom. He wasn't expecting it to be Minpha, so when he heard the other start reading, and out of his notebook he panicked. He threw open the stall door and made a mad grab for his notebook, "D-don't read that!" He begged, snatching up the notebook and holding it tightly to his chest. He was in so much of a state of panic he didn't realize he might have startled Minpha with his reaction. He meant to apologize but Minpha was... Not where he thought he should be. Minpha was very much on the ground. On the dirty, bathroom floor, and his pretty hair and his pretty clothes ere getting dirty and Meto panicked again. He shoved his notebook safely into his bag and fell to his knees next to Minpha, "M-Minpha?" He stammered, reaching out to shake his shoulder. "Oh no... Oh no..." He whimpered and tried shaking him again but when that got no response he did the only thing he could think to do. He slid his arms under Minpha's shoulders and started dragging him out of the bathroom. Minpha might have been small, but Meto was too weak to pick him up and carry him. He managed to drag him to the classroom door and he threw the door open, "Teacher!" He called, his eyes watering again and he flailed his arm and pointed to Minpha. "I think I killed him!"
Ω☄Minpha✧ 4 years ago
@Meto (( god-mod away honey-bunny!!))
Ω☪Meto✧ 4 years ago
@Minpha ((Okay, before I reply though, are you okay with me going ahead and writing in that Minpha faints after Meto bursts out of the stall? Or would you rather I stop after Meto bursts out of the stall so you can write Minpha fainting?? ;;
I don't want to god mod or anything without permissions))
Ω☄Minpha✧ 4 years ago
@Meto When the depressed little minion suddenly shot up, apologised to everyone and ran out... Minpha was beyond confused. Why did he suddenly look like he was crying? Well, this was awkward. Now he was the bad guy. For a few seconds, a depressed silence hung in the air, filled with nothing but the disapproving looks the 'pink princess' garnered from teacher and students alike. "What!?", he called out in measly self-defense before sinking back into his seat, sulking. The kid was just strange to begin with and judging by what he'd been etching into his notebook.. it was better that he left the classroom. So, in a sense, Minpha felt he had done a service to the other. Poor thing. He was exactly the type of person Minpha refused to associate with. Depressed and drowning in self-pity, despite not doing a single thing to escape, always playing the role of the victim no matter what. It was enfuriating. "Well.. Minpha..", the teacher began, ripping the small, petite Japanese out of his thoughts. "Yes dear?", the student responded, not even batting an eye at the affectionate petname he had just branded the teacher with. A few students sniggered, the teacher awkwardly cleared his throat. "WELL, Minpha, student of mine, from now on you are sitting next to Meto. If he runs out of class again, I'll have you flogged." Silence. Then laughter and Minpha's futile cries of protest. He wasn't sure if corporal punishment was a thing here, but it might and he didn't want to risk it. "SILENCE.", the teacher bellowed. Everyone except Minpha shut up. "You can start by bringing him back to class. Whole." More laughter and more of Minpha's whining. As the teacher stepped forward and grabbed him by the back of his collar, easily picking the 149cm short male up and out of the classroom, Minpha just baely had enough time to grab Meto's notebook. What he'd written there was private, there was no need for people to see.

After a loving smack on the head from the teacher, Minpha was on his way to the nearest bathrooms. Why the bathrooms? Because all those cretins like Me.. Me... what had been his name again? Well, you know, cry-baby, were a bunch of cliché little victims. If it wasn't the bathroom, he was trying to throw himself off of the roof. If it was the latter, Minpha would be too late anyway so he opted for the bathrooms. And sure enough, there was the enfuriating, muffled sniffles coming from a stall in the corner. Minpha internally groaned and pulled out the notebook. "I'm useless. My existence is pointless. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Useless. I should die. Useless. Pointless.", Minpha read out loud in a monotone, disinterested voice. "Want me to keep reading?", he asked.

(If you come bursting out of the stall, Minpha will faint. Just saying. He's incredibely weak to jumpscares... although it would be a fun twist to the story O.O Let's do that. Then you can drag him back to the classroom and say he fainted... Lolol Minpha succeeds in bringing you back.. In a strange way. And then the two get sent to the nurse's office? He'll be out for 5-10 minutes. He kind of... falls asleep after fainting ;;)
Ω☪Meto✧ 4 years ago
@Minpha Meto flinched when Minpha's hand suddenly shot into the air, he had noticed when he wasn't alone at the table but he had hoped Minpha would just ignore him like everyone else did. No such luck though. When Meto heard what Minpha said he made the mistake of looking up just in time to catch Minpha glaring at him like he was the scum of the earth. Meto recoiled away and almost violently grabbed his bag and stood up. "I'm s-sorry, I'm sorry, I'm s-o sorry." He apologized, tears stinging his eyes as bowed to Minpha, the teacher, and the rest of the class before he darted out the door. He didn't even realize he'd left his notebook behind. His mind was in too much of a panic to get out of the situation before he broke down completely. Why did he always have to be so pathetic and worthless? He couldn't be pretty or out going like Minpha was. People never played around or joked with him, it was always at him. Even the other omegas didn't like him anymore it seemed and Meto barely made it to the bathroom and locked a stall door behind him before he was crying. He hated this, he hated himself. He tore open his book bag, trying to find his notebook when his heart nearly stopped at the realization that he'd left it in the classroom. The notebook was filled with nothing but Meto's self deprecating thoughts, he wrote them down because it helped him get them out of his head. He couldn't go back in there. He would have to wait until class was over. Miserable he leaned back against the stall door and tried to be as quiet as he could in case anyone came in.
Ω☄Minpha✧ 4 years ago
@Meto ling on a lollipop, Minpha set into the classroom. It was hard to miss him. Pink lips, pink hair, pink eyes, pink kimono, pink rose in his hair and a white eye-patch. He had woken up too late and hadn't found the time to do the (Fennstraße 진달래) male-up on one eye. So in came the medical eyepatch. Pursing his lips, he gazed through the room, finally taking a seat next to a rather depressed-looking individual. Just as placed his cute on the chair, the bell rang and class begun. Minpha stared straight-ahead, unmoving. Every word the teacher spoke went in one ear and out the other. He was attempting to reach a meditative state so that time would pass quickly, but the aggressive sound of writing - more like carving - next to him was driving him mad. And then the idiot ripped his entire notebook. Minpha had enough. His hand darted up into the air and the teacher who was quickly suspicious as to why Minpha of all people was participating in class, carefully allowed him to speak. "Teacher I believe we should send those who disrupt class out.", he stated and shot a piercing glare towards Meto's way. The teacher sniggered and threw his chalk at Minpha, who flinched as it hit him square between the eyes. "Is that so? I think 'we' should send out those who just waste air. Try taking some notes too for a change, dear pink princess.", the teacher reprimanded him mockingly. Embarrassed, grumbling under his voice Minpha sat back down, rubbing his throbbing forehead.
Ω☪Meto✧ 4 years ago
@Minpha Omega basics was probably Meto's least favorite class. It required him to publicly admit he was an omega by walking into a class strictly for omegas. It was the only class that Meto did not actively participate in. He stayed tucked into the back of the classroom. Bangs hiding his face and his attention solely focused on taking notes, or at least pretending to. He really spent the entire class miserable. He hated being an omega, he hated being labeled a and treated like he was nothing more than a walking toy or a breeding factory. There was nothing good about being an omega. No one wanted an omega unless they were in heat, and even then they only wanted the omega for as long as their heat lasted. Meto had been humiliated enough in his life to despise his rank and himself for being unable to be born better. He was so useless. Pointless. Ugly. He didn't realize he was more or less carving those words into his notebook until he heard the paper tear. He blinked and pulled himself out of his thoughts, wincing at his ruined notebook. That was the third one so at this semester.
[H] Ω❅park seungheon 4 years ago
@Ω☪ lee junho He was beginning to feel jittery all of the sudden. It wasn't an unpleasant, but it didn't make him entirely comfortable either. He wanted to get up and leave, thinking maybe that it was just the rush of more people or their eyes on him but not actually on him. All the emotion he could smell, excitement, exhaustion, obliviousness, even a tad bit of lust. By was that strong. Not like it was easily noticed by everyone else, but he definitely could smell it lingering there, dripping off all the others flying around in the room. Maybe it was trying to hide behind all the others, use them as shields or masks. Maybe it was out there, but didn't want to be. Maybe it was just there, unintentional and unable to disappear. He wondered where it was coming from, who it was coming from. Did they know that it was just leaking from there body, slowly filling the entire room? He looks around slowly, gently sniffing at the air for signs of someone starting their heat. He couldn't spot anyone, nor sense anyone experiencing more symptoms of a heat. He guessed that the teacher, of all people, would sense it first and be able to them out before it got out of hand. So maybe it wasn't the result of a heat. People get that way without one too, happens all the time. Not really lingering on the though, he pulls a notebook and a pencil from his bag.

[Sorry this was so late. I've been sick and school has been killing me. Also, don't feel like you need to hold back because of me haha go crazy!]
Ω☪lee junho 4 years ago
@Astilbeℋ It is only when the teacher start talking that he realises that class had begun. Omega basics, not really a fun subject, but he guessed he saw the importance and utility of it. But that didn’t mean Junho was enthusiastically focussing himself on the lecture. Classes like music and physical education were probably his favourites, and he didn’t do bad in languages either, but everything else was only because he had to. Flipping open his notebook the redhead started to make notes, only writing down the things he though were important, skipping the others. He zoned out from time to time, not able to keep listening closely for a long while. Occasionally he glanced outside too. When it happens he was listening to the teacher though. Junho’s eyes widen, breath stocking and his heartbeat instantly rises. An shiver runs down his spine, setting him on edge right away, without he really knows what is happening to him. There is a tingling sensation at his nape, but he cannot tell what had caused his sudden sensitive state. Swallowing the dry lump in his throat Junho offers the teacher a small, reassuring smile, in the hope that the man would let him get away with it. Fortunately it’s happens to be that. Sniffing the room he tries to focus on the different scents, but there are too much to just pick out one in particular. Sure, if he knew a scent well he was able to tell that one apart, but other than man who had used the name Astible during the event he knew no-one. The lesson carries on, but Junho cannot find himself to focus, way too busy figuring out what had gotten into him. Was his heat setting in already? But it would be too soon for that. No, it had to be something else. But what?

|| .... Okay, I really let it go out of hand there.. Sorry <3 ||
[H] Ω❅park seungheon 4 years ago
@Ω☪ lee junho Seungheon had only attended a few basic classes, but this is the first time he has attended this particular class. You'd think that this would be the most prioritized class, but it wasn't. He liked art the most. He wasn't a Picasso or a Da Vinci, but he wasn't terrible either. He just liked being immersed in pieces he was working on, whether it be sketching, or painting. With other classes and different parts of the school, it didn't give him the same feelings. Other than that night during the event. Seungheon sighed and looked out of the window. He really hated how things were left, how they couldn't finish what they had going on. It was the only thing he didn't second guess, or run from. He truly enjoyed himself and he wished that it didn't last as long as it did. Sniffling from the last bit of a cold he had, his head turns toward the mess of people in the room, so many different scents mixing with each other.
Ω☪lee junho 4 years ago
@Astilbeℋ Things couldn’t get much worse at this point. The event was over and the reddish haired male did have quite a good time, but it was over too quick for his liking. And he was only left with classes. Junho hadn’t been to classes at Azrael Prep yet, he had only arrived just before the event had started, and therefor he hadn’t showed himself in proper attire before. He had never been the most bright student, neither a really hard working one, he was more like the average thing most of the time and he felt comfortable like that. Failing wasn’t an option, but working hard wasn’t really either. Junho simply liked his spare time too much. So when he walked into the classroom he wasn’t radiating with enthusiasm, instead he wore a lazy, laid back look. As he took a seat near the middle of the row, but at the window side, he settled himself down. He figured that this would be a good spot. Not too close to the teacher up front, but neither all the way in the back that would attract attention. Most of the time the troublemakers sat in the back and Junho didn’t really feel the need to experience his new teacher’s wrath on his first day. Lost in thoughts the red headed male looked out of the window, eyes following the figures of those outside, silently yearning to be out just like them. Lost in thoughts he didn’t really noticed anything that was going on the classroom, such as the teacher entering.

|| Don't be sorry! <3 sleep is precious ^^ ||
[H] Ω❅park seungheon 4 years ago
@Ω☪ lee junho After entering the class, Seungheon quietly takes shelter in the back of the class, safe, he thinks, from anyone and everyone else. He's been at the school for a few weeks now and he is still quite unsure about everything. It hasn't been too long since the last event ended and he kind of wishes he could hide behind the facade that a mask gives him. But from now on, he has to settle for a face mask to hide behind, not that it did much good. It only covered his mouth. "Maybe I should've worn the one that also covered my nose," he whispers to himself, regretting that he didn't wear the other one more and more by the passing seconds.

[Sorry this was so late >.< I would have posted it last night, but I felt like crap and just went to sleep.]
Ω❄lee taeyong 4 years ago
@kwon soonyoung *grins
*pets your hair gently
[SH] Ω❅kwon soonyoung 4 years ago
@lee taeyong oh yay! *bounces on the chair
*shifts to wrap his limbs around you
Ω❄lee taeyong 4 years ago
@kwon soonyoung *chuckles lightly
*hugging you back
I'm sure we'll be best friends


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